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A remixed and remastered edition of Remission, the debut album from now-iconic American heavy metal act Mastodon back in 2002. Making an immediate impact, Remission raised the bar for musicianship and songwriting among their peers forever more. This deluxe edition is presented on two splatter vinyls with some of the most eye-catching artwork we’ve ever seen! 

Live In L.A.

Ooph Death. Not looking forward to that at all. What I am looking forward to more is hearing this live document of the legendary band in concert in 1998. Recorded on the tour for their final album Sound of Perseverance, it is a timely reminder of the raw power and intense playing of the band in their heyday. Originally issued to help raise money for leader Chuck Schuldiner's cancer treatment. Sadly Schuldiner succumbed to that thing that we all must meet eventually in 2001 but through documents like this his legend lives on. 

In the Spirit World Now

Californian punks, Ceremony, release their sixth album, In The Spirit World Now. It is the band’s first album for Relapse following a two album stint with Matador. The band has evolved yet again. This time they blend furious post-punk and rock with anxiety-ridden lyrics to make and album that is likely to blasting from stereos all summer long.

Horrified (30th Anniversary Picture Disc)

Marvellous (and slightly terrifying looking) picture disc re-issue of one of the early and influential grindcore records. Recorded in 1986, it wasn't released until three years later and subsequently became a yardstick for the sort of thrash and grind that would later appear on the Earache label. The fact that it opens with a track called Stench of Burning Death should tell you all you need to know about where this is coming from.   

No Comfort

No Comfort, the fourth LP from Swedish group Monolord is also their first for Relapse Records. The trio make the step up with aplomb here, proving that they deserve their seat at the table with a set of doom-/stoner-metal hybrids. Tracks like ‘The Bastard Son’ break up the crushing riffage with some intricate incidental passages.

Immaculada High

Cherubs are a noise rock trio from Austin, Texas (not to be confused with the ‘00s indie band of the same name) They have been together since 1991, but Immaculada High is only their fourth album, due to a 21 year mid-career break. The album was recorded at the aptly named Cacophony Studios in Austin. RIYL: Melvins, QOTSA, Metz, Butthole Surfers, Unsane.


Weed-obsessed stoner rock band, Bongzilla, originally released their debut album, Stash, in 1999. On its 20th anniversary, a reissue seems quite appropriate. The album contains all the downtuned riffage you could want plus lyrics about smoking weed, bongs and weed in general. Don’t do drugs, kids, but you can listen to Bongzilla.


Muleboy, Spanky and the gang, AKA, Bongzilla, released their third album, Gateway, in 2002. The stoner rock/ heavy metal band from Madison, Wisconsin, had a vested interest in all things weed related. The title, Gateway, is reference to the ol’ Mary Jo being a gateway to harder drugs and not a reference to the now defunct supermarket chain. 

Methods For Attaining Extreme Altitudes

Bongzilla are a stoner rock/heavy metal band from Madison, Wisconsin. They formed in the mid-90s and are now back together following a 6 year break. Methods For Attaining Extreme Altitudes was their debut EP, originally released in 1998. The EP's three tracks clock in at an impressive total of 25 minutes. Rock on!


American heavy rockers, Torche, play downtuned guitar music as if grunge never actually died. For fans of Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and the Deftones and heavy-riffing rock in general, this is great news. Admission is the 5th album by the Floridian four-piece. Turn it up and enjoy those sweet riffs.

Full of Hell
Weeping Choir

Weeping Choir is the fourth album by Pennsylvanian grindcore band Full Of Hell. They have also released three collaborative albums - one with Merzbow and two with The Body. Weeping Choir is their first for Relapse. They have retained Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou, who twiddled the knobs on 2017’s Trumpeting Ecstasy, as producer. He seems to know how to bring the best out of the band’s brutal sound.

Yellow & Green

Big heavy hard-rock rifftastic action from Baroness here: a whole 18 tracks, spread over 2 LPs. Yellow & Green has it all: arena dynamics, pseudo-mythical sleeve art, bellowed vocals and pyrotechnic guitars. This was the group’s third album, initially released in 2012 on Relapse and now reissued by the same label.

Call Of The Mastodon

Mastodon are a full-on, balls out, no holds barred metal band. Call of the Mastodon is their third album according to them -- or just a compilation album, if you think that rereleasing early songs and doing some different versions of them counts as a proper album. It contains songs from their first EP and is released here on vinyl for the first time. Clear vinyl LP with gold and blue splatter.

