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Strengir Hrynja

If you fancy yer beats more scuzzy, like sleepy Autechre being dragged through a malfunctioning electronic hedge backwards, then Spezial Materials have kindly unleashed this here CD/LP by Traject, snappily titled 'Strengir Hrynja'. Dark & crunchy stuff indeed. Stretched beats & sinister atmos...view item »

Ghost Exits
Cincinnati Riot Blues

Ghost Exits completely rip off Grandmaster Flash on the Cincinnati Riot Blues EP, the 4th in this spellbinding & eclectic series. Old school hip hop influences with strictly nu-artskool attitude. I can't really start to understand what's going on at this strange little label. This is what ARE Weapons...view item »

Os 1.1

Brand new on Benbecula (home of Christ...... not our lord's child but an electronic outfit from Scotland.... and not an outfit as such cos you can't wear it but more of a band type thing...... but then their not a band....) is a new CD/12" by Operator called OS 1.1 This is interesting stuff........view item »

Fuzzy Boombox Vol 2

peaking of fuzz, we have a compilation here called Fuzzy Boombox volume 2. There's tracks from Orange Cake Mix, Flowchart, Ma Cherie for Painting, Amp, (the magnifique) Velma and Aarktica. So you know the type of thing....view item »

Passing Out EP

Gisli?? Who you say?? Sounds a bit rude you say?? Once again I'd have to agree. brand new single on At Large Recordings on CD and 12". I think this is their 1st single. It's some Icelandic dude doing the Ben Kweller quirky American college rock thing. Catchy though, and it's not bad like so if y...view item »

When The Sky Color Changes

Our Israeli friends AK Duck have sent us a nice compilation of home grown electronica. 'When The Sky Color Changes Ducks Automatically Escape' is 13 tracks of fresh IDM from the middle east so if you get into this imprint you can really bore yer mates down the pub just how pan-global your music taste is. Featurin...view item »

Cerberus Shoal
Bastion Of Itchy Preeves

Cerberus Shoal's Bastion of Itchy Preeves has it all! From odd Balinese gamelan rhythms to King Crimson's prog rock jams to Cromagnon's hippie freakouts to Animal Collective's organic campfire ditties. As far as the overall sound goes, they...view item »

The Paper Chase
What Big Teeth You Have

The Paper Chase- What Big Teeth You Have... brand new single (CD on Southern). Very Chicago sounding but with a massive Bright Eyes influence in both the vocals and the use of piano. Angry and edgey sounding but ace. me like big....view item »

The Mendoza Line
When You're Not Around

The Mendoza line - a band named after a baseball term denoting the lowest rung of mediocrity. Certainly one of the most misleading titles in Rock - next to the Queers. They sing direct, touching, songs, but with a polish and refinement not often seen in the world of lo-fi. This album should have been big in the indie world. A beautiful masterpie...view item »

Her Space Holiday
My Girlfriends Boyfriend

Her Space Holiday write great songs that are ruined by the singer's insistence on droning on and on  about how terrible his life is and how much better it would be if the rock critics stopped bothering him  - (you're in a band  - what the hell did you expect?). Anyway there's a new single out which has a great little song...view item »


On Sonic Terror is a fine CD by Rusuden called 'Formulae' which takes the prettier, more chilled out route into our hearts. Reminiscent of recent releases on AI & the like, we have 12 quality tracks with titles along the line of 'Membrane' & 'Plankton'.  Super...view item »

Summer Hymns
Value Series Vol. 1: Fool's Gold

Also from Athens, Georgia are Summer Hymns. This is lazy summery mid fi pop a bit like Grandaddy or The Witch Hazel Sound - 60's sounding with horns and wierd noises. This is nice enough but it could be a bit more exciting One for slow summer afternoons I think. On Misra....view item »

Winston Echo
When Will We Commute Like The Jetsons Did?

Next up is a 3" CD by Winston Echo which is winsome acoustic pop like a young  and lively Television Personalities. Kind of all over the place but not without the all important entertainment value. On Undereducated Music. ...view item »

Bobby Conn & The Glass Gypsies
The Homeland

Bobby Conn. A silly little man who irritates me without me having ever heard a record by him or seen him play. How does he manage it?  The first song sounds a bit like The Monkees. The rest is utterly horrid. How does a record sound dated on the day of release? Its some achievement. On Thrill Jockey...view item »

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