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Augustus Muller
Machine Learning Experiments (Original Soundtrack)

You may not know Augustus Muller by name but if I say he is one half of Boy Harsher that may ring a bell or two.  He we have his first experiments into the world of film scoring showcasing scores for two separate independent films he's been working on. They are dystopian sounding projects featuring industrial drones and minimal synth compositions to delve into the murky worlds of sci-fi and neo-pornography. 

Boy Harsher
Country Girl Uncut

Massachusetts-based synthwave duo Boy Harsher released the four track EP Country Girl in 2017. Now we have Country Girl Uncut - the original EP plus four previously unreleased tracks. The sound of EP reflects both their idealistic rural Massachusetts home life and their crazy, hedonistic trips to New York. 

Boy Harsher
Come Closer

US dark synth-pop duo Boy Harsher follow up their second album, Careful, with a pair of 12” singles. Come Closer features four versions of the album track. The most mouth-watering aspect of this particular wax slab is the remix by influential German DJ, producer and owner of the MDR label, Marcel Dettmann. On Nude Club.
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Boy Harsher

Given how much mileage Boy Harsher have got out of their first few releases - their Lesser Man EP has been reissued more times than this Norman Records™ description writer has had hot dinners - it wouldn’t be over-egging the pudding to call Careful one of the most eagerly anticipated LPs of 2019. The duo’s second full-length record finds them adding a touch of Johnny Jewel-ish noir to their icy coldwave sound.

Boy Harsher
Yr Body Is Nothing

Since the drop of their 2014 debut Lesser Man, Massachusetts duo Boy Harsher have gained enough traction to become one of the bigger synthwave acts of the decade. After all previous pressings on DKA sold out in weeks, their 2016 LP Yr Body Is Nothing now gets the reissue treatment via Nude Club. Anyone who’s freaked out to their massive ‘Pain’ will find plenty more to enjoy on this broody yet danceable record.

Boy Harsher
Lesser Man (Extended Version)

Previously issued on wax by aufnahme + wiedergabe and as a cassette by both Soft Science and Night People, the latest iteration of Boy Harsher’s Lesser Man is out via their solo imprint Nude Club. There’s been quite a clamour around this record - ‘Pain’ has racked up almost two million YouTube hits at the time of writing - and it’s easy to see why it’s proved so popular. As well as darkwave/synthwave masterclasses like ‘Run’ and ‘Modulations’, there are also droning horrorscapes (‘Crimea’) and plenty of poppier moments. This version includes a remix by The Soft Moon.

Boy Harsher

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