Inter Arma
Sulphur English

Relapse! Don’t do it! But they did do it - they went and signed Virginia metalheads Inter Arma up for another LP. Sulphur English, the band’s third full-length for the famed label, is another set of booming sludge and doom forged from black fires. Opening salvo ‘Bumgardner’ was written in memory of their late friend the Indian/Lord Mantis drummer Bill Bumgardner.

Eternal Return

Virginia rockers Windhand release their fourth LP via Relapse. It’s not often that you hear groups attempt to blend grunge, metal and psych-rock, but Windhand give it a good go on Eternal Return. The heavy riffs of tunes like ‘Grey Garden’ are pitched somewhere between Soundgarden, Sleep and Electric Wizard, while the vocals are equal parts Cobain and Hetfield. They often incorporate some nice melodic guitar playing into the tracks too.
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  • Relapse

Dance On The Blacktop

Third album from New York shoegazers Nothing. Built on a hardcore foundation, the band have a bit more bite than you'd usually expect from the genre. Dance On The Blacktop celebrates the band's love for 90s anglophone guitar music so who better to produce it then John Agnello who's worked with Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr?

Pig Destroyer
Head Cage

Sixth album from the highly lethal Pig Destroyer. On Head Cage enact their brand of grindcore in a incredibly precise and hypnotic fashion. As a unit they are absolutely undefeated. Lyricist JR Hayes takes out his frustration on the darker aspects of our world, but I'm not sure what the band's problem with our snout-having earth-mates is. 


Death’s 1994 release pushes further into progressive territory, drafting in Sadus bassist Steve DiGiorgio and members of fusion metallers Cynic. While this direction produced the instrumental Cosmic Sea, the album might be the band’s most accessible, with tracks like Suicide Machine and Together As One among the band’s catchiest (though Kiss cover God of Thunder isn’t strictly essential). There’s plenty of good old-fashioned aggression evident too, making this one of Death’s most satisfying releases.

Spiritual Healing

Each Death album represents a progressive advance in the genre that shared the band’s name. Here Chuck Schuldiner and co. focus on technical and compositional complexity rather than bludgeoning brutality, aided by the liquid leads of Wunderkind James Murphy (no, not the LCD Soundsystem guy). Lyrical content moves on from the grotesqueries of Leprosy to more psychological and social concerns. Back in 1990, it may have seemed a little polite amid newcomers like Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse as well as the burgeoning Swedish scene, but as an absolute cornucopia of quality riffs, it’s aged well.


This veteran Florida institution are sometimes seen as death metal’s answer to AC/DC - reliable purveyors of their simplistic style onstage but somewhat burdened by having perfected their art on their first few albums. The self-tilting of this 2017 release seems pointed, and luckily it’s easily the most worthwhile product to bear their logo since the mid-nineties. Innovation isn’t really in their remit, but it’s hard to argue with the neck-endangering mastery of groove and dynamics on End It Now or Turned To Stone. Crushing, raw and bristling with aggression.

Survive Sunrise

If you like Jane's Addiction, you're going to love North Carolina rockers ASG. 'Survive Sunrise', their first album in five years, expands on their trademark blend of southern-fried alt-rock and earworm hooks, weaving together soaring melody and summery riffs to electrifying effect. An infectious record, by an hard-rocking band. 

Our Raw Heart

Innovative and immense, YOB like to release long, thrashing sprawls, disseminating doom with zero compromise. Our Raw Heart speaks plain of the near-death experience of frontman Mike Schiedt, who praise the stars is still with us, bleeding the metal blood. Over seven very good tracks they play seventy-five minutes of heart-on-sleeve riffage. I honestly cannot wait. 

Feel Great

The second Wrong LP to get the Relapse seal of approval seems to have been titled in jest. Feel Great consists of music you wouldn’t usually associate with feeling great. The Miami group’s abrasive noise-metal is the sort of stuff you’d use to exorcise demons or purge bad spirits. It’s a mighty sound. Wrong features members of TORCHE, Capsule and Kylesa.

