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) Cristal S/T CD which is chap from Labradford/ Aix Em Klemm and a couple of other fellas. This is challenging harsh ambience, feedback sounding not unlike your telly when the programmes finish at 11.30. They do still finish at 11.30? Possibly a bit mantra ish if you're get your head in that frame of mind. It gets interesting...view item »

Mando Diao
Down In The Past

Similar to Kasabian, Mando Diao has proclaimed that their music is just as good if not better than anyone they have drawn their influences from. While some might see this as pretentious, such as I, it actually really really works for them. Without that type of attitude, I'm not entirely sure that they could have made their albums as good as they ar...view item »

Grobenwahn (Best of)

I have to give Hell a lot of credit for invigorating the German techno scene with a good bit of hardness. However, with Grohenwahn 1992-2005, I lost a good amount of respect for him from the very first track, "Definition of House." Why? Because the track is completely plagiarized from the A. R. Kane remix of David Byrne's "Forestry," with some a...view item »

Ian Beef/ Alan Lamb
Spit Roast

Ian Beef and Alan Lamb are both meat obsessed. There's meat in the song titles, their names and you'd be hoping for a free steak with each copy... alas not.... Daft meat obsessed words over some light hip hop scratchy type gear and not a million miles away from Kid Acne, Pitman and Goldie Lookin' Chain. On 7" an...view item »

400 Boys

Hoggboy are back as well... Wow with the return of all these great bands you're really spoiling us Mr Ambassador (say in slightly sarcastic Spanish voice...). Apparently this is the theme to some film released next year called 400 Boys.....mmm. This rocks in a glam kind of way. Think of Placebo doing 20th Century Boy and th...view item »

Tribes of Neurot

When the five members of Neurosis aren't cranking out their usual pummeling prog-sludge output, they're either doing rather interesting psychedelic folk records (like Scott Kelly on his own or Steve Von Till's Harvestman), or they're creating experimental material as the ambitious side-project, the mysterious Tribes of Neurot. To explain Meridia...view item »

White Rabbits

For her fourth album, Neotropic moves to the under-the-radar, but excellent, American label Mush. With "New Cross," she drifts into a quiet space, emphasising the folk elements, with a touch of rhythm to ground it. "Inch Inch" picks up the pace some, making the drum patterns more noticeable, though it disintegrates halfway through into an ambian...view item »

Takin' On the World

I love Amsterdam. It's one of my favourite cities. I've lost count how many times I've been. I've always had some great times and last time I was there I was off my trolley in the red light district with the wife.... ah great great memories. I've just realised I painted a 'Brit abroad' picture of myself but I'm really rather timid and wouldn't ...view item »

Kling Klang

Reminiscent of the junkyard percussion of Liquid Liquid, the reverby textural guitar builds of Do Make Say Think, and the organic dance beats and handclaps of LCD Soundsystem and !!!, Tussle creates i...view item »

Donna Regina
Slow Killer

After seeing The Donnas performance in the movie Jawbreaker, I immediately went out and checked this band out. At first I wasn't that impressed and thought most of the songs sounded a little 'samey' and the production was sort of sketchy in places. But on repeated listenings this CD has really grown on me and become one of my current favourites. Fr...view item »

Brakes (British Sea Power)
Ring A Ding Ding

Brand new 7" and CDs by The Brakes on Rough Trade called Ring A Ding Ding which at first I thought was dreadful but after a few listens it really gets under your skin. Think somewhere between the stompin' tunes of Roxy Music and early Pixies. Am reasonably impressed.... The B sides (On the CD) are all covers tho...view item »

Desert City Soundtrack
Perfect Addiction

Pensive, melancholic, and grey, Desert City Soundtrack's slow brewing piano-led rock will cause you to go into hiding from human contact. Well, there's definitely nothing wrong with escaping life to spend a little alone time with your troubled thoughts. Perfect Addiction is definitely a choice soundtrack for that contemplative mind. With a name ...view item »

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