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Devendra Banhart
Heard Somebody Say

Can I just say every time Devendra Banhart releases a record I get angrier & angrier. Never has the phrase 'emperor's new clothes' made more sense. This new abomination of a single has some quasi mystical, semi religious messiah bullshit on the sleeve which makes me dream of violence against Jesus freaks. The song 'Heard Somebody Say...view item »

Attack & Defend
Owl EP

Owls rock. Really now. Owls totally rock. They can turn their heads in ways you can only dream of and they can see things miles away. Me, I can't see the number of the bus that's coming towards me til it's on my feet. Many great things about owls.....Attack & Defend on the mammary catching obsessed Boobytrap label release a ...view item »

ARE Weapons
ARE Weapons

Comedy album of the week award goes to ARE Weapons. You've got have some sort of respect for Rough Trade over the years bringing a wide range of quality music to us but what the feck do they think they're doing bringing this pile of absolute cock to my attention. Like a bad Carter The Unstopp...view item »

Absent Kid
Shame On Us All

God!!!  Now mad Ant works here, he gets all the kraaaaaaaaaaaang grrrrrrrrrrrr noise & chinstrokey electronic stuff cos he's got designer Plastikman techno specs & I haven't. Bah! All I get is all the indie cocks. & white middle class suburban hopelessness & deluded fame academy wanabees. And Absent Kid. Abse...view item »

Shotgun Smile

Winterville are a debut single brandishing proposition, & the last from me today. 'Shotgun Smile' sounds like a junior Nirvana spliced with Soundgarden being bothered by a less terrifying Mule who've gone gay & started bumming Pearl Jam. So is it any good? ...view item »

Rival Joustas
The Masquerade

"now now now hey" sing the Rival Joustas in the intro to their debut single Masquerade. I was scared for the lads then as the verse is very formulaic but we're into the chorus and its surprisingly interesting with some thin unique production going on with the (posh Mark e Smith style) voice very prominent. The "now now now ...view item »

Rolling Dog
Fire! Fire! Fire!

The latest Hungry Kid 7" comes from Rolling Dog. I'm not sure how long I can sit and listen to these vocals. Right I've listened to it once and can clearly say that I never want to hear that man sing ever again. I just haven't the words in my vocabulary to tell you how much they grate on me. He redeems himself slightly in the chorus however. T...view item »

Cold Hearted Business

POLYTECHNIC with their new single "Cold Hearted Business" out on Shatterproof. Still loving their single "Wont you come around". Hear both here. Not as catchy as t'other one (but not many songs are). Still a very enjoyable moment of...view item »

KK Rampage
Sides E & F

Imagine U.S. Maple playing Beatles songs, but the songs were recorded by the same person that recorded Sightings. I've seen this band live and they are frightening. The lead singer hurled a boom mic stand right into some bald guys head and knocked him out cold. That's kinda how the record sounds...view item »

Four Day Hombre
The First Word Is The Hardest

Apparently this weeks next big thing (from Leeds....) is Four Day Hombre who release their new single. This was sold to me as an exciting breath of fresh air. I was hideously lied to as it sounds just like a more commercial Elbow. It's rather average and veering over the tip of a dull cliff about to fall into an enormous canyon o...view item »

Fear & Loathing For Dummies 1

Speaking of Queen, I read the Freddie Mercury biography the other day - it was pretty sad - he died in the end (oops!! I've given away the ending. Sorry!!!). Anyway just as listenable as Queen is the new one from Fanny. You know the feller - long haired bearded twat, goes round wrecking...view item »

Every Move A Picture
Signs of Life

Every Move A Picture. Now that's a band name. Seemingly of that grumbly, spiky, skanking & shambling ilk that has spawned bands like Arctic Monkeys & Burning Pilot. I get a spot of highly infectious organ infected guitar pop with a dash of soulful early eighties bounce, 'Signs Of Life' sees these San...view item »

Economy Wolf
Theme For Yellow Kudra

The lure of Economy Wolf has to be the fact there's a slightly hairy naked man in his underpants on the cover, arms out stretched clearly asking why? Why indeed. You should never judge a book by it's cover though as the music on offer is more like My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver, ie the rockier end of shoegazing. It's good as well. The flipside h...view item »

The Blueskins
Change My Mind

THE BLUESKINS are back with a new single taken from the lynx deodorant advert on telly.... You know the ones which try and make you think wearing their own brand of chemicals will make you successful with women. Yes of course you do. Note that Lynx don't do a similar thing aimed at women.... that's because women aren't stupid but the fac...view item »

OK Junior
The Floating Formation EP

Finally a CD/10" has arrived on a label called Seldom by a band called OK Junior who have been championed by XFM & featured in the NME. according to the sticker on the back. It sounds like a perfectly competent blend of lo-fi folk & muffled trip-hop beats with spacey vocals. Sounds very much like another...view item »

Fictional Psychoacoustic Space

The Klangers- 10" on Jitter records. Insane gibberring nonsense. Psychedlic floating insanity with a toytown twist. The people who made this have taken far too many drugs and to enjoy this you'd better get on the blower to yr dealer and clean 'em out. I have no idea what is going on here at...view item »

Sunday International
So Calm

A new single from SUNDAY INTERNATIONAL 'So Calm' is fresh out the box on Future Butterfly Records. The dude singing here sounds well gutted, I'm amazed he made it out of bed and down to the studio. He actually says 'you make me feel like wearing my pyjamas' and then goes on to rhyme pyjamas with bahamas which...view item »

The Thrills
So Much For The City

Remember the sheer, unadulterated joy of love at first sight? It's unfair to single out individual songs on what is an inspirational collection that needs to be listened to in its entirety for maximum impact. It's exciting, powerful and life-affirming music that really does sweep you to any place you prefer to be. As a debut album I have no doub...view item »

Pain Jerk / Incapacitants
Live at No Fun Fest 2007

Oh fuck yes. Everyone (read: the rather specific sub-set of ‘everyone’ that is into Japanese Noise) will be excited to see the release of this album, a document of Pain Jerk and Incapacitants playing together at New York’s No Fun Fest in 2007. This will blast into your face, showing no mercy, a...view item »

Apnea Eina

We got this CD right. It's on Low Impedance. It's by .Pridon (note the prefixed dot!). And it's called 'Apnea Eina'. Dropping somewhere between earlier Autechre & prime BOC in parts, this sounds like nicely programmed & well layered electronic gear. Atmospheric is an over-used word in my oeuvre but I don't give a jot. I'll get my marker pen...view item »

Rocky Voltolato
The Brag And Cuss

I try to avoid the phrase 'whiskey soaked" when describing a singer's voice. Not because it is not a great description only because it is slightly over used. However it would take someone far more clever than me to come up with a better way to describe Rocky Votolato's particular quality. It's smooth and unnervingly effective. When he sings he s...view item »

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