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Pop Negatif Wastad

Active at the turn of the Nineties and influenced by U.S. punk, acid house and the KLF’s infamous ‘The Manual’ pretty much in equal measure, Pop Negatif Wastad - a duo consisting of former Plastic Crystals members Gareth Potter and Esyllt Wigley - deserve to be recognised more than they are. This self-titled EP, released on Musique Plastique, ought to put that right. 
  • Vinyl 12" (MP 008)
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Sam Mallet

Late film score composer Sam Mallet made music that took pointers from a wide range of influences: Arvo Pärt, Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, John Coltrane and Jon Hassell to name a few. He made soundtracks that straddled the worlds of ambient, jazz and rock that accompanied TV series, short films and even experimental video art. Wetlands is the result of a thorough dig into Mallet’s archive by Rowan Mason (Sanpo Disco/Recurring Dream) and Tony Remple (Musique Plastique). 

Guerilla Welfare
The Nature Of Human Nature

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Visible Cloaks
Visible Cloaks

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Pedro (Peter Mekwunye)
One Kind of Love

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