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Lorenzo Senni
The Shape Of RemixXxes To Come

Two really quite different versions of Lorenzo Senni’s track ‘XAllegroX: The Shape Of RemixXxes To Come (Senni ...view item »

Aphex Twin

What is left to say about 'Windowlicker' that hasn't already been said? The most perfect piece of electronic music ever produced? It's sexy, it's slinky, it's odd, it's the sort of thing that if things worked properly would have been a worldwide smash. No-one has quite come up with anything since that blends the out there with the streamlined. O...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never
We'll Take It

Daniel Lopatin doesn’t rest on his laurels when it comes to his ever on point Oneohtrix Point Never vape-shifter material. With hardly a beat passed since Age Of, here he is back on Warp with an EP in the form of We’ll Take it. From a producer that you never know what to expect, you...view item »

Mount Kimbie
Love What Survives - Remixes Part 2

After giving Nina Kraviz the keys to the car, Mount Kimbie are releasing another 12" of remixes of tracks from their latest album Love What Survives. These lads have friends in high spaces, the aforementioned Kraviz is joined by Marcel Dettman, ...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never
Age Of

Harpsichord! Daniel Lopatin has used a harpsichord, and it’s all over the opening, title track of this latest Oneohtrix Point Never opus which he has somewhat open-endedly named ‘Age Of’. Scarlatti has been summoned ...view item »

AFX (Aphex Twin)
orphaned deejay selek 2006-2008

Not sure about you, but I can no longer keep up with this man-thing. New material is coming at a crazy rate, his sneaky tricks amongst them all. Oh wow, this user09784738 isn’t half bad at making glitch chill tech madness, where did they conjure these 200 tracks from? And now he’s playing the same card as computer controlled acou...view item »

Nightmares On Wax
Deep Shadows Remixes

*A man jolts awake, sobbing and dripping with sweat.*“Honey! Honey, are you ok?! What’s wrong.” “Ahh! I … I was having a … having a nightmare.” “Oh baby I’m sorry. I’ll get you a drink of water. Do you want to tell me about it?” “*Sips from cu...view item »

Lorenzo Senni
XAllegroX​ ​/​ ​The​ ​Shape​ ​of​ ​Trance​ ​to​ ​Come

The rave voyeur himself returns with another piece of deconstructed club goodness. ‘XAllegroX’ and ‘The Shape of Trance To Come’ (great names) are sort of in the same line as the recent rave revivalism of Special Request, ...view item »


A vinyl 12” from the iconic Warp records and an EP that must be one of the most unusual records from their eclectic catalogue. Lafawndah produces an aggressively globalised electronic music that taps into everything from zouk and kizoma, to dubstep and grime. Tan was co-produced by ...view item »

Babe Rainbow
Endless Path EP

Babe Rainbow is the work of writer/producer Cameron Reed and this is his second EP for Warp following last year's distinctly wobble inducing post-dubstep affair 'Shaved'. Well things seem to be moving on nicely for Babe Rainbow as his skills have captured the attention of various artis...view item »

Mount Kimbie
Love What Survives - Remixes Part 1

Mount Kimbie’s fine LP Love What Survives has spawned two remix EPs, both of which drop in May. The first of these features three versions of King Krule collaboration ‘Blue Train Lines’, all of which come from the workhouse of Nina Kraviz. The big-shot DJ turns the rum...view item »


So it turns out that my memory does indeed work. I remember this lad from his previous ‘Rollerblades’ single and talk of him being the saviour of UK pop...or something. The aforementioned ‘Rollerblades’ turns up three tracks in and it’s very typical of the type of music he produces. It’s...view item »

Lorenzo Senni

In signing with Warp Records, acclaimed Milan born artisan producer Lorenzo Senni releases his opening EP. In continuing ideas benchmarked from older creations such as Superimpositions and Quantum Jelly, The Italian released a unpacks a unique array of dancefloor-ready id...view item »

Songs For Midi

It’s a half-decade on from Ilp, the debut LP by Kwes., but the London musician has been keeping busy. He’s mixed an album for Kelela, produced alongside the likes of Hudson Mohawke, and has writing credits for Loyle Carner and Solange. On ...view item »

