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The Emergency
Spending Time

The Emergency: "Spending Time" on Metal Postcard outta NYC recorded in Melbourne. Like a disco stomp pop tune with dub fx, handclaps (yeah!) and vocals like some post-poonk funk delivered in a casual, off hand- don't give-a-damn style. Similar in a fashionable style as many a release on DFA. ...view item »

I Know What You're Doing Tonight

Louie: "I Know What Ur Doing Tonight" (Waks) Lad rock produced by Stephen Street, features a scantily clad girl looking mildly distracted. Sounds like pogo-pop for plastic poonks.I bet they put they put their feet up on their monitors or some such fucking rockist posture. ...view item »

Scraps Of Tape
This Is A Copy Is A Copy

The first thing I thought of when the first track on Scraps Of Tape's 'This Is A Copy Is This A Copy' came on was that it reminded me of Isis with it's post metal sound. Later on though things become a lot lighter with hints of Do Make Say Think, Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky etc. So yeah basically a post rock album that's not going to blow your so...view item »

Dandi Wind
Concrete Igloo

Now Dandi Wind... (fart gags going round the office... I shan't be drawn in) with Conc...view item »

Tiny Dancers
Hannah We Know/ I Will Wait For You

I heard Hannah on radio two and thought what a lovely song. I listened to find out who was singing it when i heard it was the Tiny dancers i was very pleased i have been waiting to hear something from since i saw them supporting Richard Ashcroft in Blackpool 2006. Brilliant. I am a fan. ...view item »

They Shoot Horses Don't They
Pick Up Sticks

One of the appealing aspects of They Shoot Horses Don't They's debut album was that it had a carnival sound, offsetting their loose, sort-of-experimental indie rock. This starts off on a pretty good note, with the swaying stompfest of "One Fast Final Push." Unfortunately, they lose that cohesion in the songs that follow, where they erect a chaot...view item »

The Hat
Open Hearts

I quite like this 7" by The Hat. I was drawn to it by the inspired name. It's a great name for a band! Open Hearts has a quickly spoken word/ rapping verse swiftly followed by a catchy chorus which I couldn't think what it reminded me of but then it came to me... Gomez!! But when Gomez were good (ie around the 1st album time). Cock knows what ...view item »

Fireworks Night
As Fools We Are

Fireworks Night: "As Fools We Are" (Kartel). Their singer sounds like David Bowie in a very croonsome way if you get my meaning. They've been likened to the 'Folknoir' of Bonnie Prince Billy, Joanna Newsom and the emotional theatrics of Grizzly Bear (reviewed above). Their sparse acoustic instrumentation draws you in from the off gatherin...view item »

Jack Penate
Spit At Stars EP

JACK PENATE is a bit all over the place at the mo. You can't move for him. His new single Spit At Stars is a jaunty affair which reminds me of Jamie T,. Billy Brag and some old style jangly indie pop music. Nowt new or exciting if you ask me.... heard it all before.......view item »

Rope, Inc
Songs Of Love And War

This is a collaboration between two American indie music artists Kramer teamed with Matt Menovcik. The music is nothing like what you'd expect of Kramer. There are "beats" and subversive tones that aren't really like anything Kramer's ever done before. Menovcik wrote all the songs, but if you listen to Menovcik's other projects and his solo rele...view item »

Sing Another Song For The Winterlong

Goldenboy release their limited debut UK 7" single on Split."Sing another song for the Winterlong" is a quietly sung slice of twee indie-pop concerning the weather amongst other fey interests. ...view item »

Bi-Polar EP

The Sveldt 'Bi-Polar' CD kicks off with 'Hynt' which his a mega uptempo glitchy robotic beat and then lunges into 'Hynt' which is a more chilled melodic electronic cut. Then into some Autechre style noisy industrial sound design with 'Daadrul'. 'Lz-35' gets a bit spannered. Again this is on Airvent Media. ...view item »


65 Days Of Static.. I'll admit it, I was one of the doubters. I thought Mogwai style rock action with welded on Squarepusher beats wasn't gonna work (and I didn't think it did at first) but I'm kind of happy to be proved wrong and that the kids (mainly from the home counties by the looks of it) have taken them to their ...view item »

Dave House
See That No One Else Escapes

A split, clear pressing 10" on Gravity Dip features Dave House and Jenny Owen Youngs. Two songs each one, Houses' s very Beatlesque, chiming jangly guitars and harmonies. Owens Youngs comes over all singer songwriter, stripped down approach much like Morrisette, Regina Spektor. Second track is a cover of the Nelly hip-hop track ...view item »

Ville Moskiitto

Ville Moskiitto with Retkikertomuksia. .. sounds like my sister when she was given a violin at 7 and the whole family encouraged her to give up by 8. Random violin experimentation. Hey they're from Finland and Alex is translating it for me. Tiikeri means Tiger and the things called campfire stories or something like that. Its got quite nice as...view item »

Eight Legs
These Grey Days

Eight Legs on Weekender have a 7"/CDs out called These Grey Days and it's more of that chirpy handy sounding indie. The Guitars sound like early Orange Juice... it's got a very classic indie sound....I've heard so much of this stuff lately I have no idea what else I could possibly say about it....view item »

Black Cab
Jesus East

This is an album of quality music with plenty of highlights that show this band is not afraid to move away from a tried and successful formula to create new things and explore new space. All of the guitar work is very impressive, and the musicianship is high calibre stuff. The drums are big and soaked in reverb, in keeping with the overall produ...view item »


I've been looking and looking for this album for a good long while! I listened to these guys ages ago on some music channel but forgot their name. Their strange sound always stuck with me though. I'm surprised no one else has reviewed this. Pterodactyl is an odd band. In the good way. Their guitars are noisy, the drums are all over and one of th...view item »

Kingdom of Fear

SHITDISCO: "Kingdom of Fear" on Fierce Panda. There's loads of different coloured flourescent strip lights strewn across the artwork, some manic beats and countless references to that fashionable punk-funk sound with horrible shouting vocals. Some say they're a poor man's LCD Soundsystem. I'd say they're the soundtrack to countless very b...view item »

Alsace Lorraine
Dark One

I was disappointed to find that Caitlin Brice's vocals were more-or-less entirely absent from this disc. She does a harmony on one track at least. If you're a fan of Through Small Windows this might take you by surprise. Her adorably, fragile voice made the Alsace Lorraine sound for me. Love Spirals Downward did the same thing a while back but c...view item »

Elliot Minor
Parallel Worlds

great song really enjoyable and fun.  reminded me as a possible song for inclusion in the great supernatural TV show! yes it's that good and an appropriate theme song for sam and dean. ...view item »

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