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Live From Rome

The arrival of this new Sole CD prompted an office discussion of Sole's merits. I'm definitely a fan of Anticon but I'm starting to find it rather samey. This is more arms folded white boy political hip hop. Rhymes at 100 miles per hour  - the lyric sheet reads like a political manifesto. Its kind of a hip hop equivale...view item »

Nathan Burton
It's Hard To Sell Your Home..

Here's a 7" by Nathan Burton called 'Its Hard to Sell Your Home (When its Part of a Chain)....hmmm a modern day blues title  to rival 'It aint easy (gettin' a mobile phone signal while driving through a tunnel)' or 'Think I'm Going to Sit Right Down and Write you an Email'. Anyways.. ha ha...its a pleasant piece of charming po...view item »


Does anyone set out to make an average record? There's two ways of doing it; either release ten or eleven plain and unmemorable songs or create a group of songs that veer back and forth between great to awful. The first actually sounds easiest, but it's the second that we usually get. So how does it happen? Surely if the dross were written first...view item »

The Flaming Lips
Late Night Tales

One of the most inspired series ever offered on CD, 'Late Night Tales' offers an intimate look into the personal home listening tastes of each of the artists spotlighted in the series. The Flaming Lips are always musically adventurous and experimental, so I knew they'd have to have some cool influences. This album is a sweet mellow mix kicked of...view item »

We Only Have Music

Dunno who Dis*ka are but that asterix is gonna fuck off a lot of folk. But not Frank Ferdinand for 'We Only Have Music' is their fave album of the moment according to the man @ the distributor. This is catchy, propulsive retro new wave electro pop squelch, spilling with robotic hooks & euphoric synth mayhem, sinister electro...view item »

Masha Qrella
Unsolved Remained

Bet you couldn't spell Masha Qrella if prompted to by yr English teacher. Not that that would ever bloody happen. We have an album in by said difficultly monikered artist on Morr. It's that breezy, European electronic, acoustic dream pop stuff the label is renowned for. Starting off with something akin to Lali Puna drinki...view item »

The Sights

Like a lot of rock bands from Detroit, from the MC5 and The Stooges and down to the White Stripes, The Sights favour loud, hard and fast. This record is a blazing throwback that could have been released in 1968. It would have sounded as good then ...view item »

Phantom Buffalo

There is a heavy Byrds element in most of the songs, from the jangle (on almost all the tracks) to the use of pedal steel (`Anywhere With Oxygen'). This coupled with frontman Jonathan Balzano-Brookes Fran Healyesque vocals make this a special record indeed. By far my favourite track is Wimp Souffle'. With a sound that's as catchy as chicken pox,...view item »

Aesop Rock
Fast Cars, Danger, Fire & Knives

Many debate whether Aesop was better with his earlier releases or his latter ones, but one thing remains true...he is a genius. There is not another emcee with the vocabulary of Aesop Rock and we might not see another for a long time. I feel that Fast Cars is a bit of a mix between old and new Aesop sounds. The beats are a little less jagged tha...view item »

Sand From Water

Fresh in is a French Glider CD with remixes by Couch, Below The Sea, Rothko, Ativin, Tarentel, 1 Speed Bike, Yellow 6 and lots more. All the mixes sound like their respective remixers as tends to happen these days. So I'd say if you were a fan of Gilder and/or any combination of the above...view item »

Stephen Fretwell

Another northerner doing ok for himself is Stephen Fretwell. His recent 10" sold millions apparently. Here's a new single which although the tune is ok, leans rather too far into the middle of the road David Gray, Shack, singer songwriter territory for these tired ears....view item »

Black & White Town

I quite like Doves but I find them rather boring at the same time. It's a funny old relationship I have with 'em (not that I've ever met them..) I usually find everything I hear by them boring on first listen and within time the tune grows on me. I suspect this is the case with the new single which sounds really very tedious indeed. But ...view item »

Moving Units
Dangerous Dreams

I heard about these guys from them opening for Nine Inch Nails. I figured, hey, Trent has a good ear for musical talent, so how could he go wrong with Moving Units? What an unusual pick, if you ask me. This band seems like a new wave ska band that was somehow transported to the present time from the eighties. Not that that is a bad thing. They hav...view item »

Micro/ Macro

'm far too tired to do this after a night out for a mates birthday last night. I am so rubbish with booze... Anyhoo I have to write some stuff for yers. Bitmap are a band I believe and they have a new album out on  Gentle Electric for your disturbination. Lush bedroom pop in an Eric Matthews/ Moles wispy vocals kind of...view item »

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