Mark Pritchard
Four Worlds

The last Mark Pritchard 'Under the Sun' LP was one of those LPs everyone should own. The sort of record that appeals to folks who buy just a few records a year and those who have followed Pritchard from back in his Global Communication days. A catch-all electronic record with nods to ...view item »

DJ Nigga Fox

DJ Nigga Fox continues to forge a brave new world on this latest EP. His first solo release on Warp sees the Principe fellow turning the global clubsphere inside-out, bending rhythms and genres to his will to create body music of unique power. The likes of ‘Poder Do Vento’ reference ...view item »

Children Of Alice
Children Of Alice

Previously to be found on Folklore Tapes, the fables of Children of Alice are what remains of [revered… hushed tones..] Broadcast, with James Cargill and Roj Stevens inviting Ghost Box co-founder and designer Julian House along for the wobbly ride. Named in tribute to the late Trish Keenan after her affecti...view item »

Lorenzo Senni & Francesco Fantini
The Challenge

The King of New-New Tranceland aka Lorenzo Senni comes through with something completely different here. Yuri Ancarani’s 2016 film The Challenge was a study in opulence, dealing as it did with the hobbies and pastimes of Qatari sheikhs. Senni and Francesco Fantini’s music fo...view item »


Warp Records luminaries B12 announce the first reissue of their 1993 album Electro-Soma all remastered in a gatefold sleeve with an essay on B12, photos and more souvenirs. Alongside Aphex Twin, The Black Dog, and Autechre, B12 were pio...view item »

Grizzly Bear
Yellow House

Warp's latest signing GRIZZLY BEAR have released their debut album for the label. This has a kind of trippy psychedelic acid hippy vibe going on that seems to permeate a lot of stuff coming out now. 'Lullabye' reminds me of something from Brian (Genius) Wilson's excellent 'Smile' long player. Infact I think If he ma...view item »

Nightmares On Wax
Shape The Future

Nightmares On Wax now make a welcome return with Shape The Future, the first full-length we’ve seen from the project since 2013. All your favourite Waxy sound-tropes are in place, plus guest spots from vocalists including Sadie Walker, LSK and Andrew Ashon...view item »

Grizzly Bear
Shields: B-Sides

Following the baroque pop brilliance of Veckatimest, Shields seemed to be the logical progression for Grizzly Bear; a subdued, more sophisticated ensemble of tracks with a fuller sound. The songs that didn't make the cut are included on this release and more or less follow on from the sound established during t...view item »

Electro-Soma II

Alongside the reissue of B12’s Electro-Soma they have compiled a load more material taken from the time they were working on the album and created Electro-Soma II, a compilation of archival gold for everyone (who is a fan of the Artificial Intelligence series). Early 90s electronica/IDM originato...view item »

Nightmares On Wax
Citizen Kane

Nightmares On Wax has been with Warp for a long time, since the beginning, more-or-less. All these years later, the classic electronic label is still letting him make music for them, which is a good thing, of course. With his new single, Citizen Kane, a fresh approach suggests more different and f...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never
Commissions II

Commissions II presents two new works from Daniel Lopatin’s Oneohtrix Point Never: new that is unless you were fortunate enough to witness either of the events for which these pieces were commissioned (no, that title is not a coincidence). A panoply of electronic wonder, Lopatin flexing all sorts of approaches. On...view item »

The Spectacular Empire II

A sequel to, you guessed it, The Spectacular Empire I, sees a continuation of GAIKA's slightly twisted but significantly affecting electronic outings. As another part of the story of empowerment in authoritarian chaos, it succeeds heavily; as an essential addition to the darker end of your record box, same....view item »

Honey Badger / Pig

Clark knocks out a heavy pair of homages - one to the honey badger, a fierce little mustelid famous for behaving as if it’s all out of bubblegum and one to the less exotic, more industrially-farmed pig. Though still of the gentler production style Clark has developed in the last few years, this material hearkens a decade b...view item »

