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No-fi post-industrial cassette synthpop from Berlin’s Omen, a.k.a. Hannah S. Elbowing their way through walls of grit and murk, the songs dwell on – what else? – life under late capitalism. Among many other things, hedonism, nihilism, uncertainty, disorientation and decline all get a lyrical look in. Highlights are the languidly looping ‘My Baby’ and the beautifully distorted ‘Call From U’.
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Indifferent Dance Centre
Flight & Pursuit

The second release on Outer Reaches is a rare nugget of ‘80s post-punk. Indifferent Dance Centre put out one record, 1981 single Flight & Pursuit, during their time together. Recorded in a church hall in Chichester, the group’s style is an ethereal, tranquillised take on the moody sounds of Joy Division and The Durutti Column. The title track, with its ‘Come As You Are’ bassline and floaty vocals, prefigures the work of the much-missed High Places. A worthy reissue.
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Garage Class
Terminal Tokyo

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