Iron Reagan / Gatecreeper

An unholy split on the legendary Relapse label, smashing together death, grind and thrash under the excellent guidance of equally legendary producer Kurt Ballou (of Coverge). Iron Reagan fire themselves down a punk and thrash spiked highway, whilst Gatekeeper push it slower, and lower in a doom crust hell hole.

Windhand & Satan's Satyrs

Big stonery acid metal chug… twice! This split release pairs tracks by Windhand and Satan’s Satyrs, both experts in the art of pushing distorted guitar signals through big juicy amps. Windhand are a bit more doomy, and Satan’s Satyrs are a bit more punkish, but the two certainly complement each other extremely well. CD and vinyl from Relapse.

The Strife Of Love In A Dream

Here we are with more sci-fi synth heavy beat work, though this time pitting arpeggiated synths against distant chants and odd ritualistic darkness. This collaboration between Steve Moore and Daniel O'Sullivan also has ties to metallic genres, and so finds itself quite at home on the legendary Relapse Records.


Mareridt is the title of the new, hotly anticipated second album from Danish multi-instrumentalist and composer MYRKUR. Richly gothic folk and feminine Metal merge on an album whose title translates back as 'Nightmare'. It's a sound that is in fact equal parts dreamlike, horrific and mysterious. Vinyl LP on Relapse.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Altered States of America

Agoraphobic Nosebleed are a premium grindcore band, no mistake about it. Their 2003 third album Altered States Of America is just over 20 minutes long, but contains a glorious 100 tracks! Lovely stuff. Initially released only as a 3” CD, this Relapse reissue puts these short sharp tracks on (baby pink coloured) vinyl for the first time..


S U R V I V E recently handed over four of the tracks from their 2016 album RR7349 to a selection of superb producers for remixing, and RR7387 provides the results. With Justin K Broadrick, Not Waving, Lena Willikens and Sam Haar of Blondes all contributing, you just know you are in for some heavyweight treats here on this slab of wax. On Relapse.

Steve Moore
Mayhem (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Mayhem (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack) is by Steve Moore from Pennsylvanian synthwave duo Zombi. Mayhem is Steve Moore’s 5th soundtrack. His ability to lure the listener to the edge of their seat, increasing the fear within, as he builds the tension with his analogue synth sounds has made him one of the most wanted horror soundtrack composers out there.

The Obsessed
The Obsessed

Doom metal doesn’t get much truer or more essential than the debut from the legendary Maryland trio. Though recorded in 1985, the album wasn’t released until 1990, after frontman Wino had left Saint Vitus and decided to revive his former band. Whereas Vitus were defined by Dave Chandler’s ultra-minimal, icy riffing, The Obsessed’s mid-paced groove has a more bluesy, soulful and subtly psychedelic bent. Less well known than some of their influences and successors, but necessary for fans of Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Cathedral et al. The double CD includes an ‘84 demo and ‘85 live set, which are also included as a download with the LP version.

Iron Monkey

Iron Monkey were, and continue to be a pillar of the stoner/sludge genre. After releasing two albums on Earache they called it a day in 1999. Now returning 18 years later with 9-13 as a three piece, and whilst Johnny Morrow is no longer with us they reclaim their crown with their inimitable nihilistic groove. LP and CD on Relapse.

We Are The Gore

Spanish gore-grind band Haemorrhage bring their seventh full length album, and their first in 6 years. These guys have quite a unique take on the genre, mixing the pig like guttural growls and blistering speed with groovy verses and squealing guitar solos. Fear not though, there is plenty of the fast stuff and cymbal stab intros.
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  • Relapse

Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope

Agoraphobic Nosebleed are a premium grindcore band, no mistake about it. Their 2002 second record Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope (a memorable title and no mistake) flares through almost 40 tracks in 33 minutes, so you know that it’ll be proper grind. Baby blue coloured vinyl reissue on Relapse.

Time Well

Indiana based gloomers Cloakroom move to Relapse records for their second full length release. A heady mix of shoegaze, downtempo indie and doom, Time Well  brings the band’s mix of Earth’s expansive atmospherics, the song focus, and vocal prowess of The National and Low, and the Jesu’s fuzzy heaviness.