Mount Kimbie
Love What Survives

Mount Kimbie -- Dominic Maker and Kai Campos -- have certainly expanded their blueprint since the days of 2010 debut ‘Crooks & Lovers’ with its largely post-dubstep inflections. Their sound has gained an energy and urgency strangely lacking in their sophomore effort, 2013’s ‘Cold Spr...view item »

Phantom Brickworks

Perhaps we're all living in fear of being found out. In work, in life, in everything. Bibio has made a career out of showcasing a wide array of talents from the sepia slo-mo Boards of Canada vignettes of his first few albums to the J Dilla inspired beatwork on his albums on War...view item »

The Spectacular Empire I

Gaika continues his stay with the legendary Warp Records with a synth and sample heavy trudge through dystopian soundscapes and pulsing beats. The fuzz clears to make way for vocals to swerve in, but the overall dark atmosphere remains throughout. Deep stuff from a torchbearer of political electronic music....view item »

Aphex Twin

Well to say this has been on the cards for a wee while is an understatement. Landing right bang on the knife edge of the most bizarre time in British politics anybody alive today has ever seen comes Aphex Twin's official follow up to the divisive, sprawling Drukqs. I personally don't like that previous mess of an album all that much. It was a pr...view item »

Take Me Apart

More brilliance incoming from Kelela, who if you can believe it is only now giving us her full-length debut after her hit mixtape Cut 4 Me and her recent esoterically produced Hullucinogen EP. A record cited by Kelela as being about "dissolving" and then choosing to rebuild our romantic...view item »

Aphex Twin
Come To Daddy

Another absolutely unique track from the baron of barmy, Richard. D James. This track will make you sweat and break out in fear and is therefore not for the faint-hearted. Fully caustic and demented this would be perfect as part of a soundtrack in the most sadistic of haunted houses. Complimented perfectly by Chris Cunningham's weird and eerie v...view item »

Hudson Mohawke
Ded Sec - Watch Dogs 2 (Original Soundtrack)

To end a massive 2016(having worked with ANOHNI and Kanye West), Hudson Mohawke released a bunch of original material he had worked on for the soundtrack to the open world hacking game Watch Dogs 2. Featuring his trademark glitchy hip-hop beats and distorted low end trap horns in cinema...view item »

Grizzly Bear

Now truth be told, I haven't got the most sophisticated music taste sometimes and the last Grizzly Bear album, 'Yellow House' being as lauded as it was, did little for me. I prefer more feral & demented pleasures much of the time, or straight chill out so I sit there floppy eyed like Dylan the Rabbit or grinning like a stoned Cheshire cat. On n...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never
Good Time (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Just got to get this off my chest: I’m having a Good Time. But judging by the grating intensity of some moments from OPN’s new score, something tells me the characters really aren’t. Just had a look and indeed, it’s a crime drama film (that I haven’t seen, of course), and the only peo...view item »


I'm a massive fan of Plaid but why do they have to be so bloody obscure - typical old school Warp artwork and titles and I can't figure out which side is side A, B or what the album titles are or even how to pronounce them. But when you put the needle on the record (yeah, maybe I should have played it on CD and it would have [hopefully] star...view item »

Mark Pritchard
Beautiful People feat. Thom Yorke

Hello. I'm the guy who doesn't like Thom Yorke yet I like this so hopefully that means that if you like Thom Yorke you will really really like this.  Or maybe you won't? The world moves in strange ways. In any case what we have is a delightful piece of music that recalls Moondog...view item »

Death Peak

So here is that famous techno man Chris Clark making another album, only a couple of heartbeats after his brief switch into soundtrack mode last year with The Last Panthers. You’ll be pleased to know that he’s dialled the tempo and euphoria right back up for this next one with a collection of banging but pretty tunes. ...view item »

!!! (Chk Chk Chk)
Shake The Shudder

New York’s hardy perennial dance-punkers !!! (pronounced Chk Chk Chk remember) are in their twentieth year now, which gives Shake The Shudder a new angle. On the one hand, this is still joyful party-dance music. On the other, the band are feeling a bit more introspective and mature. But you know w...view item »

