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Jack Planck
Pass The Ammunition

Jack Planck- 7" on Rodeo Meat. Probably the best sleeve I've seen in all time. Stupid stupid music. Fucked up big time.... somewhere between easy listening, a childs playground, All Seeing I all with a large healthy dozen of random cheese. Most enjoyable..... Pass The Amunition is 7" only...view item »

Sgt Rock
The Peace Song

Hoorah there's a new Sgt Rock single called The Peace Song. I totally loved the last single to bits and this is good but not as good. Big fun electro disco pop. Banging but not as banging as the last one. Still well worth checking out though....view item »

The Waxwings
Shadows Of..

Let me start off by saying that I think their first release is simply a masterpiece. It had great songs and great melodies. The vocals were distinct, the background vocals were an integral part of the music and the guitars - which are their calling card - were clearly distinctive. Now we come to this new release. Unfortunately I was a little dis...view item »

Coin Op
The Curve

Coin Op are back on Fierce Panda with a new single. Warm moogy keyboards with Fallesque vocals and it reminds me of angular American indie stuff rom the early 90's but it sounds very Brtitish too if that isn't comfusing. Which I expect it is. Can't be helpful all of the time now can I.......view item »

Down Soft

Barrichello- new single on SL records called Down Soft. Really sounds like someone but can't think who? Got some great vocal harmonies on this. Nice plodding beat and melody. Me like....view item »

My Medicine

This is the Irish REM/Jimmy Eat World alikes second album and while it has some great poppy moments it just isn't consistent enough. This band will always write a great chorus and after the first two songs you think you're in for a great ride. However it's all a bit downhill and the...view item »

Simple Funk EP

Fresh in from Germany a new 12”  (called Simple Funk EP by Gram on Underscan. Its fucking mental if you ask me. Mad as lorries electronica with a fucked up dub feel and people having sex all over it. An orchestral stab turns up out of the blue halfway through the second side then it all goes al...view item »

Ten Speed Racer
Girls And Magazines

Ten Speed Racer's 'Girls and Magazines' Compact Disc. Melodic tuneful stuff a bit like Teenage Fanclub and The Byrds and twangy folks like that….the second track has some noisy discordant stuff as if The Pixies somehow got involved....view item »

Don Lennon

I love this album -- as well as Don's first two self-released affairs. If you like the sound of the Smiths or Belle and Sebastian, and enjoy clever, humorous lyrics, you'll love this album. There are two songs devoted to Dave Matthews. The second is the type of song you have to play over and over because it is so damn funny -- sample lyric, "Dav...view item »

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