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An Anthology Of Dead Ends

Botch were a metalcore band who spent the turn of the millennium making music that was equal parts chaotic and melodic. They released two full length records, 'American Norvoso', as well as one of hardcore's truest classics, 'We Are The Romans'. In 2002, they put out their final release, the 'An Anthology Of Dead Ends' EP, which told listeners e...view item »

Cave In
Perfect Pitch Black

After almost imploding under the major-label pressures and demands of constant touring off of their previous record 'Antenna' (an album the band didn't especially like but the public seemed to love) Hydra Head Records gave Cave In as much time the band desperately needed to produce their next record. Perfect Pitch Black has the mixture of brand ...view item »

Mosquito Control

ISIS, the seminal post-metal band who managed to smartly break up before ‘the other Isis’ came along, here re-present their very first EP, from 1998! Mosquito Control shows that the fantastic focus and inventiveness of ISIS was present right from the off, and is a must for any fans of the ba...view item »

Heartache & Dethroned

Justin K Broadrick fans unite. For here is a double CD of maxi fun time doom for you. Do you ever wonder what the K stands for? I reckon it's Keith. In the pack you get 2 discs.... the out of print Heartache EP (sorry for folks who already bought it but labels like doing things like this to fans) and a new Dethroned EP. Here Mr B is back on the ...view item »

Pharaoh Overlord

This is it, it's really here at last! Available for the first time on vinyl, thee undisputed best stoner rock album of all time. Rivalled only by the preposterous schwagger of Monster Magnet's Spine of God, #1 by Pharaoh Overlord takes you on a longboat trip around the coastlines of Northern Europe, berserkin...view item »

Thin Black Duke

Thin Black Duke follows the trend of all Oxbow albums in being so unpredictable as to what direction the record will follow. What can only be described as a mix of alternative rock, indie and even some shoegaze thrown in for good measure, this is an album that shows how musically cultured and mature Oxbow have become. A...view item »

Old Man Gloom

Heavy + Heavy = Heavy appears to be the formula behind this ‘supergroup’: members of Converge, ISIS, Mamiffer (and so on) have gotten together to produce another record of blasted fury music. NO was first released in 2012, but Old Man Gloom have seen fit to ...view item »

Through The Mirror

Japanese moise mongering experimentalists Endon are on a constant mission to be the most extreme act out of Tokyo, and they manage it with mixing the blistering speed and unexpected grandeur of Liturgy, the raw crusty hardcore of Oathbreaker with guttural growls and screeches that’d make ...view item »

Oceanic: Remixes / Reinterpertations

One of post-metals famed cornerstones, 'Oceanic' is arguably Isis' crowning jewel, a record that channeled the emotive bleat of post-hardcore, beautified heavy metal and influenced a league of heavier third gen post-rock bands,from This Will Destroy You to Russian Circles. It probably deserves this remix set,...view item »

Caring And Killing: The Early Years 1991-1994

This collection of kindergarten Converge tracks captures the band in an enjoyably ramshackle state, before the tightening of the pummel-lords ship. Caring And Killing: The Early Years 1991-1994 collects sixteen tracks culled from EPs, comp appearances and the Halo in a Haystack album. On double ...view item »

Dark Matter

Dark Matter is an album of the darkest dark ambient from dark ambient expert Lustmord. In fact, the album was actually constructed using audio data derived from deep space: blackest ever black indeed. Lustmord has done a great job of summoning the infinitely isolated feel of dark energy in the far cosmo...view item »


Finnish experimenters Circle have dabbled in every possible form of heavy and avant-garde music. On Miljard they explore ambient and kosmische textures formed from improvisation and dense keyboard playing. But do not fear, the krautrock structures and dedication to free-form playing are still present. This ...view item »


Yeah, this is completely insane…. “Catastrophic noise metal” is pretty much spot on. Japanese group Endon create an almost constant state of confusion, throughout Mama there are parts where you latch onto a riff or theme and it is very quickly snatched away in a wall of shrieks and noises. Think a dir...view item »