Portals Into Futility

Portals Into Futility is the third LP from Portland's doom-er four-piece USNEA. These guys are into their sci-fi in a big way but know full well the horrendous meeting-point with modern futile reality. 5 songs. 56 minutes of well-crafted and supremely soul-destroying doom-sludge. The guys dip into dissonance, varied vocal structures and cinematic composition. But be not mistaken, they keep their monolithic heaviness, brutality and mournful melodicism intact. RIYL: YOB, Thou, Disembowelment, Inverloch. Gatefold double LP / CD on Relapse.

Ex Eye
Ex Eye

Hey, cool idea, just throwing it out there -- how about a metal band with Colin Stetson's sax and Greg Fox on drums? Sounds wacky, let's do it. The definitely cacophonous Ex Eye are an instrumental quartet dual wielding its member's signature mix of elegiac and aggressive compositional work, and their debut is exceedingly likely to stomp down on your heart.


Pals of metal get together and try a shred. Sounds like the stuff of our teens, but here it's actually the work of veterans Brann Dailor (from riff behemoths Mastodon), Core Adams (outta Zruda) and Raheem Amlani (via Withered and Scarab). A fine team, but don't expect the usual dosages -- this record sees them do some space orienteering as a unit of psychlords. With honest-to-god synths and what I imagine will be many an overblown groove, this record sees the trio high on a nerd out.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed

Brand new EP from Agoraphobic Nosebleed, extreme metal / grindcore veterans. I wouldn’t say they’ve relaxed over time, as these are still ferocious, emotionally-desolate tracks. But the songs / minutes ratio is down to 3 / 25, as opposed to 100 / 21 a decade ago. Arc is released on Relapse.

Ecstatic Vision
Raw Rock Fury

The clue is in the name. Raw Rock Fury is the second album from Philadelphian heavy primal psych outfit Ecstatic Vision. A no guns no glory affair, where psychedlic freakouts are king and only matched with raw rock and roll energy. (You'll) Get it if you’re into Hawkwind, Monster Magnet, Amon Düül II, and Can.


Originally released in 2004, Necrophagist’s Epitaph threw a death punch to progressive death metal, and altered it for good, setting the bar incredibly high. If you like your kick drums as fast and triggered as they can possibly be and guitars thrashing your face off, then this is your prometheus. FFO Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Morbid Angel et al. This is the first time Epitaph has been made available on vinyl since it’s original release.

Unearthly Trance
Stalking the Ghost

Unearthly Trance have been stewing in their own dark juices for seven long years, but now these doom-laden New Yorkers are back in action with new album Stalking The Ghost. There’s no messing around here, just treacle-thick sludge riffs and guttural howls, delivered like a noisy thud to the gut. Stalking The Ghost is released by Relapse.

King Woman
Created In The Image Of Suffering

Shoegazey doom project originally started by vocalist Kristina Esfandiari, after releasing three EPs Esfandiari has enlisted a few more members, been snatched up by Relapse records and teamed up with the producer of Deafheaven and Oathbreaker for a debut album. A tour de force in doom rock, Created In The Image Of Suffering is overbearing and hypnotic.

Shape Shift

A four year hiatus followed Zombi’s last album, Escape Velocity, which their fans hold dear to their hearts. Their new album, Shape Shift is a heavier and darker piece of work than it’s predecessor that has the Pittsburgh space rock duo returning to their ‘live’ sounding roots. Recommended if you like the soundtracks of John Carpenter or bands like Goblin, Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai.

Steve Moore
The Mind's Eye - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Steve Moore has history in Zombi, meaning that he’s demonstrated his talent for soundtracking spooooooky horror movies in the past. Here he applies his synth skills to The Mind’s Eye, weaving uneasy ambient passages and bombastic themes like it ain’t no thing. Plenty of tense dramatic music here that will certainly appeal to horror soundtrack aficionados. On Relapse.


Half of S U R V I V E have just scored the soundtrack to the 80’s obsessed Stranger Things. A perfect choice considering their material. Grab John Carpenter, College, Gatekeeper, Blanck Mass and a bit of Ben Frost, put ‘em in a room and let ‘em fight it out, the brilliant mess that’s left would be this stuff. An imagine 80’s indie synth horror/adventure flick.

Red Fang
Only Ghosts

Grab your favourite 24 pack of brewskis and get this thunder on. Hard rocking riff-tacular that reminds you to not take yourself too seriously. Catchy as Queens Of The Stone Age, riffs of The Sword, and sometimes as hard hitting as Baroness. But mainly head nodding goodness. And beards, and beers, and trucker caps.

