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Dominic Murcott
The Harmonic Canon (feat. Arx Duo)

What an interesting record Dominic Murcott has created here. To realise The Harmonic Canon, Murcott joined forces with the sculptor Marcus Vergette to build a half-tonne double-bell that peels in a variety of sympathetic and unsympathetic tones. The bell’s whirrs, hums and drones are then augmented by a set of other percussion instruments to create a piece of curious power. Performed by arx duo, The Harmonic Canon is a highly innovative work to place alongside the likes of Visible Cloaks and Midori Takada.
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  • Nonclassical

Tom Richards
Pink Nothing

Create an unholy mix between Ryoji Ikeda and Jan Jelinek and you may end up with Tom Richards. Lots of bleeps, abstract beats, every single sound extremely electronic. Probably something you outsider-electronica lovers will eat right up. Pink Nothing is an oddly satisfying safari into an electric wasteland.

Langham Research Centre
Tape Reworks Vol. 1 – Remixes by Jim O'Rourke and Group A

Radiophonic experimentalists, Langham Research Centre, find their music going under more experimentations from Jim O’Rourke and Group A. Tape Reworks Vol. 1 sees Chicago producer and musician, Jim O’Rourke, build on the sparseness of their track Quasar Melodics whilst Berlin’s Group A take on Perpetual Motions, blending melancholy and clattering rhythms. 7" single on Nonclassical.

The Art of Remix

Nonclassical imposes its strict remix policy -- you can only remix with sounds that already exists in the track -- on a roster of famous electronic artists, from Hot Chip having a go at the music of Gabriel Prokofiev to Thom Yorke using his DJ skills to do things with 'Cortical Songs'. This record takes revered classical pieces and contextualises them in a completely different fashion, hoping to make the genre a little more club-friendly. 


Klavikon approaches prepared piano with an aesthetic drawn as much from techno and IDM as from John Cage. “No looping!” is the key: like Colin Stetson, Klavikon makes more sound than seems possible in one moment. I mean that kick drum sound has to be a sample right… Nope, that’s from the piano, unsequenced. Debut album on Nonclassical.

The Art Of Remix EP #1

The Art Of Remix challenges electronic producers to make new dancing gold out of classical music, with the extra twist that they have to use only the original source material. Stepping up to the likes of Prokokiev we have heavy hitters like Thom Yorke and DJ Yoda. This first EP of the project is well worth hearing. From Nonclassical.