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Borneo Function

With Borneo Function, Cressida has imbued heavy techno with the spirit of grime and dub. The impact is just as heavy, but the beats don't always line up in a neat 4/4 pattern. The result is something distinctly connect, like something immeasurably heavy barreling down some stairs. Also features its fair share of drones. On VOITAX.

Swarm Intelligence

Swarm Intelligence aka Simon Hayes, returns with his first new EP since last year’s well-regarded Against The Dying Light LP. Ultraware reworks the classic rave sound, over four tracks, via electro, big beat, jungle and acid, further honing his craft, constantly searching for a new sound. 12" EP on Voitax.
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Rory St John

Techno done properly will be immersive and full of subtle shifts in sound and mood and this is what Rory St John is aiming towards with his latest release on Voitax. The result is a subtle and introspective take on dub techno with a deep soulful sound at odds perhaps with his earlier more abrasive work. Another string to his production bow, it is full of precise touches that reveal themselves on repeated listens. 

Various (Umwelt, Talker, Rory St. John, Swarm Intelligence)
Directors Cut 01

Dystopian techno naughtiness from Berlin’s Voitax imprint here. The contributions from Umwelt, Talker and Rory St. John on the Directors Cut 01 EP are geared towards cyberpunk rave thrills, their synths barrelling on like hungry hounds while distorted drum machines clatter away in the back. The exception is Swarm Intelligence’s ‘Cumulus’, a track with more of a junglist/IDM flavour but no less menace.

Veronica Maximova

Russian/Belgian artist Veronica Maximova releases her debut album Computerlove via VOITAX. It is a dark musing on modern life and the hyper-connectivity we have through technology and the ultimate lack of true connection we feel. It's a brooding electronic pop/drone album that challenges and allures.
  • Vinyl LP (VOI LP02)
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Birmingham techno veteran, Makaton, drops a 4-track EP on Voitrax. His first release for the label was club banger, Around The Floor, in 2017 and he has previously released on Token and Blueprint. On Immaculata he mixes club-ready beats with dub and industrial motifs, perfect loops, unstructured noise, hi-hats and drones. 12” EP on Voitrax.


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