True Widow

Emotive and kindly metal tunes from True Widow, whose democratic sound gives a look into the wizened guitar tone of Earth, the slowcore patience and swell harmonies of acts like Low and the riffology of some of yer louder shoegaze favourites. Avvolgere comes across like a more melodic, faster paced and but no less crushingly distorted stoner rock record.

The Album Leaf
Between Waves

It’s been over ten years since I first heard In a Safe Place, The Album Leaf’s sophomore album. It wasn’t hard to lose track of Jimmy LaValle’s instrumental ambient post-rock project, as he hasn’t treated us to a full length album since 2010. But now he’s back with Between Waves, once again creating mesmerizing tracks that peacefully surround you and then suck you in deeply as soon as you pay proper attention.


Danish artist Myrkur’s strangely refreshing take on black metal melds something between Chelsea Wolfe and Wolves In The Throne Room. Mausoleum is a live recording of acoustic, choral and stripped down versions of songs from her debut album, M. Backed by Norweigian Girls’ choir and Recorded in the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo, Norway it it is engrossing as it is haunting. Features a new, unreleased track and a cover of Bathory.

Pig Destroyer

Terrifyer is the third album of Pig Destroyer, initially released in 2004. This violent slice of grindcore hasn’t been available on vinyl for over a decade, and this reissue even adds 4 bonus tracks never before pressed to wax. This release is on ‘Bone White’ coloured vinyl, in a limited edition, on the Relapse label.

Dead Ringers

Wanderings through dark experimental territory from Horseback here, the solo project of Jenks Miller. The man has range: Dead Ringers morphs from anxious beat-driven songs to thick drones to krautrock / metal explosions. Richly atmospheric material, with an impact just as strong as that creepy sleeve art. Out as a CD and as a double LP, with the fourth side of vinyl taken up by an etching. On Relapse.

First Daze Here Too

Pentagram are a necessary part of the heavy metal puzzle, kicking into action in the early 70’s with chugging guitar riffs, flaring guitar solos and howling vocals. A whole genre is contained in this sound. First Daze Here Too is a rare collection of obscure recordings from the band’s earliest formative days, all tastily remastered. On Relapse.

First Daze Here

Pentagram are a crucial part of the heavy metal puzzle, kicking into action in the early 70’s with chugging guitar riffs, flaring guitar solos and howling vocals. A whole genre is contained in this sound. First Daze Here is a compilation of early singles and the like, showing off the first activities of this important outfit. On Relapse.

Still They Pray

Cough provide no-nonsense psychedelic doom, cutting straight to the chase with monolithic tar-black riffs. The howled vocals sound good and desolate too: it's no surprise that members of Electric Wizard and Windhand were involved in its creation. Still They Pray, the group’s first album in half a decade, is released by Relapse.

Tired Of Tomorrow

Tired Of Tomorrow is the second album by Philadelphia’s nihilistic shoegazers Nothing. It’s the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut album Guilty of Everything. The fuzzy guitars and swirling melodies reference the glorious grungey shoegaziness of the ‘90s. Tired Of Tomorrow is an album that will both soothe and unsettle.


Wrong contain musicians who’ve done time in bands like Kylesa, Torche and Capsule, so their commitment to the noise rock cause, not to mention their gnarly abilities, is not in question. This debut full-length pounds the listener with riffs, vocal grunts, and plenty of bruised energy: mighty material, on Relapse.

Graves At Sea
The Curse That Is

Take industrial drones, Black Sabbath-inspired riffing and super sludgy production and you get The Curse That Is, the debut from Graves At Sea. This collection of doomy sludge has taken almost fifteen years to emerge, but the band’s dense and distorted sound has always sounded modern. It's worth the wait.

All Empires Fall

Relapse records have always been at the cutting edge of extreme metal and rock, and the new album from Tombs continues this tradition. All Empires Fall is an ambitious collection of black metal full of pounding riffs, hoarse and heavy vocals and some newly included keyboards for texture and atmosphere.

Coffins / ILSA
Split EP

This split brings together doom-merchants from different continents: the USA’s ILSA and Japan’s Coffins. Both of them keep things firmly down-tuned and bleak throughout, desolate howls and wide riffs conjuring significant black clouds. This is a limited edition 12” EP, with the B-side taken up by an etching. On Relapse.
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II is a brand new album from Magrudergrind, released after 6 years away. The band seems to have used the intervening time to increase their power and rage, as the powerviolence / grindcore heard here is among their most brutal material to date! Great stuff for those with negative energy to release. On Relapse.


