Environmental impact

We're not going to pretend that vinyl or CDs are environmentally sound products. They're not one-use plastics, but they are plastics. But here's what we are doing to reduce our environmental footprint (and, indirectly, yours).

Hexcel: paper alternative to bubble wrap

Efficient, recyclable packaging

We're not quite there yet but we are now running down our last supplies of plastic bubble wrap, plastic packing tape, and composite jiffy bags. By the end of 2019 (and possibly sooner) we will only be using cardboard and paper in our packing.

And we will do so without any compromise on the safety of your records and CDs. The packaging we use is already highly efficient in terms of offering robust protection for your records without adding excess material and parcel weight. Our usual Packaging Guarantee still stands.

Cardboard reuse

100% of the cardboard brought in to Norman Records by our suppliers is recycled.

Most of it is either collected commercially or used for packaging (e.g. instead of plastic bubble wrap).

If you need any strong cardboard boxes - for moving house, storage, an art project, a weird fetish, or whatever - then please get in touch as we almost always have plenty. Please let us know beforehand though (i.e. don't just turn up) because it can be a bit disruptive, and please remember to recycle them yourself afterwards.

Used cardboard boxes

Plastic Bank collector, collecting plastic rubbish

Offsetting plastic use

As of 2019 we have started offsetting the personal plastic use of every employee at Norman Records via Plastic Bank.

Join us by donating your NormanPoints. Since May 10th 2019, our customers have given up 508667 NormanPoints. This enables us to purchase £508.67 of Social Plastic Collection Credits, allowing the collection and recyclying of approx. 169.56kg of plastic waste.

Read more about the work of Plastic Bank »

Plastic carrier bags

We still (as of May 2019) have over a thousand branded plastic carrier bags for use by our walk-in 'Click & Collect' customers. A relic from a bygone era but we will continue to offer them until they run out.

Once these have all gone, however, we will be replacing them with fully recyclable paper bags.

Until then, we will use the money we charge for each one to send even more to Plastic Bank. So far, the cash from 31 plastic bags has been saved up, allowing us to buy £3.10 of Social Plastic Collection Credits, which will allow collection and recycling of approx. 1.03kg of plastic waste.