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Pony gear

Oi you want some beguiling lo-fi folk? Well check out this rather magnificent CD by Infant a.k.a. Andrew Fearn from Nottingham. 'Pony Gear' is a strange lolloping record. Quirky & slow, organic to the max & rather splendidly skewiff, it harnesses some very subtle electronics to sublime wonky guitar coming across to...view item »

Dive Dive
The Sorry Suitor

Dive Dive. New single on Diablo. I don't know what this sounds like  - kind of Placebo. You could imagine it getting heavy rotation on MTV 2 with a posh video with throbbing moshpit. ...view item »

Favourite Friend

I did release a record by Diefenbach once and am still utterly amazed to hear that they've changed in the way they have in such a short time. So much so it regularly comes up in conversation here and at some point in the next week Clinton will rip my mouth off and pull his own ears off in case I can still make noise. They started off sou...view item »

Les Georges Leningrad
Soopa Doopa

Canadian mentalists Les Georges Leningrad have a remix 12" of 'Soopa Doopa' out for the more discerning post punka DJ out there! The ace gollywog sleeve is enough to have you scratching yer perplexed bonce for one! The psychotic worry-inducing lyrics are reminiscent of a complete mental breakdown whilst the re-jigs by Soutien G...view item »

The Bandits
And They Walked Away

The Bandits on B-Unique are another new band from Liverpool and they've got that Liverpool sound which seems to be doing the rounds currently. More honest to goodness indie rock. The vocal melodies remind me of the La's though it doesn't sound like them. Much rockier and garageylike. And ...view item »

Disco Drive
What's Wrong With You People?

Disco Drive CD on Unhip... Sounds rather a lot like Les Savy Fav. Not bad at all....view item »

Don't Believe The Truth

The difference between 4 and 5 stars for me is this: The lyrics are uniformly strong, but don't really take it to the next level. The biggest example is the use of the phrase "Blowin' my mind." Three songs in a row use this phrase: Mucky Fingers ("All the phoneys blowin my mind"), Lyla "I waited for a thousand years for you to come and blow me o...view item »

Crooked Fingers
Dignity & Shame

Crooked Fingers are led by Eric Bachmann from classic North American indie band Archers of Loaf. Their music is quite different from anything Archers of Loaf did, generally strummy, acoustic guitar-led melodic indie pop. “Dignity & Shame” opens with a mar...view item »

Nine Black Alps
Not Everyone

Nine Black Alps have been garnering rather a lot of fuss recently with their debut 7" on Melodic causing a frenzy,leading to being signed to Island. Well, they're a rather unoriginal yet hugely enjoyable mass of freewheeling energy, time changes & catchy dynamics. Totally old skool indie moshpit rock that won't set...view item »

Fred Schneider
Just Fred

This is an exciting, highly entertaining and beautifully produced (Steve Albini) powerhouse of a slam dance album. Fred delivers at 100% throughout. The opener "Whip" will have you hooked and the first half of the album is particularly strong. You really wouldn't know that Fred works with several different backing bands here - it's produced to s...view item »

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