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Jack Briece
Heterophonious Fool

Self-produced in a batch of 50 cassettes and only distributed privately, Heterophonious Fool was the only studio album from avant-garde / experimental electronic artist Jack Briece, released four years before his tragically young death in 1988. His reputation ought to be boosted with this vinyl re-issue via Concentric Circles. 

John Di Stefano
For the Moment

A new compilation rounding up some of the best cuts from John Di Stefano’s early cassette releases from the late-Eighties and early-Nineties. For The Moment showcases a curious and restless mind in search of new inspirations, and also provides a great snapshot of the Eighties underground electronic scene in America. 
  • Vinyl LP (CC 003)
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Although the name of this record sounds like the kind of boring trance that XL used to put out, it is in fact an album of bizarro New Wave, a bit like a slightly less evil Captain Beefheart remixed by Warm Jet-era Brian Eno. Knotpop by Ixna is for fans of all things weird and synthetic. Recorded in 1981 and reissued on Concentric Circles.
  • Vinyl LP (CC 002)

Carola Baer
The Story of Valery

Fans of the more ethereal ‘80s 4AD releases, listen up - a cassette of home recordings by Carola Baer was discovered in a US thrift store. The songs, which were recorded in the ‘90s, are fragile with computerised beats that recall The Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance. The lo-fi home recording process, minimal synth arrangements and Baer’s towering voice only add to the overall effect of these recordings. There was only one copy of this cassette, so if it had fallen into the wrong hands, these gems would have been lost forever and that would have been a real shame. LP on Concentric Circles.
  • Vinyl LP (CC001)