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Items with known delays

Item Current status
Coil presents Black Light District - A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room The vinyl has been delayed to August 17th 2018! Last update: 04 July 2018
Blacklab - Under The Strawberry Moon Repress in 10 weeks. Last update: 08 August 2018
IDLES - Brutalism The repress is due to land at the distributor on October 10th. Last update: 12 September 2018
King Crimson - Discipline Back in 4-6 weeks. Last update: 15 August 2018
Djrum - Portrait With Firewood Should be back in 17th October 2018! Last update: 24 September 2018
IDLES - Joy as an Act of Resistance Due back in Mid october (on black vinyl now) Last update: 13 September 2018