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Factory Floor
Transform / Wonder

"Just the two of us" sang Gabriel Gurnsey and Nik Colk last year as they realised that their original four piece had been whittled down to a two piece.  The press release talks of heavy bass grooves and scattered percussion which is just about par for the course with Factory Floor though B side 'Wonder' is a more hushed affair with an atmospheric wash of synths. 

Factory Floor
A Soundtrack For A Film

Factory Floor are a band preoccupied mostly with the post-industrial world; with technology, with art's modernist mode -- with Futurism, in fact -- so it was almost inevitable that, if they were to create a film score it would be for something as visionary as Fritz Lang's forever lauded cinema masterpiece, the silent sci-fi classic Metropolis (1927). A brand new score, 'A Soundtrack To A Film' was first performed by Gabe and Nik at London's Science Museum last year and it's quite long -- 2.5 hours long -- hence the double-CD and 4xLP boxset variants (including colour vinyl). Can't wait to get stuck in to this.

Factory Floor
Heart Of Data / Babel

For Factory Floor's first record on their own H/O/D label, the band release two tracks inspired by the 1927 Fritz Lang classic of silent cinema and science fiction, Metropolis. 'Heart Of Data' and 'Babel' were culled from the score which the band wrote, and performed live in front of an awestruck Science Museum crowd in April of last year. Industrial modular synth rhythms and spacey, atmospheric textures ahoy. 12" on Heart Of Data.
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