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Cath & Phil Tyler
Dumb Supper

Anglo-American duo Cath & Phil Tyler return with an LP of reinterpretations of various traditional folk songs. You've heard folk music before so I won't go into detail but these two are the real deal. Vocally the duo are fantastic and Phil's banjo work gives these sparse arrangements a bouncy urgency that keeps the listener tuned in througho...view item »

Mike Cooper
New Globe Notes

The indefatigable Mike Cooper returns again this week with this beautifully presented LP which comes complete with a 32-page booklet full of notes and photographs. His 'White Shadows in the South Seas' CD last year left me thoroughly impressed so it's good to see his newie on my review pile. For those who aren't familiar with this vetera...view item »

Weekend At Burnies

Sunburned are the latest artists to have a 7" out on Newcastle's No-Fi label.'Weekend At Burnie's' is the latest installment in the ongoing theme. You really never know what to expect from these guys other than it's not gonna be straightforward. The A-side has a cool repetitive bassline at the forefront with a deranged vocal with weird effects...view item »

Cath & Phil Tyler
The Hind Wheels of Bad Luck

Hmm, folky. Not of the yodelling 'shitting out the window' persuasion, mind. According to the bio on the No-Fi site they're an Anglo-American duo but to my surprise it's Cath, the vocalist, who hails from the US - I'd been convinced that the sparse, Appalachian-inspired primitivist guitar and banjo styles of Phil were a dead giveaway. This is qu...view item »

Preslav Literary School

This is an interesting one. I'm not sure if we've stocked a record by a school before? Aside from St Winifreds School Choir of course. Ah them were the days. Roll forward 30 years to the Preslav Literary School in Berlin who have created an album of live recordings of a tape-loop orchestra which features contributions from Posset, Machinefabriek...view item »

Courtis/ Moore
Brokebox Juke

I have before me a smart looking gatefold LP on No-Fi by Courtis/ Moore which is of course Anla Courtis (Reynols) and Aaron Moore (Volcano The Bear). From the off 'Brokebox Juke' is a seductive listen with both players weaving a gentle and hypnotic groove which is strange yet accessible. I was pretty stunned to read that the players respective part...view item »

Sir Richard Bishop
Plays The Sun City Girls

Also in by Sir Richard Bishop is a 7" which is the first installment of the No-Fi Archive series and is a recording of him doing Sun City Girls tracks at Morden Tower in Newcastle....view item »

Herb Diamante & Friends
A Spoonful of Yeast

This is some seriously oddball shit. Imagine the album that'd result if bands like Vibracathedral Orchestra, Sun City Girls, Dialing In and Climax Golden Twins all got together to form backing bands for a Scott Walker-esque torch singer who peddles an even more nightmarish instability than the recent work of the Scottster himself. Then kick the ...view item »

Flower Corsano Duo
The Undisputed Dimension

Yet more gubbins has just arrived so I'll be quick. A new FLOWER - CORSANO Duo 7" 'The Undisputed Dimension' on No-Fi. Chris Corsano is one hell of a drummer and he goes for it on here, pummeling the drums into oblivion making Animal appear lazy while Mick Flower make a wicked racket with what sounds like a sitar having a ...view item »

Jazkamer/ Mark Durgan

Jazzkammer/Mark Durgan: Split 7" (No-Fi) First side is entitiled Tonal Protest and you'll realise why when you hear it. Full on noise scrawl of the lowest/highest order depending which way your ears take it. After a long hard day here at the towers it comes as a welcome reflief to this scribe. Flip it over for 'The Roots Of Beech Tre...view item »

Burning Star Core

For some reason it took me a while to check out C. Spencer Yeh's Burning Star Core Project. I was well spooked out after hearing his CD on no fun and was excited when the second 10" on No-Fi arrived. This is doomy, totally trashed out comatose nightmare shit but lurking underneath is a warmth and a sense of beauty. A big tripped out drugged up...view item »