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Clarice Jensen
For This From That Will Be Filled

When Clarice Jensen has time away from her role as director of the American Contemporary Music Ensemble, she composes stirring and dense music with her cello. On For This From That Will Be Filled, Jensen uses a variety of effects and pedals to create four lengthy pieces full of stuerm und drang. Oliver Coates is an obvious comparison, but the pieces Jensen comes up with tend to be more expansive than the Englishman’s work. This LP contains collaborations with Michael Harrison and the late Johann Johannsson.

Matt Christensen

The lungs + strums behind Chicago's Zelienople focuses his songwriting inward for a new LP on Miasmah. This time he focuses intently on foggy, sunken songs that make heavy use of reverbed, slow guitar jangles, dripping drum machines, his soft vocal tones and silence. A nice, airy treat for battered eardrums.
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Svarte Greiner

Miasmah label boss Erik Skodvin brings a reissue of his debut full length as Svarte Greiner. Knife was released on Type in 2006, and fully introduced his dark ambient world. For fans of Deaf Center, Jacaszek, Rafael Anton Irisarri et al.. Abstracted and experimental modern classical pieces which scratch away at a dull surface.

Svarte Greiner

Miasmah label boss Erik Skodvin returns under his Svarte Greiner moniker with Apart. Extending from his drone and ambient pieces, this mini-album is made up of improvised cello performances recorded clean in a disused industrial building, the soundscape like reverberations are all naturally occurring. Atmospheric as it gets. Highly limited release.

Svarte Greiner
Moss Garden

Returning with a new two-side long album and under the moniker of Svarte Greiner, is Norway’s Erik K. Skodvin. “Moss Garden”, Skodvin’s latest release of vivid arrangements, is a well-rounded and personalised soundscape, made up in equal parts of unique musicality and crafted artistry. The two tracks on “Moss Garden” are really worth immersing yourself in.

Marcus Fjellström

After a long time out the game it’s always interesting to see if an artist will have doubled-down on the sound that brought them to public attention or about-face and veer off down an unexpected path. For Swedish composer Marcus Fjellström that’s not really an issue though - the foreboding plink-plonk and mucky low synths that mark his style have so much scope that he can stray as far as he likes from his original stomping ground and the pieces will still harbour a wispy, skeletal sense of unease. This is ambient music to look over your shoulder to.


Mesmerising and atmospheric soundscape from B/B/S, otherwise known as Aidan Baker, Andrea Belfi and Erik Skodvin. Recorded in two improvised sessions at Berlin's Golden Retriever Studios, the result is fluid yet, at times, disconcerting. 'Palace' is available now on double vinyl from Miasmah records. Limited stock only.


A slow and steady burner from Kreng. Grimoire is the new full length from the Belgian spine chiller. This one is a spooky as they come, mixing ominous strings, brooding horns and some operatic vocals with subtle but punishing electronics and seamless production. Ambience meets avant-soundtrack. Pick it up on vinyl LP from Miasmah.

Volcano The Bear

Christmas has come early (or roughly on time I guess) for Volcano The Bear fans, with this colossal box-set. Commencing contains 5 LPs assembled from a wide mixture of alternative and live versions, material previously released only on cassette or not at all… All sorts of trademark Volcano oddities, newly assembled and compiled along with a 50 page book.

James Welburn

Originally from the Uk, James Welburn and drumming companion Tony Buck (The Necks) relocated to Berlin and Lillehammer. Following a plethora of shows all over the underground noise circuits of Norway and Berlin. Their debut album ‘Hold’ captures the endlessly repetitive, drown out droney, shoegazer atmosphere of their live sets.

The Summoner

Opening himself up and delving into the depths with Kreng. The Summoner is the Belgians look into grief, having lost a number of people in his life. It's full of his trademark mixture of acoustic orchestral instruments arranged effortlessly with his expansive and bottomless production - deeper than a well, this one. Out on vinyl LP and CD from Miasmah.

Andrea Belfi
Natura Morta

Everyone come out from the cold with these skittering, moving and intense electro-acoustic workouts from Andrea Belfi. Natura Morta invites you inside and keeps you there. Nils Frahm handles the mastering with a microscope and brings everything to life. Recorded at the towering Funkhaus in Berlin. Out on Vinyl LP and CD.


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Gabriel Saloman
Solider's Requiem

  • Vinyl LP (MIALP026)
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Kaboom Karavan
Short Walk With Olaf

American folk music stretched beyond all point of recognition. The drones on display on Short Walk With Olaf bring together the disciplines of New Weird America with the stuttering sounds of a fragmented recording session: pianos that recall A. Silver Mt Zion sparkle then die out, as voices and chants stutter. Untraceable resonances sulk around the room, creating the feeling of constant, spidery motion: these improvised drones don't go forward, but sideways. Kaboom Karavan's work is terrifying, raw and stunning. 
  • Vinyl LP (mialp 025)
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Kaboom Karavan
Hokus Fokus

Bram Bosteel's improvised, free-falling drone project, known officially as Kaboom Karavan, offers unique, fragmented sketches on a genre that usually delivers full-bodied and cleanly made compositions. Attracted the rawness found in field recordings and quick instrumental performances, Hokus Fokus is another record of intricate, inter-related details that at first sound completely detached.

Gabriel Saloman

Gareth Davis & Frances-Marie Uitti

  • Vinyl Double LP (MIALP019)
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L'Autopsie Phénoménale De Dieu

Kreng offers enough discordance than you can shake an industrial-strength stick at, using a plethora of acoustic instruments and a dash of irreducible ambience to create soundscapes that are deceptively listenable. L'Autopsie Phénoménale De Dieu is a foreboding marriage of neo-classical and overboard free jazz.