Brutal doom/drone heaviness on the Relapse label. Wolveserpent have built a reputation for experimental metal that is as loud as it is inventive. On Aporia:Kala:Ananta they take that form and drag it out into an extended composition that draws on neoclassical, drone and harsh noise music too. An abrasive and unpredictable listen.

Boris with Merzbow

Boris and Merzbow have been collaborating for years with various albums, but Gensho might be their most maximal outing to date. The format here is unusual: 1 CD (or 2 LPs) each for the two artists, the idea being that you play them on top of each other and tweak the volumes to make your very own noise-blast composition. 150 minutes of music in total! Please note that the double LP sets are sold separately, as Part One and Part Two.
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Bloodiest are an experimental metal ensemble that features members of bands like YOB, Corrections House, Yakuza and Minsk. This self-titled second record stretches out its compositions with thick, droning guitar wails as well as the hammering riffs and anguished vocals. Released on CD or blood red vinyl, on the Relapse label.


Lycus are a California gang, producing stately doom metal that weighs heavy on the soul. As well as the usual ingredients, a cello sometimes rasps through the sound field: furthermore, the vocals are sometimes clean and sometimes howling. Good to have variety eh? Chasms has 4 long tracks, and is released on Relapse.

The Great Tyrant
The Trouble With Being Born

The Great Tyrant is the original band of the members of Pinkish Black, for which the two of them were joined by their sadly now deceased friend Tommy Wayne Atkins. Their second album, The Trouble With Being Born, was never released following the death, until now. Similarly heavy and proggy to Pinkish Black, but with more rock power.

Grief's Infernal Flower

Windhand are a doom metal band with a sensitive side. The sleeve art of Grief’s Eternal Flower provides a key to the balance the group maintains: death (the tombstones), but with some life still hanging on in the form of sonic moss. Super-heavy, female-vocal-fronted stuff, issued on the Relapse label.

Pig Destroyer
Prowler in the Yard

Classic Pig Destroyer album here reissued for your pleasure. Entirely blistering grindcore is, as ever, the order of the day, and Prowler In The Yard charges through twenty-two tracks in thirty-six minutes. At least it used to: this double disc re-release has both the original and a wholly new mix of the entire album, plus a bonus track. On Relapse.

Publicist UK
Forgive Yourself

Publicist UK are a post-punk band featuring members of Municipal Waste, Revocation, Goes Cube, Discordance Axis, Burnt By The Sun. Their debut album ‘Forgive Yourself’ is made up of heavily textured layers of sound that have a dramatic soundtrack quality, carrying the singers’ dark baritone, reminiscent of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds or one of the more produced sounding P.J Harvey records.

Hope Drone
Cloak Of Ash

If you’ve come to Hope Drone hoping for hope, you might be disappointed. Their sound is a thickened, tar-black thing, more likely to drag you down than lift you up. Some of it coalesces into drones though! Cloak Of Ash is well textured and potently played sludge / black metal, released by Relapse.

Goblin Rebirth
Goblin Rebirth

Man, you just can’t keep Italian horror-progsters down can you? In addition to the group currently touring as Goblin, we now have the band’s original rhythm section from back in the day producing music as Goblin Rebirth. This album soundtracks a film so perfectly suited to Goblin that it doesn’t even need to exist for them to soundtrack it. On Relapse.

Ecstatic Vision
Sonic Praise

Psych, psych and more psych from Philadelphia’s Ecstatic Vision. Indebted to the likes of Hawkwind and more recently Wooden Shjips, Sonic Praise is their debut effort packed full of riffs, solos and motorik drumming. Utterly retro space rock for those who like it classic. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Relapse.

The Zombi Anthology

Zombi, a duo from Pittsburgh, were hugely influenced by the band Goblin who wrote the score for the original Dawn Of The Dead film. It was also where they got their name, the Italian release of the film being called Zombi. The Zombi Anthology features the multi layered looping of synth, bass and drums making sounds that sit somewhere between space rock and classic horror scores. If you've been buying up the recent slew of John Carpenter film score reissues, this may be your bag.

