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La Tène
Abandonnée ​/ ​Maleja

Even when taken separately the words ‘hurdy-gurdy’, ‘harmonium’ and ‘bagpipes’ are enough to strike fear into the heart of any right-thinking music fan - so try not to hyperventilate when we tell you that Le Tene’s third LP not only features all of those instruments but is also pretty good to boot! The two lengthy drone-jigs ‘Abandonee’ and ‘Maleja’ have a Medieval menace to them. Imagine Richard Dawson sans Richard Dawson.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BJR037)
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Tout Bleu
Tout Bleu

Trout Bleu initially started as the solo project of Simone Aubert, but it has since evolved into a trio. This new collaborative relationship has produced the project’s debut LP, an album that hones it’s own distorted-and-morphed brand of electronic songwriting. The hooks are there, but they’re amongst all kinds of shifting digital detritus.
  • Vinyl LP (BJR035)
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  • Bongo Joe

The Space Lady
On The Street Of Dreams

Greetings earthlings, The Space Lady’s otherworldly warbles are returning to earth in the form of a new LP. “On the Street of Dreams” transmits messages of harmony and peace, with the same synths and psychedelic pop that first propelled her to fame in the 1990’s. Now seventy years old, the American musician shows no sign of returning back to the intergalactic sphere. We’ll keep her here a bit longer if that’s okay. 
  • Vinyl LP (BJR026)

Walter Gavitt Ferguson
The Legendary Tape Recordings Vol. 1

Bongo Joe are pretty good at reissues. Their latest collection of unearthed gems comes courtesy of 99-year-old Costa Rican Walter Gavitt Ferguson. Ferguson and his guitar have played a mean Calypso for decades now. However, Ferguson never kept copies of his tapes for himself and, with no references to fall back on, had begun to forget his compositions in his old age. However, after a hunt for cassettes that yielded fifty songs, Bongo Joe are lining up a few compilations of the Calypso King’s work. The Legendary Tape Recordings Volume 1 is, of course, the first. It’s good stuff.
  • Vinyl LP (BJR024)
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La Contra Ola - Synth Wave And Post Punk From Spain 1980-86

Swiss label Bongo Joe drop this bumper collection of Iberian post-punk. With the fall of Franco and the rise of punk both coming in the second half of the 70s, the subsequent years proved a period of unrivalled creativity for the people of Spain. The nineteen tracks here are fierce yet exuberant paeans to personal expression, taking the form of everything from Balearic Tropicalia to embattled Goth-wave.

Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp
Sauvage Formes

This 8-track album is a beautiful, adventurous journey into experimental orchestration, minimalistic guitars riffs and luxurious, epic strings underpinning epic, swelling chants and hymnal refrains. And with Vincent Bertholet at the helm, this melancholic approach to orchestration is as adventurous as it is powerful. 

Alain Peters
Rest' La Maloya

Alain Peters is a Creole musician from Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean, and Rest’ La Maloya is a set of music recorded many years ago in the 70’s and 80’s. Peters’ sound uses an array of percussion, guitar, ngoni, and various other sound-making devices to sketch out his bluesy vision, with global influences flowing freely into the sound. Reissued record on Bongo Joe.

Altin Gun

Fabulous Turkish psychedelia meets contemporary globe trotting production, a celebration of what was happening in the far out communities at the gate to the east. Referencing legendary artists like Baris Manço and Hülya Süer, there's a clear retro vibe, though like Baba Zula, it's primed for the modern stage.

La Tène

Apparently, La Tène aren't in the game to 'reinvent' or change music, but to increase the level of decent musical grooviness in said music. Tardive/Issime is the latest release from the French/Swiss trio and is released on vinyl LP from a collaboration between Bongo Joe and three:four. Cool stuff. 
  • Label(s):
  • Bongo Joe

Odessey & Oracle

You can't call a band Odessey & Oracle, it's like calling a band Sgt Pepper. Shame because this sounds fascinating. The French group use classical instruments in order to produce music that references Brian Wilson, Moondog, Robert Wyatt and White Noise. Presumably there's a the Zombies influence in there somewhere too.  
  • Label(s):
  • Bongo Joe


Pixvae are a new outfit from the bodies and minds of Ninameye. They combine hard-rocking chunky math rhythms with Colombian currulao sounds, making a delicious hybrid that you won’t find elsewhere. Their self-titled debut LP is released by Bongo Joe, housed within a lush screen-printed sleeve.

Las Flores Del Sol

Percussive sounds of Colombia, performed by Nilamayé. Las Flores Del Sol is filled with the kind of music that can be hard to find outside of its home environment, so you should drink in its frenzy of energy and joy now that this opportunity has arrived. Las Flores Del Sol is released by Bongo Joe, housed in a handsome screen-printed sleeve.