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The Mood Elevator
Married Alive

My introduction to Mood Elevator was the excellent "Boycott" video that I saw on YouTube. I noticed Brendan Benson on guitar, and had to investigate further as Benson is one of my favourite artists. The songs here are very good. Mostly rocky stuff, interspersed with mellow numbers that build to a crescendo. My favourites are "Boycott" as I love ...view item »

The Robotic Girl Next Door

Next up Spark with 'The Robotic Girl Next Door'. . Anyway this is crunchy electronic music. Its quite original sounding  - there's some great beats and complicated but catchy electronics whizzing over the top. Sometimes I'm unsure whether the world needs anymore electronic music  - I'm sure there is an EU ele...view item »

Numbers Life

I do like this new Numbers Life CD on Artrocker recs. Spiky, angular new wave pop which will appeal to the Erase Errata fans amongst us. Lo fi scratchy sounding guitars with shouty muffled vocals and a dash of electro. Utter class......view item »

The Buddy System

And finally from for the week there's the debut CD album by The Buddy System on U Cover recs called Application. You may remember them having a track on a split single on Awkward Silence. This is interesting electronica with some very good bits in but also a fair few noodly bits in. Well worth a listen ...view item »

Yuppie Flu
Food For The Ants

Yuppie Flu have a new single out on Homesleep and it's unmistakably them. They do the whole catchy Pavement(y) pop as good as the next Joe Schmo. Another fine example of how to make decent indie guitar tunes. Food For The Ants is CD only tigers.......view item »

Dancing Pig Song

Dancing Pig Song by Hillyer. This is crazy fucked up noise featuring cows, trumpets, chainsaw's and wind turbines. File under: avant garde noise. Limited to 100 copies on 3" CD. For fans of VVM, scraping noises., etc........view item »

Sammo Hung
Stand Up & Swear

Brian really likes  the new Sammo Hung CD on No Danger but he's too busy tapping away on his keyboard over there to write anything so his words are coming through me....I hear the words Yeah Yeah Yeah's. ....Pretty Girls Make Graves....and Siouxie and the Banshees....hope that help...view item »

Gerard Collier
Breakin' Down

Gerald Collier is simply a great singer-songwriter. His lyrics are just as brutally honest as they get - very disturbing actually. A line like, "I was up thinking to myself last night/ how much better I'd be if I'd have shot her on sight/ how much warmer I'd be between my sheets/ with the blood of her body washed all over me", really separates itse...view item »

The Gay
You Know The Rules

What happens when you put together folks from Maow, Superconductor, Vancouver Nights, The Tennessee Twin, Kreviss, and others? You get The Gay, a five-piece co-ed fun-pop outfit high on harmonies and bliss (and probably drugs too); especially as the band features an accordion (and someone playing it) Produced and re...view item »

Bizz Circuits
The Very Best Of..

The Very Best Of.. boasts a humongous list of musical artists -- although you have to wonder how many of them truly influenced this collection. Certainly, the minimalists and the microtonal experimentalists show their hand here (listen to the cool bleeps and dub beats on "Gilles Deleuze Meets Rockers Downtown" or the slow, skittering percussion on ...view item »

Black Nielson
The Human Strain

Black Nielson also have a dead limited release, this time a 3" CD on Oxford's Truck label. Limited to 250 & mail order only. Here's 4 tracks of swirling, anthemic indie & dreamy acoustic introspection which I think Truck do best. Think along the lines of Goldrush & the like. Track 4...view item »

World Of Bauxite

12" by Kruton. It has drums on it and wibbly sounds.The drums are playing a fairly regimented beat, very well disciplined. The wibbly bits are also well disciplined. They haven't made an audible error yet and we're about 3 and a half minutes in. On the second track the drums are more staccato and are joined ...view item »

The 55's
Before The Judge Turned Us To Shadow

The 55's are a new band from Scotland I think.  Anyway they have quite a lively 4 track CD out which recalls bits of The Clash and the singer sounds not unlike Johnny Rotten on the first track. Catchy punky pop with harmonies, maybe a bit like Idlewild or an REM that never esc...view item »

Hand Picked Fragments

In on Suction is a new Skanfrom LP which is a hybrid of Kraftwerk/ Boards Of Canada with a vulgar 80's pop twist. Bits sound like early Depeche Mode (the music that is) and it's all very melodic but I can't do with the 80's sounds. Hand Picked Fragments is all very tuneful and probably ...view item »

Fort Lauderdale
Pretty Monster

How a band as sumptuous, eclectic and inventive as Fort Lauderdale could be overlooked is a mystery. From the opening, kooky, red-herring "Insane Overdrive" through to elegiac, Eno-esque closer "Pretty Monster" this album shows much invention, poise and beauty. The playing is tight and funky (see "Sexy Creature" a 2 minute instrumental that fuse...view item »

The Speaking Canaries
Get Out Alive The Last Type Short

The Speaking Canaries are a steel city supergroup, boasting members of the best bands from the 90's indie circuit. Their songwriting has taken such a huge leap forward from Songs for the Terrestrially Challenged that at times it doesn't even sound like the same band. Whereas the former spends a lot of time showcasing musical chops, "Get Out Aliv...view item »

Total Shutdown
The Album

Total Shutdown. Bet  you've never heard of 'em? They're on Tigerbeat 6 and Load Records. This particular release is on Tigerbeat 6 (as it's a CD) and the vinyl comes out on the fucking noisy Load label. This is mental type thrash metal gear in yr Extreme Noise Terror vein. O...view item »

The Singles
Better Than Before

More Detroit rockers with a certain Livepudlian fixation. But don't mistake The Singles for The Forty-Fives or The Sights, even though they share a producer in Detroit 'scenester' Jim Diamond. This motor-city four-piece stand out by imagining garage rock as being solely inspired by the George songs on the early Beatles albums. It is hardly impor...view item »


After being turned on to Portland's Audio Dregs label, I had to check this guy out. Meet Eric Mast aka E-rock, older brother of Evan Mast aka E-vax who you may know as one half of the popular electronic rock duo, Ratatat (lord only knows what those guys are doing these days). It took me a...view item »

The Electric Soft Parade
The American Adventure

Here's the new one from The Electric Soft Parade. Really not my thing again. The American Adventure does sound much better than their last effort -there's some interesting song structures & stuff but there again,  there's some terrible thumping 4/4 rock and ropey ballads. Hmm I'd like a bit more time wit...view item »

The Things
I Don't Care EP

This is by The Things & showcases a poppier, more City Rockers-esqe vibe. 4 tracks of foot tapping male vocal electro pop which has more of a Felix da Housecat/Alpinestars feel. Also includes a Tomorrow People mix so i'm assuming they're the label boss(es). The I Don't Care EP is 12" onl...view item »

Funeral For A Friend
She Drove Me To Daytime Television

Funeral For A Friend... new single on Infectious... 2 CD's and a 7". Kind of Emo ish. Don't do it for me but it sounds pretty polished and probably right up someone's street. Am just not young or spotty enough.... She Drove Me To Daytime Television is out now released on a plethora of formats..... ...view item »

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