Mandela Effect

I’ll spare your tired fingers that Wikipedia search and tell you that the Mandela Effect describes the phenomenon of remembering something that was never there to be remembered in the first place, or even living a life founded on an incorrect source. In the case of producer Gonjasufi, it’s extremely pertinent, since this record reups...view item »

Shobaleader One

Virtuoso Tom Jenkinson heads up his Shobaleader One full band project, which includes players Strobe Nazard, Arg Nution and Company Laser. For their second full length Elektrac they have taken on a load of Squarepusher’s tracks an...view item »

Brian Eno

Who could have predicted that Brian Eno would still be having a good time in the ‘10s. Possibly everyone, because he is borderline omnipresent, probably omniscient and maybe even God itself. OK I’m getting as carried away as every music journalist right now, but my point is, there hasn’t been a period since his stint in ...view item »

Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus: 'Reset' (Warp) Debut single for Warp for the much tipped abstracted hip-hop beat maker. Fans of Madlib, JDilla and Stones Throw will know what I mean when I mention the dreaded notion of 'the death of hip-hop', how there's only really one hip-hop label worth checking for, one MC worth checking for. (Stones Throw, MF DOOM). So wha...view item »


Recent Warp signee GAIKA has released a tape here and there already, mixing together strands of dancehall with industrial and bass on ‘Machine’, followed-up by Mixpak’s ‘Security’. On new EP ‘Spaghetto’, his sound is often at that hard industrial approach, but with the delicacy to match. The brilliant &l...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never
R Plus Seven

The prolific Daniel Lopatin is back this week with another Oneohtrix album, and this time he’s on Warp and I find myself in the difficult position of trying to describe this record in mere minutes. The friendly TNT delivery guy just helped me ou...view item »

Danny Brown
Atrocity Exhibition

On ‘Atrocity Exhibition’, Danny Brown’s a fucking mess. “Kubrick with two bricks”, he says, and his album makes it so: his tunes are shot through an existentialism so plain you could hear Tony Soprano listening to it as his whole world cuts to black, so real Ballard should come back to life and name his nov...view item »

Aphex Twin
Richard D James

In a career full of brilliant music, this could possibly be one Aphex Twin's high-water marks, widely popular at the time of release. It introduced his pulverising 'drill and bass' techniques, moving him away from his acid 'n' ambience beginnings. Contains several classics such as 'Cornish Acid', 'Girl/Boy Song' etc. ...view item »

Squarepusher x Z-Machines
Music for Robots

If you’ve seen the video for this on Youtube then you’ll know all about it but for those of you that don’t here’s a quick summary, Kenjiro Matsuo and a team of Japanese Roboticists invent a band consisting entirely of robots to play organic musical instruments ie. guitar, drums and keyboards, Z - Machines was born and the...view item »


The new Gonjasufi LP is pretty bleak and heavy: the sleeve art makes it look like a black metal record, and the tone of Callus isn’t far off that, even if it is expressed through totally different sounds. Gonjasufi’s voice sounds pained and angry, and the whole texture of Callus sou...view item »

EPs 1991 - 2002

I forget these Mancunian rhythm benders started off with a thumping hardcore tune under their belt - 'Cavity Job', here presented in digital for the first time! - In much the way some of Aphex's early career was built on shredding people's synapses with bursts of industrial strength techno, this is a sweaty banger but more inclined toward a pre-...view item »

Mark Pritchard
Under The Sun

The sort of record that I'm fuming we weren't able to review when it came out. Main reason  - no soundclips, delicious non opening vinyl. We have no excuses for leaving it this long despite Warp doing a very good job of keeping the thing off the internet.  It was only when I heard the fluttering Le...view item »

Ψ (Psi)

That little fork sign is a Greek numeral that means 'Psi', a perfect representation of the deconstructed club music that is presented on this the duo's second LP for warp. Throughout they use influences from industrial music, UK dance, footwork and techno to present a multi-layered psychedelic form of dance music. Artwork is by 555-5555 ... sure...view item »

Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin, the notorious cheater himself, has successfully vintage-synthed the money out of your pockets. No, this LP does not have 15-note polyphony, and as we all already know, the D James man can make music on anything, no matter how badly respected or obscure. He’ll find a way. So it’s not really surprising that the god of music...view item »