Black Face
I Want To Kill You / Monster

In 2011, long time friends Eugene S Robinson of Oxbow and Chuck Dukowski of Black Flag got together to record four songs Dukowski had written for the latter band shortly prior to his departure from them. To assist them in this venture, Robinson recruited former Oxbow drummer Tom Dobrov...view item »

Old Man Gloom
Meditations In B

Old Man Gloom's aka Aaron Turner (ISIS) and Santos Montano (Zozobra) are a post-metal, post-math, post-hardcore, post-rock riff generator. Originally released in 1999, their debut ‘Meditations In B’ is a dark record combining the elements of doom and metal to create an underlying presence that is disturbingly haunting....view item »

Cave In
Creative Eclipses

Originally released on Hydra Head records in 1999, ‘Creative Eclipses’ is a five track EP from nineties, Boston based alternative rock band Cave In (featuring future members of Old Man Gloom, Mutoid Man, Clouds and Zozobra). The EP marks the bands’ departure from their heavier roots, moving towards their experimentation with al...view item »

Boris with Merzbow
Sun Baked Snow Cave

Here's what happened when unpredictable doom/pop trio Boris met tireless noise bastard Merzbow for the second time in 2005 (following 2002's 'Megatone' collab), finally on vinyl. It's a more understated piece than you might expect from such a noisy collective, starting gently before enveloping the listener in overwhelming waves of howling feedba...view item »

Unifying Themes Redux

Seattle's Botch are an extremely influential metallic hardcore band who were mainly active during the turn of the millennium. They only released two records -- 'American Nervoso' and the metalcore classic 'We Are The Romans', both for Hydra Head -- but this reissue compiles old 7" tracks and rare tracks. 'Unifying Themes Redux' will satisfy Botc...view item »

JK Flesh/ Prurient
Worship is The Cleansing Of the Imagination

So I’m sat here at home with a large cup of sweets (yes a cup), cos I’m essentially a huge disturbed looking child and it feels good. Soundtracking my sugary fun is the new JK Flesh/Prurient record that has just arrived courtesy of those folks at ...view item »

Bermuda Drain

I imagine Dominick Fernow is a busy man, what with his Prurient project, playing in Cold Cave, creating black metal with Ash Pool and running his Hospital Productions label and NYC record store. Over the past couple of years he's put out some records that show a way less abrasive side to his work and been embracing synthesizers. This record ...view item »

Songs For The French

Oxbow have a new EP out called Songs For The French. It's a mixture of studio material and some sweet live cuts from there Euro tour in 2008. As with most Oxbow records there are dynamic shifts and tales of oppression and class I think, and these sweet new tracks are no different. It sounds great though a really full sound, with Eugene S Robins...view item »

Harvey Milk
A Small Turn Of Human Kindness

Harvey Milk are the only band i can think of that actively rip the piss out their own fans for enjoying their self-depreciating slabs of booze induced sludge rock whilst simultaneously pandering to said audience by reforming and making awesome records that everyone who likes them would want to hear. It's cynicism working on new and ever powerful...view item »

Pyramids With Nadja
Into the Silent Waves

Lustmord remix - hi-NRG piano-led house with the sickest of battering ram beats (broody, atmospheric drone). Ulver remix - crunked-up hardstep with upfront gangsta provocations (broody, atmospheric drone that gets louder at the end). I'll listen to this when I next go dogging at Bolton Abbey....view item »

Cave In
Planets of Old

Cave In!!!! Haven't heard from these boys in a while. I believe they had a brief hiatus after been fucked over royally by the business men in suits, contracts and bad taste.....poor fellas. Cave In emerged 14 years ago as the remedy to a stifling hardcore scene, much like Converge they used the power of thrash metal to rejuvenate the sound of under...view item »


A couple of tracks from Lustmord's [ O T H E R ] album have had some dub remix treatment by Justin K Broadrick and Lustmord himself. No surprises then that this is dark and seriously brooding stuff. Broadrick's Dub Awakening mix manages to feel simultaneously claustrophobic and cavernous. This could well push the paranoia levels over the edge after...view item »

Big Business
Mind The Drift

Good golly this Big Business ' Mind The Drift' has a lovely sleeve, I'd go far as to use the words super and deluxe in the same sentence. Maybe even a mega or ultra would go in there too. Anyway Big Business are basically half of The Melvins these days which makes them my homies. I've grown to like this band a lot more than I did when I first heard...view item »

Clean Hands Go Foul

Doomy drone supergroup Khanate have split up now, making Clean Hands Go Foul their tender goodbye. Well, maybe not tender exactly. I reckon the first side of this beautifully presented LP is completely inspired, up there with the best of that incestuous Southern Lord-y scene. Some of the sounds Stephen O'Malley's wringing from his guitar in these...view item »

Why Are We Not Perfect?

