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Twin Peaks
Lookout Low

After the fun diversion that was 2017’s Sweet ‘17 Singles project, the loveable Twin Peaks return to business as usual with another new studio album. 'Lookout Low' was recorded in rural Wales with esteemed rock producer Ethan Johns, who bottles the lightning of the quintet’s live performances and places it on record. 

Bear's Den
So that you might hear me

Look, I don’t make the rules. I can’t do anything about this. It’s beyond my control - the Folkpocalypse, that is. Mumford & Sons, Frank Turner, Johnny Flynn - out of my hands. Sorry. When I tell you that So that you might hear me, the third LP from the plum-throated men known collectively as Bear’s Den, will be one of the biggest records of 2019 - well, let’s just say I’m more of an observer at this particular feast. Why is the first word of So that you might hear me capitalised but not the others? Why, if we’re then to conclude that the title is a sentence, is there no full stop at the end of it? Why is it like this now?

Lucy Rose
No Words Left

Don’t misinterpret the title: London-based Lucy Rose has loads of words left. Dozens of the things populate her new album, all carefully chosen, and achingly sincere. Rose’s various TV credits are a testament to her perceptive modern songwriting, but there lingers a dash of brooding, Mitchell-like troubadour folk in there as well.


Tamino is a half-Belgian, half-Egyptian musician who could well do very big things. He has a voice that most people would kill for and makes music akin to that of Jeff Buckley or Radiohead’s more melancholy moments. His new album is Amir and this description writer believes that he will be making many people weak at the knees. LP and CD on Communion.

Baby Teeth

Cutesy Canadian four-piece Dizzy release their cutesily-entitled debut LP via Communion. Baby Teeth (cute) is full of dream-pop niceness, all gently-picked guitar and glottal-stopped vocals and synth playing straight from the book of Springsteen. Sometimes Dizzy are sad, sometimes they’re happy, but they’re definitely always cute.

Bear's Den

Authentic folkies Bear's Den continue their acoustic-fuelled ascension to heaven, one sparse and delicate record at a time. The trio makes an ornate but simple sound through guitars, more guitars and some soft percussion. Their newest work and their debut record, 'Islands' is coming out through Communion Records 

Dan Croll
Emerging Adulthood

Liverpool-based songwriter Dan Croll is showing no signs of slowing down, his folk-infused electronica is pushing boundaries and raising eyebrows. On this occasion, with Emerging Adulthood, Croll has formed a gorgeous follow-up to his 2014 debut Sweet Disarray. EA also features the fantastic Stealing Sheep's Rebecca Hawley.
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  • Communion

Lucy Rose
Something's Changing

Singer songwriter Lucy Rose heads out on a new direction on this her third album. Inspired by a self funded trip to Latin America she returns with a lush album of introspective songwriting which incorporates strings, electronics and Daughter-like atmospherics but stretches her songs out into new and interesting shapes. 

Syd Arthur

Canterbury lads Syd Arthur have been making their interesting post-psychedelic-come-Jazz with an indie accessibility since 2003. Their latest offering Apricity is more accessible than ever, verging on the edge of downright cheeky i’d say. Proggy but with a catchy vocal hook that you’ll be singing for the rest of the day.
  • Label(s):
  • Communion

Bear's Den
Red Earth & Pouring Rain

Bear’s Den’s latest album Red Earth & Pouring Rain was recorded in Wales, and yet the Drive-like sleeve art and the sleek sheen of the music had me convinced that this was an L.A. affair. These are big heart-pumping ballads, still in-keeping with the group’s alternative folk background but with a big load of synthesisers too. Released by Communion.
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  • Communion

Twin Peaks
Wild Onion

Chicago garage rock smirkers Twin Peaks are releasing their second record, 'Wild Onion', as the follow-up to their brighter, short 'n' sweet debut. This time about, they make a sprawling, more free-wheeling record trading screeching guitars with sad boys indie pop endlessly. A recommended listen for fans of Thee Oh Sees and other garage thrill-seekers.

Matthew And The Atlas
Pale Sun Rose

Spacey, jaunty foot-tapper from London-based folk act Matthew and the Atlas. Forget about the tepid faux folk nonsense made stratospheric in recent years by the likes of Mumford and Sons and Noah and the Whale, Matthew and the Atlas have a genuine ageless folk feel and are a refreshing change from all that. Limited edition 7" vinyl in a pleasing rose colour. 

Michael Kiwanuka
I'll Get Along

Michael Kiwanuka is the sort of honey-piped soulster that you could take home to meet your mum. The Londoner’s lush voice and butter-wouldn’t-melt demeanour has garnered him plenty of fans - he’s the Sound of 2012, don’t you know. As his debut LP Home Again continues to shift units we now get new single and album highlight ‘I’ll Get Along’, which comes backed here by new tune ‘I Don’t Know’.

Gabriel And The Hounds
Kiss Full Of Teeth

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