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Bestselling artists on DAC Records this year: Franck Vigroux

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Franck Vigroux

Franck Vigroux’s 'Théorème' is an EP of monolithic beats and digital grit. The fact that Vigroux has previously collaborated with the late Mika Vainio should give you an indication of what kind of territory we’re in here. It’s experimental electronics at their most dystopian and physical, 'Théorème’s' four tracks - unlike much contemporary electronics - stands on its own without an academia drenched press release.

Alex Augier

First solo EP from the Paris-based Alex Augier. Those intrigued by the Roly Porter remix will not be disappointed, as Germination's combination of cinematic and unstable textures, and complex and explosive rhythms would be right at home on Mr Porter's Subtext label. Actually released by DAC Records on 12".