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Screaming Mimi
Leap Into My Fervent Arms

I have a bit of a soft spot for Screaming Mimi. I think I'm at a stage in my life when the indie music I can cope with has female vocals on it (bar the odd exception). It sits more comfortably on my fat ears. I'm pretty sure we gave 'em single of the week a while back for their debut... I can't remember.... It would take me seconds to check but oh ...view item »

Screaming Mimi
Electric Thighs

You know that woman who's in the X-Men who fucks people up when she kisses them? I think the singer from Screaming Mimi must be the natural evolution of that concept with her 'Electric Thighs' - she'll take you home, you'll crawl into bed all excited like, then suddenly spark start flying to an exaggerated crackling sound and before you know it you...view item »

Occasional Sensations

Headlines EP

Star EP

Repomen- Star EP CD on Phantom PowerQ. What is it?A. It's a 4 track CD single you melonQ. Who are they?A. From what I know they're a bunch of lads from Sheffield who play a more timeless style of indie rock.Q. What is this EP like?A. It's a reasonably strong 4 tracker of polished sounding indie rock. The...view item »

The Interiors
Delays Are Dangerous

The Interiors are from Sheffield, starring on the Phantom Power label, purveyors of meaty indie pop tunes with a chunky, tuneful soul. They've filled their debut album, Delays Are Dangerous, with fuzzy guitars, pummeled bass, stomping drums and old time tunes with an effervescent bounce. The male singer has one of funny hyper voices like the chap f...view item »
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Balor Knights
Tornado / Get Straight

Now BALOR KNIGHTS with their new 7" Get Straight. A power rock single with frantic shoutings and waaahooos. Chaotic. B-side Tornado is a slower song with a geezer singing like he's smoked 20 bensons in close succession. Not instantly catchy but pretty charming in a weird way. Like its a really pretty pop song hidden benea...view item »
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Screaming Mimi / Repomen
Who is Louise / Trophy

Not have I ever heard a band do such a refreshing job of combining Throwing Muses' off kilter genius with catchy modern day britpop. ''Who is Louise' is afrantic whirlwind of clapalong proportions that resurrects the ghosts of both Belly & The Smiths whilst having guitars that wanna shag the sky & vocals that l...view item »
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Screaming Mimi
Dorothy Millette / Bumblebee

On the same label Phantom Power we have SCREAMING MIMI. Phil's spouting bands again Throwing Muses, The Specials, Long Blondes. Its a slinky sultry female fronted sound with a 50's retro undertone. B-side is driven by a driving bass like a car chase. Former Normans single of the week winners these lot and...view item »
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Anthems From The Phantom

Anthems from the Phantom- Alternative Sounds from the north- CD on Phantom Power Records.... Awesome compilation of indie bands from... You've guessed it... the north. Wouldn't exactly call them alternative though. If you've heard of the Arctic Monkeys then you wont be in for much of a treat with some of these bands. There is clearly a lot of talen...view item »
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Standing Still EP

Strange release of the week is a new EP by dark Sheffield new-wavers Artery, a band I became rather taken with on release of their last anthology. It's a 4 tracker on the plucky Phantom Power, home to Repomen & Screaming Mimi. The heavily distinctive Artery sound is still reassuringly here, present & correct after so many years dormant, ind...view item »
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Parallel Schizophrenic/Brickface EP

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Screaming Mimi / Repomen
Who is Louise? / Trophy

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