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Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea

Dawn Chorus And The Infallible Sea are a US trio who make minimal music that blends guitar-led drone and modern classical music. Their influences include Windy & Carl, Auburn Lull and Stars of the Lid. Liberamente, their sophomore record, is an album that seems simple at first, but with repeated spins rewards the listener with depth and complexity.
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  • CD (VISTA010CD)

Jonas Munk
Minimum Resistance

It's probably fair to say that Jonas Munk gets about. Back in the early 2000s he was known as Manual, today he's better known as the guitar player and producer of Causa Sui. Out on his own he makes ambient pieces out of his own guitar and effects pedals. The sort of album that is a slow burn with every component taking its time to reveal its colours. Another string to what is a very large bow.  
  • CD (VISTA009CD)

Billow Observatory
III: Chroma/Contour

III: Chroma/Contour is the third album from Billow Observatory, the now long standing ambient collaboration between Jonas Munk (who has worked with Ulrich Schnauss) and Jason Kolb. This is a sparser minimalism than they've ever attempted, whose power lies in it's willingness to suggest rather than shove the answers in your face. 
  • CD (VISTA008CD)

Carl Weingarten
Living In The Distant Present

Carl Weingarten is a long underrated ambient slide guitarist. Hopefully, this reissue of his 1985 album, Living in The Distant Present, can change that. His music is deeply meditative, and will be comfortingly familiar to fans of new age music. Most impressively, Weingarten manages to find the ambient slide guitar equivalent of shredding. 
  • CD (VISTA007CD)
  • Vinyl LP (VISTA007)

Dorias Baracca
Dorias Baracca

Tragically, Dorias Baracca’s promising career was cut short in 2011 when singer and songwriter Buster Svendsen passed away. The day of his death also happened to be the same day that their self-titled debut LP was completed. As such, the fact that Dorias Baracca has seen light of day at all is a triumph. The seven tracks within showcase a band with a far better grasp on what makes for good shoegaze revivalism than many of their peers. My Bloody Valentine and Ride spring to mind.
  • CD (VISTA006CD)

Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk

Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk both know their way around music: their individual past activities have included drum & bass, post-rock, psych, shoegaze, electronica… Schnauss even recently became a member of Tangerine Dream! Passage, the second collaboration of the two, is a shimmering suite of spacey electronic music, suitable for epic dreaming and drifting. Out on Azure Vista.
  • CD (VISTA001CD)
  • Vinyl LP (VISTA001LP)

Auburn Lull

The latest opus from reclusive rural psychedelia explorers Auburn Lull veers into new territories showcasing a newfound love of minimalism and restrained composition. Though there's still an influence of vintage electronic music and the more ambient side of Slowdive present, Auburn Lull are pushing their sound into new areas with this rich and inventive record.   
  • Vinyl LP (VISTA005LP)
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  • CD (VISTA005CD)

Billow Observatory
II: Plains/Patterns

Billow Observatory are a transatlantic (Detroit / Denmark) duo carving out icey slabs of droning ambience with elements of shoegaze and distant techno woven into the mix. II: Plains / Patterns is some of their most rhythmic work to date. Available in an edition of 300 ‘milky translucent vinyl’ LPs and on CD, courtesy of Azure Vista.
  • CD (VISTA002CD)

Quaeschning & Schnauss

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