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The Boggs
The Ark

The Boggs on City Rockers. This is ok actually,  its a slightly off kilter acoustic stomp. Sounds like a Bright Eyes that don't screech on like spoilt children or a Coral that actually do produce interesting non linear compositions rather than being another shade of the mainstream.......view item »

Tramp Attack, Hokum Clones, Various
21st Liverpool Unearthed

For all you lovers of all music scouse then there's a top comp of new-ish tunes called 21st Century Liverpool Underground on Viper featuring a number of tracks by The Big Kids, The Hokum Clones and Tramp Attack. 18 tracks in total by all 3 bands and Double Decker Bus by Tramp Attack is superb. Not really heard much b...view item »

Noize Creator
Dying World

Don'tcha just love those noisy Germans? We are in constant love with a man called Stefan from the big country. He sends us lots of berserk noises every month or so including, on occasion, his own, under the Noise Creator guise. One such platter is 'Dying World', a gibbering stop-start industrial grumble fest with sinister jerky DnB touc...view item »

Patrick Duff
Married With Kids

Been missing old indie halfwits Strangelove for a few years now? Well you'll be utterly nonplussed to discover frontman Patrick Duff is back with a wonky limited 7" entitled 'Married With Kids'. Sounds like a cross between Jilted John, Bob Dylan & The Fall. For some reason I actually quite like it, possibly cos it ...view item »

Wellwater Conspiracy
Wellwater Conspiracy

I generally like music that is in the but I'm not sure what this is. The vocals are not clean enough. Either the singer is not very strong or there is too much emphasis on effects. Either way, the vocals strike me wrong. I also think the music is all over the place. There's definitely some interesting songs and quality music, but it seems to lac...view item »

The Stands
Horse Fabulous

I'd previously heard of The Stands before but never took much notice of them, needless to say after hearing five tracks one of them being their single "When the night falls in" I found myself looking into their sophomore effort, Horse Fabulous. The Stands aren't just another group from Liverpool. Each song is unique, and each song has a lot of meat...view item »

First There Was The Emptiness

Racebannon have the ability to combine different stylings of music to create aggression, angst and dark energy all at the same time; what's more I must add that I enjoy how far back in the mix the vocals have been put giving it a 'poor production punk feel'...which works amazingly. However, Tracks like "Yr test scores don't speak for themselves" s...view item »

Return of The Fight Club

Also on Tigerbeat 6 (do they ever fucking stop?) is a new Fight Club 12". First track is Lesser vs Venetian Snares (whoa! there goes a few copies) also features CB4 vs Kid 606, Kid 606 vs Dat Politics (corker), Nudge vs Casino vs Japan (spiffing), Knife Hand Ch...view item »


Right that does it. My gaffer has been enthusing over downloading odd tracks by more obscure artists in an attempt to unearth some exclusive magnificence we can all roll around in smugly & say we were first in the world to stock it. So he comes in & proudly pulls his latest discovery from Belgium out of a box  & goes "fuck...view item »

I Had An Inkling
Pantone Deference

Single of the week now. I love, nee, absolutely adore meshed & interwoven trebly guitars & psychotic jerky post punk. Think Big Flame, A Witness & Josef K's more unhinged adventures being sick at a skronk rock squat dive. If this makes you wet yer drainpipes & ruffle your unruly black hair agitatedly with de...view item »

The Peppermints
Jesus Chryst

Oh I like some twangy lo-fi voodoo scuzz rock I do. The Peppermints seem to have got that particular avenue sewn up actually. The good book burning sentiments of 'Jesus Chryst' amuse but not as much as a track called 'Rabid Frogs'. This is psychotic stuff indeed. The kind of discordant, muffled primal shit that the US underground thrives...view item »

Special Herbs Vol 9

Here we have several untouched beats and instrumentals that Doom has backed on several of his proper albums, and some you may have never heard. Volume 9 kicks off with the pure beauty of "Vinca Rosea" and "Burdock Root", then dives into the familiar "Vervain" ("Beef Rap" from MM.. Food). "Bergamont" and "Untitled (Meditation)" are the standouts on ...view item »

S.E.V.A. (Mumbles)

This third eye opening gem was discovered completely by accident and quickly became one of my favourite albums in 2005. I still pull it out of collection and listen to it on occasion. The vocal tracks are unfortunately kind of awful, but are short and can easily be deleted from a digital set of the tracks. Regardless of these minor speed-bumps on t...view item »

Carl Barat
Under The Influence

Interestingly, before Carl Barat met Pete Doherty, he didn't even know who The Smiths were. They introduced each other to different music and, consequently, influenced each other's musical style. Some of these selections on this compilation aren't surprising to anyone who's followed his career; The Mamas and the Papas' "Dream a Little Dream" has be...view item »

Persepolis Will Burn Again EP

More spillage from the Canadian post rock mountain. This time from Sugarshack on Cellar Records. More of the same. For fans of Mogwai, Sigur Ros, Detwije, The Workhouse, Explosions in the Sky, My Education blah blah blah blah blah. Pretty, everything's-ok post rock. All songs guaranteed to start quietly and get no...view item »

Mek Obaam
You & I

Mek Oabaam CD in on Earsugar. I played this yesterday and it totally blew me away. Though I couldn't decide if it was everything else we heard was dreadful, so it just sounded good, or if it actually was good. I asked Clinton and he couldn't help me. So fresh ears, fresh day, it's sunny we're happy, and it still sounds good. His p...view item »

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