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Curtis Chip
Eating Paste

More eating related nonsense on Ad Noiseam from Curtis Chip with 'Eating Paste'. This has some original tracks with remixes by Enduser, Eight Frozen Modules, Ove Naxx amongst others. Its kind of electronica in that video game type mode but not too cheesy lots of mad screwed up beats like Squarepusher or Jose...view item »

Machine Girl
Machine Girl

Ain't been treated to a splattering of hardcore breaks in ages. I used to find myself at leaky warehouse raves on freezing January nights with my ears being cleaned out with splintercore acid jungle courtesy of people like Johnny Sideways. Call it gabbercore or drum 'n' headache, whatever you like, Enduser is one of the finest practitioners about. ...view item »

Mad EP & Ra

Cripes!!! After not hearing from Ra for ages he also has a split EP called 'Ultrafood' on Ad Noiseam with Mad EP who can also knock out some tasty wares. 'Night Drunken Pavement' is based around a guitar sample which is manipulated within an inch of it's life and works really well.The Mad EP mix takes the blueprint even further into sinister electr...view item »

Bollywood Breaks

Just in from noisy bastard German label Ad Noisedam is the new Enduser E.P., 'Bollywood Breaks'. Having done the ragga jungle breakcore thang to death, this talented US beat mangler unleashes some fierce, yet understated drum 'n' bass shades underlaid with spine tingling eastern samples taken from those colourful movies ITV used t...view item »

Lapsed & Nonnon
The Death of Convenience

For his third full length album, Lapsed (Salt Lake City's Jason Stevens) pairs up with his long time live-collaborator Nonnon (Dave Madden). The Death Of Convenience is a lot more than yet another electronic hip hop album. Appropriately titled, it is a record in which nothing is convenient. Genre-less, it rewards those who are willing to abandon...view item »

Streets All Amped

Dalek did an absolute stomper of a godzilla hip hop album last year. It was called 'Absence' & if you don't got them menacing grooves in yr life, yo is a godamn fool. Curtsey to boisterous German IDM imprint Ad Noiseam for slinging a hot new 12" onto the racks & into yr heart. 'Streets All Amped' is hewn from the s...view item »

Dark Meadows

On some levels this works, on other levels, it leaves the listener desiring a bit more. The guitar shoots for simple but comes off as the work of a less experienced player, and although James and Dan mean well, it mostly falls flat when this album calls for something stronger, since the rest of the material is top-notch Wilt madness. A more fles...view item »

Run War

Oh that noisy sod, Enduser has two new things out on the German Ad Noiseam imprint. A compilation of stuff, firstly, on CD, called 'Run War' featuring dismantled Gravediggaz, Bjork & Lamb tracks (amongst many others!) rammed into a breakcore shredder b4 being liquidized into a ragga gabber smoothie. It's gene...view item »


This Larvae Empire E.P. looks right good fun. Played the Darkside first (The cover is a right geeks paradise mock up, I tell thee!) This is a more subtle & downtempo 6 tracker, eerie alienated synths over some sublime jungle breaks underpinned with some malevolent bass stabs (actually makes me think of the older drill & bass stu...view item »

Mad EP
Eating Movies

Clint here. Here's a couple of reviews of things that have appeared in the last couple of weeks while we've all being eating and drinking and perhaps cavorting. First up Mad EP with their debut album 'Eating Movies' on Ad Noiseam. Now this lot impressed Fats and Brian with their earlier 12" but this is my first taste of th...view item »