Guaranteed packaging

We take a lot of care when packing your vinyl. We use extra-strong mailers for all LPs and will remove records from their sleeves if you ask us to.

And if anything does go wrong? Send us a photo and we will either replace, refund or compensate. No questions asked.

Careful now

We've always taken great care when packing up your vinyl. But our new cardboard mailers take that up a notch.

CLP's 'bukwrap' mailers offer strengthened corners, edges with buffers, and thick fluted cardboard.

They're also extremely easy to open, 100% recyclable and FSC© certified.

They will house up to 6 LPs with ease, large enough for most orders. Ordering more than 6? Don't worry. We've been packing records for over 20 years, and have enough cardboard and bubble wrap in our store cupboard to make Amazon jealous.

Bukwrap packaging