The Digging Remedy

Plaid. The one electronic producer whose name I will not say out loud, cos I refuse to give Ian the smug satisfaction of knowing the correct pronunciation all along. That smug bastard. The first track of this takes a totally different turn than most of the Plaid that I’ve heard. It sounds sort of like a moody, serious modern take o...view item »

Flame Rave

Careful, Clark is going back to the old school. The grooves held within are as hot as their name, still definitely sitting in that comfy niche between dancefloor-revelation melody and pounding techno that’s made him a deity of the genre and an expert with, ahem, playing with matches. But these are some super sekret kuts that have been born...view item »

Brian Eno
The Ship

The man behind that album Airport Music is still going strong after all these years. Or maybe light- or middleweight, but who am I to judge? What even is ambient music anyway? This review might answer some of those questions. For starters, the man doesn’t even like the term, but if genre tags are here for anything, it’s to sp...view item »

A Mineral Love

I’ve liked pretty much everything Bibio has done in the past. But perhaps not this. Well, not all of it. It’s a mixed bag between some glorious soulful summery pop music and some major missteps which stop the album in it’s tracks. Let’s start with the good things. There are some gorgeous haze...view item »

The Last Panthers

Electronics wizard Clark is back on Warp records. The Last Panthers picks up where his last self-titled album finished; mashing field recordings with precise electronic rhythms and drones. The major difference on this release is that it is the soundtrack to the series of the same name,...view item »

Mark Pritchard / Bibio / Clark
A Badman Sound / Heath Town / Inf Inf Inf Inf

This looks like a good Record Store Day release. Three of Warp's best and brightest celebrate rave culture with a track each. Pritchard does a throwback jungle anthem, Bibio takes cues from 'A Badman Sound' and uses that 'yeah woo' sample and Clark makes laid back ambience like early Aphex Twin. Bound to be a winner on the day my lad. ...view item »


I’m one of those moaning stuck-in-a-rut buggers that wishes Darkstar had continued experimenting within a dubstep vein as there’s three twelves by them I could not live without and that doesn’t even include the technicolour mind-warp that...view item »


I’m gonna get boring for a second and just write a tirade of praise: Kelela’s ‘Cut 4 Me’ mixtape, dropped in 2013, was a phenomenal hybrid of musical styles, taking cuts by a bunch of very good producers and turning them into revelatory pop songs. Able to make her performance the centrepiece around airy productions that e...view item »

La Di Da Di

I didn’t listen to Battles for so long that by the time I finally came to them on this here review pile, they’d combusted into a prog rock band. I’m told by our reverent weird rock fans that this band have faced their fair share of logistical headaches through the years, with Tyondai “Pplwontbeppl” Braxton’s d...view item »

Flying Lotus

Talk about a fookin' cryptic puzzle! That cool young dude with the essence of the beautiful Alice Coltrane in his genes has smacked us with album number 4 - if you include the superb essential primer EP 'Reset'. This is what Warp records are truly about. Sublime electronic journeys. They've unleashed enough of them in the past! 'Cosmogramma'...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never
Garden of Delete

Welcome to Daniel Lopatin’s garden. To your left, you will see discarded cigarettes, and to your right, audio detritus. If you would be so kind as to look up, you’ll find some selfies that Mr. Lopatin wanted to put into a press release. Warp were not game. This garden is actually a digital garden, the Recycle Bin that resides on OPN&...view item »

!!! (chk chk chk)
As If

I've been told to not bother writing about records that I'm just going to slag off. We are, after all, a business. But apart from watching a tree sway back in forth in my garden, this is now my only pleasure left in life. I'll guide you through the LP anyway as we've sold a bunch of them already and no-one takes our reviews seriously su...view item »


We'll swiftly move onto to Bibio on Mush. Which on the front has a sticker quoting someone from Boards of Canada pretty much saying this is ace. And that person not be wrong cos this is superb. Mellow folky inspired 70's sounding electronica with ...view item »

