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Thelonious Monk
It's Monk’s Time

Thelonious Monk’s 1964 LP It’s Monk’s Time gets the reissue treatment courtesy of 8th Records. At this time in his career Monk was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. Many scorned his avant style on the keys, but when he turned in a relatively more sedate outing in the form of this record his die-hards railed against the album’s style. In the intervening years opinion has met in the middle, and now It’s Monk’s Time is praised for its deft arrangements.

D.R. Hooker
The Truth

So similar in name to Dr Hook but don't be alarmed this is something completely different. It has been voted one of the rarest records of all time and was released in an edition of less than a hundred back in 1972. D.R. Hooker was in fact a robe-clad hippy who wrote surprisingly sophisticated songs that have something of the Randy Newman about them. 
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  • 8th Records

Amon Duul II

Hijack by Amon Duul II is one of their underappreciated classics. They  were famed for such classics of psychedelia and krautrock as 1969's Phallus Dei and 1971's Tanz Der Lemminge. It could be said that they stretched the boundaries of their genre here adding some funky brass, chamber pop strings and samba beats. Ripe for rediscovery! Reissue LP on 8th Records.
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  • 8th Records

Harry Partch
The World Of Harry Partch

Originally released in 1969 as part of Columbia’s Masterworks series, this album contains three pieces by one of the most idiosyncratic composers of the 20th century. Partch’s percussive, microtonal compositions, utilising outlandish custom-built instruments, display the influence of gamelan and Noh theatre. However this is very much American music, and the recitations of Barstow movingly captures the hobo lifestyle Partch sometimes experienced. The impact of this work is apparent in records by The Residents and Tom Waits, but still sounds unique and delightfully strange today.

End Of The Century

Drafting in Phil Spector to produce the fifth Ramones album seemed like an odd move in 1980, even considering da brudders’ 60s pop obsessions. It was an expensive and unpleasant recording experience, but paid dividends. The stomping Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?, Rock 'n' Roll High School and the Ronettes’ cover Baby I Love You were as bombastic and commercial as the band ever got. More aggressive faire like the Dee Dee and Richard Hell-penned heroin anthem Chinese Rocks also excelled with the wall of sound approach. Not the first Ramones LP you might reach for, but a fine one nonetheless.
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  • 8th Records

Shuggie Otis
Freedom Flight

There are gems galore to be found on this early Shuggie Otis LP, in a welcome reissue from 8th Records. Freedom Flight was Shuggie's sophomore full-length, and features the rejuvenated classic 'Strawberry Letter 23' as well as psych-funk nuggets such as 'Ice Cold Daydream' and the LP's title cut, the acid-funk instrumental guitar workout 'Freedom Flight'. A classic album made available on wax for the fans and for all the people; the record has truly stood the test of time and transcends genres and its era.

Dr. John
The Sun, Moon & Herbs

Recorded in London but with a New Orleans spirit, “The Sun, Moon & Herbs” arrived towards the end of Dr. John’s voodoo-inspired period, its heavy, foggy atmosphere and nods to Cajun folklore capturing the magic and spirit of the city even from afar. Hypnotic percussion, invigorating choruses, and creepy-cum-beautiful snapshots of The Big Easy.  
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  • 8th Records

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
The Message

The debut album by the pioneering New York hiphop crew. The title track is the obvious highlight, following in the wake of Sugar Hill Gang’s chart success with Rapper’s Delight, but upping the ante significantly in terms of gritty subject matter and technical achievement. There’s plenty more to enjoy here - the hard electro vocoder-led track Scorpio, the old school funk of She’s Fresh, and It’s Nasty, which samples Tom Tom Club.
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  • 8th Records
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  • 8th Records