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Giulio Aldinucci
No Eye Has An Equal

Siena-based composer Giulio Aldinucci has been an expert in creating impressionistic electro-acoustic masterworks for almost two decades at this point. Now comes his latest album, No Eye Has An Equal, consisting of four long-form tracks that will appeal to fans of drone music, ambient music and post-rock in equal measure. 

Ambienti Coassiali
Dream Rooms

Dreams Rooms by veteran Italian music project Ambienti Coassiali is a series of infinite guitar guitar loops. The sound creates an atmosphere that develops over time making it an entirely immersive and enveloping experience. For the guitar nerds out there, the music is made using an early ‘70s EKO ranger guitar. 

David August
David August x Ron Trent x Rafael Anton Irisarri

David August surrenders two tracks from his D’Angelo album to a pair of very different producers, in order to see what very different results they hand back to him. Ron Trent works sweet house magic, as we knew he would, while Rafael Anton Irisarri takes the ‘Deconstruction’ part seriously, rendering the ‘Florence’ track into something cinematic and droning all of its own. EP on 99CHANTS.
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Louis Sterling

Second in what I will assume be 99 releases on David August's 99CHANTS. Louis Sterling is a 21 year musician who is wise beyond his years. Adisceda takes the form of an act of remembrance, and all the joy and sorrow that can bring. Gloriously deep ambient electro-acoustics that you can get lost in.

David August

David August lets the drums drop away for this latest LP. DCXXXIX is made up of twenty-four tracks that investigate all things ambient. Droning synths, nuggets of found sound, idly hit percussion, some ivory-tinkling, that sort of thing. A nice record to get lost in for an hour. Will appeal to fans of the Icelandic school and some of the more hissing fauna-type stuff that Posh Isolation have been putting out recently.