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Diamanda Galas
De-formation: Piano Variations

Works for solo piano from the frankly terrifying Diamanda Galas. 'De-formation: Piano Variations' seems to contain one twenty-minute-plus track which is inspired by a Georg Heym poem regarding experimental treatments given to maimed soldiers in the First World War. Initially 'De-formation: Piano Variations' was written to be the backing for one of her distinctive vocal pieces, but Galas decided to let this thing stay instrumental. The result is a stormy record of dense keyboard experiments.

Diamanda Galas
The Litanies of Satan

The Litanies of Satan is the debut album by American musician, composer and performance artist Diamanda Galas. It was originally released in 1982. The album features two side-long tracks. Side one contains the title track, the lyrics of which come from Les Fleurs du Mal, a book by 19th century French poet and essayist Charles Baudelaire. Side two, Wild Women With Steak Knives, comes from a tragedy grotesque written by Galas.  

Diamanda Galas
At Saint Thomas The Apostle Harlem

Here is a document of what sounds like a hell of a show: Diamanda Galas performing ‘death songs’, e.g. her settings of various classical poems and songs by the likes of Jacques Brel and Albert Ayler. To the audience of Saint Thomas The Apostle Harlem, Galas’ pours out wild vocalisations and impassioned piano playing. Powerful performance, released by Intravenal Sound Operations.

Diamanda Galas
All The Way

Diamanda Galas returns to the album format for the first time in nine whole years! All The Way includes new approaches to various traditional tunes like ‘O Death’ and ‘Round Midnight’, interpreted in Diamanda’s highly individual voice and piano style. With both live and studio recordings included, All The Way gives a real insight into where Diamanda is at. CD and LP editions, released on the Intravenal Sound Operations label.