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Jeremy Fraites
Piano Piano

The Lumineers’ co-founder Jeremiah Fraites makes his first statement as a solo artist. A collection of songs that have been gestating for nearly a decade, ‘Piano Piano’ transposes the melodicism of his band’s arena-filling folk-rock to the narrower demands of the piano. Plenty for Lumineers fans to enjoy, but also revealing of Fraites’ artistic merits as an individual. 

Olafur Arnalds
some kind of peace

Ólafur Arnalds is proud of Some Kind of Peace, specifically the way the album tells his life story in an honest way. From his early years in a metal band in Germany to his ability to meld classical and electronic music - it shows his growth as a person and an artist. Features collaborations with Bonobo, Josin, and JFDR.


Berlin-based musician and composer Lambert pulls a wide range of ostensibly unblendable genres into the mix on False. Breakbeats, emotive pedal steel-led Americana, industrial sounds, free jazz and autotuned pop vocals are all bound together by the serious musical chops of Lambert’s trio. On Mercury KX.

Sophie Hutchings
Scattered On The Wind

Scattered on the Wind is the seventh album by Australian modern classical composer / pianist Sophie Hutchings. She shows her effervescent personality via her piano-led compositions, fleshed out with strings. It is an album about taking risks and trusting that you will naturally make the right decision. On Mercury KX.

Jean-Michel Blais
Matthias & Maxime

Matthias & Maxime is a film directed by Xavier Dolan about two friends who are cast in intimate roles opposite each other in a short film. The feelings this awakens tests everything about their relationship and themselves. The soundtrack was written by French-Candian composer Jean-Michel Blais. Blais takes his inspiration from famous classical piano works (Chopin etc) along with lesser known or more leftfield composers from Steve Reich to Chilly Gonzales.

Wayne McGregor

Choreographer Wayne McGregor has commissioned new material from plenty of big musicians down the years - Jlin, Jon Hopkins and Ben Frost are just three of the artists who’ve made work for McGregor. On Collaboration we see McGregor sifting through a quarter-century of music to showcase some of his personal favourites. There are a few new recordings among the tracklist too.

Sebastian Plano

Sebastian Plano’s is so very close to being called Sebastian Piano. If Sebastian Piano was actually this guy’s name then it would have been both a more amusing and more fitting moniker for the Argentine. Verve is an LP of plink-plonk keyboard niceness in the vein of all those other men with earnest gazes - Einaudi, Arnalds and so on.

Floex & Tom Hodge
A Portrait of John Doe feat. Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra

Yeah man, it’s one of them DJ / classical music collaborations. Techno man Floex has teamed up with composer and instrumentalist Tom Hodge, with the backing of Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra to create A Portrait of John Doe, a melange of beats, strings, synths, woodwinds, and much more besides. Out on Mercury KX.

Olafur Arnalds

Oh it’s so nice. Isn’t it nice. This new Olafur Arnalds LP. Just lovely. The loveliest, in fact. re:member. Beautiful music. The piano. The strings. The delicate pitter-patter drum machines, possibly left over from his forays into techno as part of Kiasmos. Gorgeous. Transcendental. Beautiful. Mesmeric. Peerless. A masterpiece. The epitome of all art ever made. The Ultimate Music. Composed as if by God's own hand. re:member.

Luke Howard
Open Heart Story

Here is Australian Music Prize nominated composer and pianist Luke Howard with the reflective Open Heart Story - a contemporary classical record that concerns itself with the ageing process and childhood memories. Titles like ‘In Metaphor, Solace’, ‘Elysian Fields’ and ‘I Still Dream About You, Sometimes But Not Always’ suggest a work which wears its open heart on its sleeve. 

Luke Howard
Sun, Cloud

Sun, Cloud has previously only been made available in Australia, but no more! Now us UK folks can enjoy Luke Howard’s music for ourselves. Piano is firmly at the centre of these compositions, spinning delicate neo-classical melodies into the air, where strings, electronics and field recordings mingle and add texture. Sun, Cloud is luscious stuff really. Released on vinyl by Mercury KX.

Luke Howard
Sun, Cloud / Night, Cloud

Sun, Cloud has previously only been made available in Australia, but no more! Now UK listeners can also enjoy Luke Howard’s music. Piano is central to these compositions, spinning delicate neo-classical melodies into the air, where strings, electronics and field recordings add texture to the mix. This CD release of Sun, Cloud also comes with Night, Cloud, an extra disc of remixes by various producers.

Keaton Henson
Six Lethargies For String Orchestra

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Olafur Arnalds
re:member + string quartets

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