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Elysian Spring
Glass Flower

French jazz from the late sixties is an underappreciated niche. Mais pas ici at Norman Records. Imagine the heartfelt joy we felt when our kind amis at Le Très Jazz Club announced their repressing of Elysium Spring’s cult classic, Glass Windows. Finally, these soft and gentle jazz tones will be available to a wider audience. Best not sleep on this one, it might not be around for too long.

Makoto Terashita
Great Harvest

Japanese jazz seems to be enjoying a bit of a renaissance recently. Adding to a slew of welcome reissues is Great Harvest by pianist Makoto Terashita. He is backed up by Bob Berg on tenor sax, bassist Errol Walter, Jo Jones Jr on drums and guitarist Yoshiaki Masuo. This is one of only three albums by Terashita. Originally released in 1978, it was followed in 1984 by Topology and Ihatov in 1997.

Hiromasa Suzuki

Primrose was a 1978 album buy Japanese pianist Hiromasa Suzuki. The artist had already released several records of jazz-fusion using traditional Japanese instruments when he moved towards a more classical jazz sound on Primrose  - a gorgeous record which has been almost impossible to find in the years since. Bravo Le Tres Jazz Club for finally giving it a vinyl rebirth. 

George Otsuka Quintet
Physical Structure

Le Très Jazz Club has been searching deep into the Japanese jazz archives once again to find jazz fusion classic Physical Structure by George Otsuka Quintet. Otsuka, a phenomenal jazz drummer, led the band that also featured keyboardist, Fumio Karashima and tenor saxophonist, Shozo Sasaki. Reissued for the first time since its original release in 1976, and for the first time outside of Otsuka’s native Japan.

Naosuke Miyamoto Sextet

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Isao Suzuki Quartet +2

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Hiroshi Fukumura Quintet
Morning Flight

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