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Sunik Kim
Zero Chime

Having dabbled in a number of musical projects before completing their education, Korean-American saxophonist Sunik Kim presents their first album recorded under that name. Zero Chime forges free jazz with electronic music and various sub-genres of dance music, a chaotic and oppressive mix of music that reflects their native country’s history of "being oppressed, colonized and divided by imperialist powers".

Ben Vince & Jacob Samuel
I'll Stick Around

Recent records from both Ben Vince and Jacob Samuel have found the pair experimenting with electronics and whatnot, but this new collaborative LP I’ll Stick Around sees them getting back to basics. 'Basics' for this saxophonist and pianist still count as an expansive free composition-style that combines classic avant-jazz stylings with post-minimalism and the cerebral expanses of discrete music, but you get what we mean - they’re using wood-and-metal instruments again rather than bleep-bloop toys.
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French-born and Berlin-based producer Pauline Canavesio - a.k.a. BORA - attempts to define the indefinable through music on her latest album Noyée (meaning ‘Drown’) which she describes as “an attempt on existence”. At times it is tempestuous and roiling with emotion, at others calm and contemplative. 
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K. Leimer
Irrational Overcast

Press release that mentions Trump alert! Irrational Overcast sees K. Leimer in a remarkably solemn mood, as he tried to unpack the wave of authoritarianism that has found its way into the US politics. The result is lo-fi and noisy, as though Leimer himself is struggling to keep him and his thoughts together. On First Terrace.
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Justin Wright
Music For Staying Warm

Writing on the first properly snowy day on the English south coast for some years, I heartily endorse the importance of staying warm. So Justin Wright’s new album, titled Music For Staying Warm, is a very welcome listen. These nine pieces for string quartet is brimming over with lush resonance and harmonic drones, filling any space you play them into with comfortable fireside feelings. On First Terrace.

Pierre Bastien & Cabo San Roque / Anna Homler, Adrian Northover, Dave Tucker

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Sofheso Archive

Over two hours of prolific Japanese producer Sofheso's recordings have been collated onto this deluxe archival double cassette retrospective, spanning the years 2014-2017. The selection was whittled down from eleven hours of material he sent the First Terrace label and is a revelatory showcase of the artist's unorthodox approach and singular vision of techno in its varying mutations and permutations. His original rhythmic architecture and fresh approach to texture creates complex sound sculptures that are a pleasure to wander inside as well as view from a distance.

Chihei Hatakeyama / Vida Vojić

The second release in First Terrace’s split 12” EP series is from Chihei Hatakeyama and Vida Vojic, both presenting typically quiet and considered work. Chihei’s single piece is precisely as lush as you’d expect from this ambient guitar wizard, and Vida’s material is designed to be heard in utter darkness, derived from an exhibition. On First Terrace.

Kerry Leimer / Like A Villain

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The Beacon Sound Choir
Sunday Songs

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