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The Dismemberment Plan
People's History

The Dismemberment Plan were a great band. I say were as they've split up now. Another one gone. They've got a remix CD out. It has remixes by no-one I've ever heard of apart from Cex. It sounds very interesting. Its not your usual remix thing. Its not a promotional device. Some of the people who have done r...view item »

We All Have A Plan

The album as a whole is a bit messy, but with some bright spots here and there. With We All Have a Plan, Slicker seems to take a much more pop direction with the vocals, although it's very IDM-influenced pop. "God Bless This Mess, This Test We Pass" has a moody underpinning with the mournful horn, while the hip-hop of "When The Dog Goes Lame" is sp...view item »

The Red Thread
Tension Pins

This CD is so very pretty. It hasn't left my car in a while. I can't really define what it sounds like, because there seems to be a plethora of styles and influences, but it all comes together in a perfect sound on this album. I hear early REM, Elliott Smith, ...view item »

Ikara Colt
Wake In The City

Ok you had better be listening to me this week or there'll be trouble. Don't listen to the NME cos they're sycophantic bastards who destroy music. I know the score. Like this 'ere new single by Ikara Colt. It's just fabbo. A dark slice of spiky new wave that'll shit on the heads of most bands. The drummer has more talent in his left arm...view item »

White Light Motorcade
Thank You Goodnight!

White Light Motorcade are more bad rock. Sort of a cross between BRMC, The Datsuns and Feeder. Fuck me I'm being inspired this week. No wonder I'm feeling jaded with it all. Probably quite distracting in a live environment but not exactly original. Or good. Or exiting. This is a CD...view item »

Modey Lemon
Thunder & Lightning

The Modey Lemon are one of the heaviest bands now playing. This is their second record and it has a real Pittsburgh steel and Black Sabbath influence to it. I love the way the guitar and synth mix into almost one instrument and the drummer is incredible. At the time this was made, they were still a 2 man show, but I hear they have a 3rd member now,...view item »

Josh Martinez
Buck Up Princess

Josh frequently indulges in his vices of choice like drugs and alcohol as part of the album's themes, but he also laments these bad habits, and loathes his lazy lifestyle. "Rainy Day" seems to encompass all of Josh's misgivings with the way his life plays out, and is one of the strongest tracks. It along with "Forged," is produced by Mcenroe and fe...view item »

Life On The Fly

Azita does not have a good singing voice, but sings with complete understanding of this. The irony of her doing a singer/songwriter album with such a flat, limited vocal range actually adds to a lot of the numbers; There is a certain discomfort to these songs, the sense that life can go wrong at any minute, and the awkwardness of her voice really e...view item »


Brand new FZV CD on much hyped AI Records of London. Yes believe the hype cos if you buy into it your life will improve, members of the opposite (or same sex?) will find you more attractive, you'll become more successful at work, more popular with friends and you'll have pots more cash. Though god knows why cos it's painfully aver...view item »

The Cardigans
Erase/ Rewind

“Erase/Rewind” was the second single to be released from The Cardigans fourth album “Gran Turismo”. It was the follow-up to the incredibly popular single “My Favourite Game” in comparison it was a slow burner, more understated. The all important video wasn't quite as edgy either. However, it was still rather c...view item »

Future Ex Wife
While Your Husband's Away

Here's the brand new CD from Future Ex Wife which is ex Groop Dogdrill (I think). This is noisy Chicago-style rock. Think Penthouse, Helmet or Groop Dogdrill. They're  full of beans this lot. while Your Husbands Away is a CD thing...view item »

Braer Rabbit
Fat Content Trace

Also bloody nifty is the new Braer Rabbit 12" , "Fat Content: Trace". Always one step ahead of any competition, this Brighton 2 piece comprise Puffin Boy & Tiny Hunter & make this kind of jaw dropping hypnotic future disco that transcends the constraints of the Electro genre. In the words of the boys...view item »

