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The Animalhouse
Ready To Receive

I have to say that at first listening I thought that Animalhouse were fairly average but then after listening to the album a couple of times I started to really get into it. Since then I have listened to it a lot of times and think that it is something really special. Sure there are weak tracks but the strong ones are superb. I mean really, real...view item »

The Busy Signals
Baby's First Beats

This is an absolutely splendid album that must be dragged out from the under the rug. People need to hear this music! Honestly, if a gem like Baby's First Beats was ever to get the marketing or publicity of a crappy pop act, it would be huge. The instrumentation is very sparse, relying very heavily on samples, perfectly layered like a big yummy ...view item »

Those Bastard Souls
Debt & Departure

Anyone who considers themselves a connoiseur of fine music will not be disappointed with this band. Musically, these guy's (and girl) have put together a sometimes "edgy" recording, layered with a mysterious and artsy sound. The sophisticated lyrics and the electrifying music combine to make an album that is varied, provocative, and just plain b...view item »

The Hangovers
Slow Dirty Tears

The first thing that strikes you about the music is Gina Birch's voice. Who does she sound like? Dylan? At times. Lou Reed? Perhaps. At other times there is a blues singer with a haunting, raspy timber weaving into the foreground, then back. She's one of the strangest singers I've heard, so every song - even the not so great ones - is an interes...view item »

The Boo Radleys
C'mon Kids

The Boo Radleys' tendency to be all over the place is clearly both a curse and a blessing. In any of their albums we are bombarded by 2, 3 songs that never really take off, experiments gone awry; but when they get their mix just right it's a joy watching all those elements gel together in an unexpected, yet truly original way. C'mon Kids is thei...view item »

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