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Jay Mitta
Tatizo Pesa

Debut album from Jay Mitta, one of the producers at the forefront of Tanzania's thrilling Singeli scene. In 2018 Bamba Pana blew every producer out the water with his Nyege Nyege Tapes release and in 2019 Tatizo Pesa is set to do the same. We're talking about tempos in excess of 180bpm and beats that make me sweat like I've just run a marathon. 

Ekuka Morris Sirikiti

The first wide release of Ekuka Morris Sirikiti’s live radio broadcasts previously only heard within each station's range in North Uganda. Made between 1978-2003, these recordings show case Sirikiti's mastery of the Lukeme, a small handheld thumb piano, on which he produces hypnotic rhythms and melodies. Songs cover everything from venereal disease to reminders to be a good husband. 


Ahh yes, a new release on Nyege Nyege Tapes. This’ll be good then. Kadodi is a project led by one Robert Mugamba. Mugamba hails from Mbale, a large-ish town in Uganda. For fifteen years he’s been peddling his homemade tapes and CDs on the streets there. Now NNT is bringing Kadodi’s superb drum-group sound to the wider world. Here we have two recordings from the group - the first one, nearly twenty minutes long, is an astonishing piece of trance-drumming - as well as a remixes from NNT fave Bamba Pana and fellow Mbale musician Sun C.
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  • Nyege Nyege Tapes

Otim Alpha
Gulu City Anthems

Nyege Nyege Tapes continue to turn heads with this compilation from Ugandan singer Otim Alpha. Alpha takes traditional Larakaraka wedding songs as his starting point, computerising much of the instrumentation while leaving in the frenetic pace and call-and-response vocals. The result? Another LP of hyper-energetic party music akin to NNT’s excellent recent Sound of Sisso compilation.
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Sounds of Sisso

Nyege Nyege Tapes are based in Uganda, but this compilation focuses on the exciting Singeli scene currently exploding across the border in Tanzania. Sounds Of Sisso centres around one of the scene’s focal points, Dar Es Salaam's Sisso Records studios, and the bright young things who stalk the corridors there. The music? Well, imagine (if you can) a combination of Balani Show, bashment, trap, Shangaan Electro and gabber with MCs who sing-rap in double, triple and quadruple time. Getting the idea? No? Just listen to it, it's really something.
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  • Nyege Nyege Tapes