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Hior Chronik
Blind Heaven

Blind Heaven by Greek-born, Berlin-based composer and musician Hior Chronik is an album of soundscapes that incorporate elements of drone, neo-classical and ambient music. It is the follow-up to his 2017 album, Out Of The Dust. Features guest performances from Amber Ortolano, Masayoshi Fujita, Hania Rani and Francesco Donadello.

Echo Collective
Echo Collective Plays Amnesiac

Brussels-based Echo Collective have worked with the likes of Dustin O’ Halloran and Jóhann Jóhannsson, and are keen on bridging the gap between classical and non-classical. Here, they undertake this task by applying their beautiful orchestral instrumentation to Radiohead’s Amnesiac. On 7K!.

Hior Chronik
Out Of The Dust

Trying to put your finger on what musical style this is, is like trying to remember what you had for your dinner 3 years ago on the 12th Tuesday of that year. Some describe is a 'neo-classical' others go with 'ambient-indie-neoclassical-drone-music'. Either way, it's one of those that you have to hear for yourself to truly be able to put your finger on what you think it is. Out Of The Dust is the brilliant record from Hior Chronik and is available on vinyl LP and CD and released on !K7. 

Martyn Heyne
Electric Intervals

Martyn Heyne presents the first full-length solo album of his career. Electric Intervals shows off Heyne’s assorted musical approaches, from intuitive single-instrument improvisation to classical composition and studio-as-instrument production epics. Electric Intervals is an eclectic listen, but with every track sounding clear and fully-realised. Released by 7K!.

Luca D’Alberto

Luca D’Alberto’s new piece Endless is an impressive work of contemporary classic music, not least for the fact that Luca not only composed the music, but also played each and every instrument on the recording himself! Endless is lush, cinematic, and filled with fine melodic and textural detail. Released on 7K!, the contemporary classical imprint of !K7 Records.