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Toah Dynamic
Cops Hate Our Love

Toah Dynamic. This an odd one. It's produced by Supreme Vagabond Craftsman and the best way of describing it is medieval lo fi shambolic hip hop. Think Clouddead 400 years ago but on crack and from Manchester. Then think of them being pelted with rotten fruit in stocks and you'll be somew...view item »

The Jeevas

The Jeevas are a band that have one scuzzy, mucky and dark skeleton in their line up closet. Most folks are already aware of this ghoulish nightmare that goes by the name of Crispin Mills. I mean, what the fuck were Kula Shater all about then? Called 'Ghost; this is marginally more bearable yet ...view item »

The Squire Of Somerton

Also on Memphis Industries is a new single by The Squire Of Somerton which is kind of medeival folkyness with a Beta Bandish ness about the vocals. All acoustic and lovely. Quite good really.... Transverberations is 10" only...view item »

Denzel And Huhn
Time Is A Good Thing

Denzel And Huhn are on City Centre Offices (not to mixed up with Dalziel and Pascoe rom the famous TV program) and they have a new album out of bleepy electronica. Mainly ambient and floaty tracks which are all minimal sounding. It's a very bleak sparse sounding album of experimental electronica...view item »

Truck Festival 2002- Major Trucking Incident

First up we have a Truck CD and program which was a festival victim of our Lord's Floods. Its got some kool bands on like Brian Jonestown Massacre, Pull Tiger Tail and Euros Childs and then other bands like Idlewild. 19 tracks of festivals fun that happened promoters imaginations and were just halted by the rains....shame shame.....view item »

New Order
Back To Mine

If you aren't familiar with the Back to Mine Series by now, you're missing out on some great insights into the bands who put them together. Some fans may well remember when New Order sounded very much like little more than a bunch of Cassio keyboards and Drum Machines themselves. If your interested in the music that inspires your favourite music...view item »

Dirty Dancing

Sometimes thing are really hard to label, Swayzak is hard to label, it's not techno, it's certainly not house, it's not ambient, it's not electro it's whatever. It is however very minimal clear cut tech, with a hint of electro (80's) and even goth (track #3). I have to be honest, I never was a big Swayzak fan but this album it just excellent, ev...view item »

The Murky World Of Seats

Garlic- Quirky American sounding indie not unlike Pavement with a killer chorus made of sweets and other sugary nonsense. The Murky World Of Seats is a surprisingly good if not derivative debut....view item »

R>R> Metal
Freakshow Punk EP

Here's a thing from Dazed Gauntlet HQ have arrived on out doorstep this morn. It's a 3" CD by R>R> Metal who make what can only be described as avant garde electronic music. Wierd samples, cut up stuff, some melodies and some random bits of noise chucked in for good measure. Freakshow...view item »

Turn Pale

Here's a 7" by Turn Pale. This is dark raincoat rock that sounds a bit like Echo and the Bunnymen or early U2. There's a Rapture quiver in the voice and a bit of Pixies in the guitar lines. Hey, its funny how the name Pixies contains the word 'pies' which is no doubt what the singer has been eating ...view item »

Great Lakes
The Distance Between

Great Lakes are from Atlanta, GA and whilst they are not part of the Elephant 6 collective their melodic indie-pop sound leans in that direction. Also, members of other Elephant 6 bands such as Of Montreal, Ne...view item »

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