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Clocked / Rude Beat

Tasty 7" of electro fizz and clanking beats from he mysterious entity that is TBZ who returns to the R=A label following a 7" on the imprint in collaboration with Robert Bergman. TBZ has had a couple of previous releases on Bergman's Brew label and has collaborated with Max Graef as Grrrr. Won't be around long so get in quick. 
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  • TBZ
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  • R=A

Leisure Connection
March Of The Imbecile / Love From The Astroplane

You remember that ace 'Jungle Dancing' party guaranteed record from Leisure Connection on No 'Label' right? 'March Of The Imbecile / Love From The Astroplane' sees the duo of Aaron Coyes (Peaking Lights, Image Club, Face Plant) and Nate Archer return with a couple of trippy tunes, recorded in Los Angeles and presented via the R=A label. They used to make tracks as Rahdunes, and have brought some of that zoned, freaky psychedelic flavour to these cuts.
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Rex Ilisivii
Fool For Love

Shrouded with mystery and missing details, this 23-minute-long take from Serbian creative Mitar Subotic (aka Suba) is an avant-garde enigma. While there's nothing much to observe on its jet black sleeve, this hypnotic piece is best served to closed eyes - allowing the listener to slip away into Subotic's mystical universe.
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  • R=A

Jamal Moss
Gherkin Edits

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