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Superior Life Forms

French electronic musician and producer Umwelt is known for his love of analogue sound, delivered in a raw and often ferocious fashion. He is the founder of Rave Or Die and New Flesh Records. His new album for Midnight Shift, Superior Life Forms is no let down in terms of his signature sound. 6-tracks of destructiveness.
  • Vinyl LP (MNSXLP001)
  • Coloured vinyl
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Manufactured Conflicts (incl. Samuel Kerridge Remix)

The artist known only as Sorcery has previously contributed muscular, precision-engineered drumming to releases from the likes of Belief Defect and Powell. Now Sorcery steps out with Manufactured Conflicts, an EP that hammers their mighty tub-thumping into a set of driving industrial techno tunes. Recent releases from the Power Vacuum label are recalled - a good thing in our book. Praised by Clouds, Kangding Ray and Peder Mannerfelt, Manufactured Conflicts also features a remix from Samuel Kerridge.
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  • Midnight Shift

Kirk Degiorgio
Shift Ltd 002

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Harmonious Thelonious

Midnight Shift (Basic Soul Unit, Iron Curtis) provide a home for Harmonious Thelonious’ latest release. The Kabriman EP will please fans of the artist’s previous combinations of techno, dub, minimalism and sub-Saharan African drum rhythms. Track titles like ‘Polyrhythmic Monster’ point the way as to how this one’s going to play out. There are flavours of Whilst and Africa Hitech to Kabriman.
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  • Midnight Shift

JAI/MAHL (Jamal Moss / Hieroglyphic Being)

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X-Enter-O EP

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The Midnight Manual

Five years into Midnight Shift’s time as a label, so it's time for a celebration. The Midnight Manual looks both forwards and back, commemorating the label’s time so far whilst also giving previews of some no-doubt killer EPs due later in the year. Over two 12”s we have a wild array of tracks from the likes of Harmonius Thelonius, Knutsson-Berg and Thermocline.
  • Vinyl Double 12" (MNSX5Y)
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Dragon's Path EP

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To Andreas Gehm

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