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Colin Fisher
V Le Pape

Never overdubbed and always improvised guitar ambience from Toronto's Colin Fisher. A serial collaborator (Not the Wind, Not the Flag, Caribou) now breaking out on his own with the help of The Pape. The Pape has helped guide Fisher truly understand himself as a musician, and helped him produce so very beautiful music along the way. Hurray for The Pape!
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A Pulse Train
Tactus Tempus

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Greenspan and Taraval
Greenspan and Taraval

Greenspan and Taraval have both spent plenty of time in the orbits of top electronic music recently: Greenspan with Junior Boys and Taraval with Caribou, as well as their respective solo works. But now they present a self-titled EP of duo recordings, edited down from hardware synth jams with a strict no overdubs policy! Exciting explorations, out on Geej.
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The Reverend Marco D 'Andrea
The Garden

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