Child of Darkness

Bedemon are America’s first ever doom band featuring Randy Palmer, Geof O’Keefe and Bobby Liebling AKA members of the mighty pioneers of American heavy metal, Pentagram! ‘Child Of Darkness’ features archival recordings from the 1970s and is an essential possession for all fans of Pentagram, doom and heavy metal. Nihilism at it’s best.


Torche are monoliths of the heavy rock scene whose ascent to power came about through a clash of infectiously heavy melodies perfectly complimented by grungey, downtuned, discordant rock. Their debut album with Relapse, 'Restarter' is a ten song manifesto of thunderous, heavy rock glory. In spite of it’s undisputable heaviness it has a pop sensibility that leaves you humming along for days.

Broughton's Rules
Anechoic Horizon

A post-rock band with a bit of the Don Caballero in them (literally and figuratively), Broughton's Rules are ready to unleash their second record of emotive guitar signalling and climactic skyscraping. 'Anechoic Horizon' is a purely instrumental work that evokes the genre's blank and beautiful heydays. Post-rock, I want to believe.

Anatomy of Habit
Ciphers + Axioms

Despite arguably coming from entirely different disciplines -- the band comprises ex-members of Tortoise and Wolves In The Throne Room, to name just two -- Anatomy of Habit marry the heavy but introspective build-ups of post-metal with the dissonant refusals of noise rock. It's a different venture all round, but 'Ciphers + Axioms' dives right in for the epic and evil soundscaping of acts such as Swans. 

An Unending Pathway

Having won the Norman Records award for Metal Band With Clearest Name Font, Atriarch go on to make another record that combines a love of abstracts: they bring together death metal growls, the oscillating sounds of black metal (if it were produced pretty damn well), as well as punk rock and doom. 'An Unending Pathway' manages to give each genre distinction clarity and equal weight, making for a heavy but wonderfully accessible entry into their discography.

Inter Arma
The Cavern

With 'Sky Burial', Inter Arma chose two aggressively imposed types of heavy music -- sludge and black metal, respectively -- and put them together them like they were twins. On 'The Cavern', though, they make something singular even for them, a forty minute composition in just one song, making for a hard, long metal slog that takes after Om, Sleep and Electric Wizard in its unravelling doom spirit. Recommended for fans of Pig Destroyer taking a break from grind to do the whole 'Natasha' thing.

Pig Destroyer
Mass & Volume

Pig Destroyer are staying busy right now: along with their goregrind side-project Agoraphobic Nosebleed reuniting to perform their first real live shows ever, they're releasing 'Mass & Volume', another one of their left-field EPs that does away with the grindcore for slow, sludgy innovations. Similar to 'Natasha', this EP is Pig Destroyer stretching out their evil, this time over two long, doomy tracks that deftly juxtapose their usual twenty-odd five-second blasts. Doom and grind -- why can't we be friends?

UltraMantis Black
UltraMantis Black

Behold the debut EP of the hardcore punk band created to spread the gospel of professional wrestling champion UltraMantis Black. Having spent over a decade dominating the Chikara wrestling scene, UltraMantis teamed up with members of the beloved punk band Pissed Jeans to form a blistering political hardcore band that is equal parts The Locust, Deadguy and Melt Banana.  Imagine the best parts of 90s straight-edge hardcore filtered through the bodyslamming genius of Vince McMahon and you have UltraMantis Black!  Recommended if you like: Pissed Jeans, (early) Dillinger Escape Plan, Lightning Bolt, Daughters, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Genghis Tron, Spazz.

God Macabre
The Winterlong

The Winterlong is a reissue of the Swedish death metal trio God Macabre's classic from 1993. This expanded reissue features a previously unheard bonus track. Drummer Niklas Nilsson left the band before the album was recorded but was recruited as a session musician. The Winterlong is available on deluxe vinyl LP and CD.
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  • Relapse

Guilty Of Everything

Guilty Of Everything is the debut album by Nothing. despite being signed to metal label, Relapse Records, Nothing take their cues from shoegazing maestros My Bloody Valentine and the arena alt. rock of Smashing Pumpkins. The heavy swathes of guitars, introspective, dark lyrics are offset by a certain amount of beauty to create a perfect balance. Guilty Of Everything is available on vinyl LP and CD