Foam Island

I’m no look back bore but as far as Darkstar are concerned not a squilli-note of their music has reached the wonderful melancholic heights of their debut ‘North’ and even then that record went out on a limb to those brought up on their early instrumental productions. For folks who call London home, they are pretty obsessed with...view item »

DRC Music
Kinshasa One Two

Another collaborative charity effort from electronic cathedral Warp records. It looks like a well worthwhile set up, recorded in Kinshasa with a selection of Congolese musicians. Ranging in style from heady Massive Attack meets King Midas Sound trip-hop melting into rustic soulful party f...view item »


CARGAA 2 is the second in Warp Records’ series of collaborations with Principe, a Portuguese label. A nice bit of signal boosting, at least from a UK perspective. The tracks, by characters like DJ Big Vado / DJ Estraga, Nidia Minaj and Puto Anderson / Deejay NinOo carry a massive ...view item »

Hudson Mohawke

My experience of Hudson Mohawke, or Ross Birchard, or HudMo as Robin and all the kwl kids are calling him, has been a loud one. He is and has always been a very full-on producer - I remember listening to him back when he was making his name during the whole future garage thing, but it was just too much. Zero restraint, all hi hats and bigroom sy...view item »

Nozinja Lodge

If you’ve ever felt in need of an antidote to all the moody, greyscale techno, up-its-own-arse electronica and leaden dubstep that currently proliferates, I’d definitely recommend this LP of relentlessly vibrant, upbeat to the point of surreality, high energy soul music. I remember first coming across some of the unique dance...view item »


It's about 3 quarters of the way through the year and Warp seem to be intent on spoiling all fans of bleepy nonsense music to the point of bankruptcy. As if mammoth releases by Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, Eno & Hyde and Bibio w...view item »

Eno / Hyde
Someday World

This promo came complete with a post-it from our pithy stockroom gremlin which cuts straight to the chase. "Not great, irritating vocals", he opines. I don't know if my consequently lowered expectations have anything to do with it but I'm finding the vocals on this record pretty bearable. It's not quite what I was expecting though - Karl Hyde of...view item »

Nightmares On Wax
Feelin' Good

Warp Records veteran Nightmares On Wax is back after a five year hiatus, we’re very proud of our homegrown talent here in Leeds so with George Evelyn now clocking in over 20 years in the biz it’s safe to say I’m about to say lots of nice words about our George, although don’t thin...view item »


Wooo! Reissue of Autechre’s first full length album on Warp. Backed with a digital download code and a bonus live set. Probably one of the most “straight up” forms of these guys, but it’s still so very mad, pushes techno right out the window. Can’t imagine these will gather much dust. If you lot don...view item »

Broadcast and The Focus Group
Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age

For the last couple of days I've had the phrase 'all circles vanish' reverberating around my mind and it's all the fault of Broadcast and The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age, in which our titular heroes form like Voltron to produce a postmodern take on classically British psychedelic sounds, from Wicker Man-esque acid folk t...view item »

Ha Ha Sound

From the opposite end of the quality spectrum saunter Brummie krautrock 60's waltz gods BROADCAST with a new full lengther. Yes, that's BROADCAST. So good they have their name in big letters. Warp's best signing of the 90's bar ...view item »


Battles. Warp's latest supergroup signing release EP C/B EP on double CD.  Philip says this sounds like 70's prog rock and I think he's right. Don't let that put you off though as there are some rewarding moments on here. Its not particularly challenging music to listen to and yet the arrangements sound extremely complex.&nbs...view item »

Boards of Canada
The Campfire Headphase

The long awaited Boards of Canada album is here and as we work in a record shop we have already had hours and hours of discussion about its triumphs and pitfalls. So I'm virtually all talked out about it already. The initial impression was of something blander and more mainstream than their previous relea...view item »

Nightmares On Wax
Carboot Soul

Nightmares On Wax provided the constant chill vibes for Warp Records back in the day, and 'Carboot Soul' kept a steady hand on proceedings, melding together trip-hop sounds with the same old jazz affections and haze of 'Smoker's Delight'. It's being reissued with all its siblings as part of the N.O.W. Is The Time Campaign, which will hopefully i...view item »

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