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Guttersnipe / Cuntroaches

Here we have a split EP by the Leeds group Guttersnipe and Berlin’s Cuntroaches. Anyone who's seen either of these bands live will know that they are absolutely unbelievably good and that we should all be extremely excited about the prospect of them joining forces. Cuntroaches take up Side A with two tracks that blend nasty, chewed-up black metal and ultra-speedy punk rock. Guttersnipe fill Side B with their first new songs since 2018’s 'My Mother The Vent' - dystopian and disturbing deconstructed rock with which you can blast off into the fourth dimension. Barnstorming.

Special Interest

For those that enjoy coarse music made by menacing individuals in dank, musty rooms then look no further than New Orleans' Special Interest. They fuse a punk sensibility with primitive drum machines and arrangements that sound like they've been forge welded together (which wouldn't be surprising, given that one of their members operates 'power tools'). Their debut album 'Spiraling' is a beautiful, joyous ode to feedback, distortion, and rickety electronics. FFO evil. 

Not Passing

First physically available album from Glasgow-based brother/sister duo Comfort. By turns ugly and beautiful, calm and angry, vulnerable yet powerful, Not Passing reflects its themes of social alienation and outsider-dom in its music that’s maximalist in delivery but minimalist in construction. 

Public Service
I'm Gonna Kill That Man

Public Service’s brand of rock is a scathing and caustic one, full of thudding rhythm and yelped voice. There’s tunes in the carnage, sometimes punk-chant sometimes melodic. ‘I’m Gonna Kill That Man’ is the groups first studio recording, a three-track EP that unflinchingly gazes upon power dynamics but does so with a thrilling mixture of intense fury and intense anxiety. 
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