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From The West

Earthless have a reputation for being a good live band. That said, so would you if you had four concert albums to your name. The latest one, From The West, contains audio captured at a gig in San Francisco on the eve of the release of March 2018’s Black Heaven LP. It’s a very Black Sabbath/Led Zeppelin kind of affair, all wailing vox and fuzzy riffs.

Howlin Rain
Under The Wheels: Live From The Coasts Vol. 1

Howlin’ Rain must be a band that any self respecting rock fan would walk over broken glass to see live. Their classic rock template is wide open for extended solos and live improvisation. Under The Wheels: Live From The Coasts Vol. 1 is a collection of the band’s favourite recordings that are intended to show how they work as a live band and to form a deeper connection with their fans.
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Howlin Rain
The Alligator Bride

*Awoooooooooooo! Splish splash splish splash*“Great Scott! Ya hear that, boy?” *Awoooooooooooo! Splish splash splish splash* “Yes pa. What could that ruckus be?” *Awoooooooooooo! Splish splash splish splash* “It’s what I always feared, son. That be the sound of Howlin’ Rain. Never thought I’d see the day. Yes sir. And what’s more, they’ve got another LP of Grateful Dead/Lynyrd Skynyrd-worship a-comin’ down!” *Awoooooooooooo! Splish splash splish splash* “And it’s gonna be a-called The Alligator Bride!" *Awoooooooooooo! Splish splash splish splash* "And it's out on Silver Current Records! Oh sweet Lord, have mercy!” *Awoooooooooooo! Splish splash splish splash*

Howlin Rain
Howlin Rain

Howlin’ Rain are the kind of band that Uncut magazine love. Their music draws its influences from classic ‘60s and ‘70s rock such as The Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Allman Brothers, Blue Cheer and Bob Dylan, along with the writing of Richard Brautigan. Their debut, self-titled album was originally released in 2006. Although the band’s sound is synonymous with crackly vinyl, this is the first time it has been released in said format. LP on Silver Current Records.

The Odyssey Cult
Vol. 1

The Odyssey Cult is a project of Ethan Miller, who you’ll know from bands like Howlin Rain and Comets On Fire. Here, Miller is on a heavy solo electric guitar trip, carving sprawling distorted pathways through a delicious fug of feedback and psychedelic noise. Volume One of these experiments is released by Silver Current Records

The Odyssey Cult
Vol. 2

The Odyssey Cult is a project of Ethan Miller, of bands including Howlin Rain and Comets On Fire. For The Odyssey Cult, Mr. Miller is on a heavy solo electric guitar trip, using loops and collage techniques to build pieces out of his distorted improvisations and feedback-drenched psychedelic noise. Delicious. Volume Two is released by Silver Current Records.

Feral Ohms
Feral Ohms

Feral Ohms is a trio with ferocious members drawn from bands like Comets On Fire, Drunk Horse and Nudity. This self-titled debut album is a dirty slab of rock music done right, e.g. overdriven to hell and blasted with feedback and distortion. It’s a wild ride and no mistake. Released by Silver Current Records.