Rainer Maria
Long Knives Drawn

I have been a Rainer Maria fan for about a year now and I must say that Long Knives Drawn may be their best one to date. Although their previous two have their moments of absolute genius ("Feeling Neglected" from Look Again steals the show) I have to admit that there are also places where I skip to the next song. Purely lyrical songwriting is al...view item »

Trans Am

Trans Am- new album TA More of the same but tongue firmly wedged in electro 80's cheek. It's not as good as previous releases...view item »

Cody ChesnuTT
The Headphone Masterpiece

“The Headphone Masterpiece” is a paradoxical lo-fi R&B album that sprawls through 36 tracks on two discs. Cody ChesnuTT recorded his debut on a four-track recorder which gave his soulful leanings an original twist. Guided By Voices having a stab at Al Green or Marvin Gaye songs, if you like. My...view item »

The Recoys

This is a very cool rock record featuring Hamilton Leithauser and Peter Bauer of the Walkmen. Recorded in the late 90s, it wasn't released on CD until 2003. The music is not too far removed from the Walkmen, 60s influenced garage rock but with far less organ and piano. "Song of the Paper Dolls" is a great opener, showcasing Leithauser's slurred voc...view item »

Via Tania
Under A Different Sky

The dreamlike nature of Under a Different Sky is led by the sultry singing style of Tania May-Bowers. Although her singing can sometimes come across as passive, it can also be very genuine and satisfying. Imagine Martina Topley-Bird (back-up vocalists for Tricky) and Macy Gray singing you sophisticated, yet depressive, lullabies about love and loss...view item »

The Mendoza Line

Being a baseball fan, the name of the band struck me right away. Reading the credits a few familiar names jumped out at me. Of course there are many other artists you will hear when you listen to these songs --- what band isn't shaped by the music they grew up on? --- but the Mendoza Line have distilled all those influences and created a sound t...view item »

Hakan Lidbo
Clockwise Rmxs EP

With the Clockwise single, Håkan Lidbo gets worked over well, with the original getting across the twitchiness of time-keeping, incorporating environmental fragments into the groove. Si Begg takes things slightly deeper, while Matthew Dear approaches the track in a slightly smoother direction, even if the...view item »

Thomas & Sampson
When The Lower Resembles The Higher

When The Lower Resembles The Higher is candy coated pop that makes me want to jump-rope down the interstate. Here we have loops, guitars, and synthesisers burping out undeniable hooks. Finally, Thomas & Sampson sing heartfelt love songs above the music, with a voice that seems ready to crack and fall apart if the listener moves from their se...view item »

Icewater Scandal
No Handle

This album reminds me of Rodan's album Rusty, in that it only has six songs (two of which are shorter than 3 minutes, while the other four all run over seven minutes), and the style of music isn't too dissimilar. They used to be called AM Radio, and I kinda disliked the song I heard from them under that name. I decide...view item »

Andrew Duke
Take Nothing For Granted

Andrew Duke is a prolific chap. We have 3 CDs in on his own Cognition Audioworks imprint & it's slo-mo minimalist crackle, staticky fuzz 'n' treated beats ago-go. Not particularly endearing to these ears but for lovers of avant garde electronics, this man may be the new Fennesz or summat. ...view item »

The Stills
Changes Are No Good

Everyone tells me The Stills rock, man - they're the new Interpol. Yeah I suppose so  -its like Interpol crossed with Coldplay and  I don't mean that as a put down just that it has that kind of vocal. Anyway its over a number of formats and its really cheap so you can decide....view item »

Panic DHH
Panic Drives Human Herds

Panic Drives Human Herds is an amazing work of industrial metal. It's actually a pretty good mix of industrial styles. It's got subtle elements of einsturzende neubauten and SPK in there, while having some innovative power-noise and aggrotech in there. The metal bits fit in very well and never feels like they're writing a metal song and throwing...view item »

Joy Zipper
Baby You Should Know

That woman from Joy Zipper is always waving her fucking breasts around.  Well they have to do something to attract attention as no matter how much the mainstream music press says this is the best music ever it still sounds to me like a My Bloody Valentine cast off before Kevin Shields snorted hi...view item »

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