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Selfish C*nt
Authority Confrontation

I've landed the new Selfish C@!!!!t single. Oh for fuck's sake. I'm quitting. To be absolutely fair, this is better than the last one. Which to be honest was the worst record ever. I really pitied everyone who bought it. They seem to have put some effort into the beats this time. Half decent electro ov...view item »

Kidz with Toyz
U Can't C Me!

After that heartwarming blip we're back to the dross. Not really.  Here is Kids with Toyz which is yet another bootleg of the White Stripe's Seven Nation Army this time with some rapping over the top and some kids singing. Is there anything worse that kids singing on records?  - I'm looking at you, Badly Drawn Boy. I hav...view item »

The Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster
I Could Be An Angle

And finally, my single of the week. Not from a band you'd expect me to rate that highly to boot! The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster have quietly been entertaining me for a couple of years now but I've kept it quiet for fear of mirthsome chuckling & prodding from my cynical, jaded colleagues who only listen to high pitched sonic do...view item »

Terra Diablo

Here's a new single by Terra Diablo. Its a big exciting rock thing. It sounds pretty decent for that kind of thing. There's a bit of Mansun/Tears For Fears in the melody. Yep there's nowt wrong with a bit of Tears For Fears. Yep its good this. I like the guitars on this there all slightly discordant yet melodic. The ...view item »

The Zutons
Remember Me

I'm rapidly becoming a fan of the Zutons. I was perusing my 7"'s the other week (fnar) and I was amazed at the amount of Zutons 7"'s I had. I must be a fan and I didn't really know. They don't half know how to write flipping good tune and this is them getting it on in that Zutons quirky Mersey ish way. . Crackin' s...view item »

Rainer Maria
Anyone In Love With You (Already Knows)

This is another emo band that have done really well gathering a following. I never understood what this kind of emo is - you have to be about sixteen, I guess. Led by the manic punk guitar of Kyle Fischer, the poetic bass and vocals of Caithlin De Marrais, and Texas Radio Big Beat of drummer William Kuehn, the band's energy echoes back to Paul W...view item »

Kill Memory Crash
Never Forget

One of my records of last year was the stunning Kill Memory Crash E.P. on Ghostly International. Warped & uber-dark (as my friend aNt would say) tech-electro. Well there's a 2 track 12" out on the same label featuring the stomping "Never Forget" & a remix of "Technasty" from the E.P. This is the kind of p...view item »

Linda Lovelace / Noize Creator
Deep Throat / Something Bad Rmx

Lots of stuff from Suburban Trash in Germany, ran by the lovely man known as Noize Creator. And the only one I've actually got time to review is this here blinding split 12" between NC himself & Linda Lovelace. A banging dark drum 'n' bass number which is a remix of a tune called "Something Bad" by...view item »

I Disappear

That most curious of labels, Botanica Del Jibaro has another 7" of atmospheric alternative hip hop out called I Disappear, this one by Antennae. One side is a stream of  sublime social consciousness over a fairly pretty Fourtet-esque hip-hop backing, on the flip being a nifty slice of a cappella. Really interesting...view item »

Not Responding

And then we're treated even more with this marvelous CD from Israel by Subsoniq. One of the finest instrumental hip hop derived albums to arrive in our post bag for yonks. Reminiscent, in parts, of the amazing Abstrakt Keal Agram CD from 3 years ago, here we have dark sonic structures underpinned by some wildly i...view item »

Circus Vs Andre Afram Asmar
Gawd Bless Faceless Cowards

Mush (a division of Dirty Loop Music - whatever that is) has released some good records in its time and some terrible ones. Which category will this Circus vs Andre Afram Asmar fit into? It sounds very dubby. Its like dub hop! That's the new phrase. I quite like this on first listen. It fits right in to the Anticon...view item »

The Good Life
Lovers Need Lawyers

Tim Kasher once again displays his well seasoned song writing ability in Lovers Need Lawyers. The album is another chronicle of the trials and tribulations of his relationships and ongoing self inventory as an entertainer. For the Love of the Song and Leaving Omaha display the raw melodies and smooth song writing many have come to enjoy from The...view item »

Sounds Like Violence
The Pistol

Another exciting band from the good people at Deep Elm. Sounds Like Violence hail from Sweden and represent their country well. Grittily sung, sometimes shouted, lyrics with an almost sad, but frustrated undertone. Some say the vocals have to be "gotten used to" but I disagree. I cant quite compare Sounds Like Violence to any other band I've hea...view item »

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