Why Are We Not Perfect, the new one from Jesu, kicks off with a clipped, reverb-y drum beat that made me wonder for a second if Justin Broadrick's been devouring dubstep, then it gets even more surprising as the first track is probably the poppiest thing we've ever heard him do. It really doesn't sound like the Jesu stuff I've heard before at all b...view item »

Jesu/ Eluvium

Eluvium / Jesu: Split LP (Hydra Head) This is a limited edition release done as a collaboration with Temporary Residence. A highly anticipated collection in which we get two slabs of drifting drone tones from Eluvium that picks up towards the end with some harsher dynamism's just to eleviate the tonal flow. On the flip side Jesu goes ...view item »

The Fire In Our Throats

PELICAN's 'The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw' is basically an album of varying quality post-rock. At times more on the heavier side, rather like Isis actually. Post-metal if you please. Extremely well produced and totally rocking at times. This makes me miss my long hear from years gone by. I'm gonna ask Santa for ...view item »

The Narcotic Story

Here's another slab of hellish, bluesy rock from Eugene 'Man Mountain' Robinson and crew to brighten up your day, they always put me a little bit in mind of the slower stuff Black Flag were doing in their later years or maybe even someone like Lead Belly gone horribly, horribly wrong. It's full of great riffs as usual, often layered around and on t...view item »

City Of Echoes

'Down to earth' is a good way to describe their performance on the album overall. Their previous effort, The Fire In Our Throats, was a little pretentious, and they tried to get away with putting too little music in too much time. On City Of Echoes, Pelican knew exactly what they wanted to do, and they recorded as an incredibly tight unit once m...view item »


Hydra Head has taken another venture into black metal with the sophomore album from Bergraven, the one man, avant-garde black metal project. While typical black metal is quite depressive musically, Dödsvisioner takes a doomy, artistic and weirder turn on the usual black metal tones. Dödsvisioner doesn't have that 'grim' feel though, wi...view item »

Big Business
Here Come The Waterworks

Here Come the Waterworks blew me away with its thick bass, sporadic drumming, and deep vocals. Big business create a sound of their own, however you catch familiar influences throughout the album. Imagine a heavier version of The Who/Sabbath mixed with some atmospheric Pink Floyd in some areas. Really it's hard to compare to any other specific b...view item »


Next up is JESU with his new album Conquerer. Previoulsy of Godflesh fame this latest release is apparently a lighter more melodic affair which doesn't stop it for relying on walls of distorted guitars. His voice is clean over repeated slow chords in a shoe gazy way. Have a listen here. Very atmospheric and European rock sounding if a little ploddi...view item »

Legendary Demo

I really didn't know what to expect from this release honestly, but since I love Cave In, I decided to start checking out the many member's side projects. Adam McGrath's Clouds completely and totally blew me away. They managed to make a pummelling 70's rock album that fuses just enough modern sounds in it to not sou...view item »


Justin Broadrick's JESU 2LP is here finally on double picture disc vinyl limited to 1000 copies... very lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...view item »

Agoraphobic Nosebleed/ ANbRX
PCP Torpedo

Bonkers ultra-grindcore, but not as mad or as good as their 'Altered States Of America'. You will need a nappy for that particular baby....view item »

Big Business
Head For The Shallow

Reissue of the Seattle duo’s debut, originally on Hydra Head in 2004. The pair hit on a simple but immediately agreeable formula - bombastically heavy and fiercely rockin’ songs brought to life by the powerful but nuanced drumming of Coady Willis and Jared Warren’s fuzzed-up ba...view item »