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Maryanne Amacher

Incredibly, this release marks the first commercial availability of an instrumental work by the late Maryanne Amacher, the late renowned sound artist, and the first time anything of hers has been around on vinyl. This interpretation of her 1991 piece Petra was recorded two years ago at a church in New York with pianists Stefan Tcherepnin and Marianne Schroeder. 
  • Vinyl LP (BF 005LP)
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Catherine Christer Hennix
Selected Early Keyboard Works

Catherine Christer Hennix (great name) seems to have had an interesting life both in and out of music. As well as being a friend of LaMonte Young, student of Prandit Pran Nath and collaborator with Arthur Russell, Hennix has taught at M.I.T. and SUNY New Paltz. A recent flurry of interest in Hennix’s cross-disciplinary work - as well as being a musician she is also a poet, philosopher and visual artist - has spawned this full-length release of Hennix’s music. Selected Early Keyboard Works contains four fascinating minimalist compositions that are characterised by solo instruments - piano, Fender Rhodes, marimba etc. - accompanied by drones.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BF-002/EE005)
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Loren Connors
Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Improvisations Vol. 10

Loren Connors has been a prolific maker and documenter of guitar music for many years now; across at least a hundred records spanning four decades in fact. Here is the latest volume -- the tenth! -- a continuation of his unaccompanied acoustic guitar improvisations; he made a series of 9 solo acoustic records under the name of Loren Mazzacane between 1979 and 1980. His delta and country blues style is sounding as spectral and distinctive as it ever did. Limited edition LP on Blank Forms with hand-assembled art covers.