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New Comes & Goes

Oranger have sliced a little psychedelic pop off the top and rounded the corners with some good ole fashion whiskey rock n' roll. The group has developed a serious duel guitar assault and the melodies are addictive as heck. The record starts out with "Crooked in the Weird of the Catacombs" which is a nice way to take the tempo of the record up a...view item »

Secret Mommy
Very Rec

You just know a record by Secret Mommy is gonna be a bit off it's chump. Just got these eclectic CD's in on Powershovel (see: Directorsound in Clint's pile) & this is possibly the sound of Joseph Nothing headbutting Mochipet in the face then being sick all over Matmos. The concept of ...view item »

Memories of Susuki San

'Memories of Susuki San' which features such delights as Flim, Alejandra & Aeron, Greg Davis, Hans Appelqvist, Harold Sack Ziegler, Chris Rosenau, Bexar Bexar and lots more. Nice........view item »

Tender Trap
Language Lessons EP

Ok you lot. Confession time. How many of you sad 30-40 something indie kids out there (I'm one of you....) fantasized about doing things with Amelia Fletcher at some point or another in their lives. This includes eating cucumber sandwiches, going to village fetes & holding hands whilst blushing. No need to lower ...view item »

Vincent Gallo
Recordings Of Music For Film

Vincent Gallo was once quoted as saying "All Europeans are monkeys". I say "Vincent Gallo, what a nice man". Well we being monkeys of the European variety we find your LP quite boring. A couple of the songs are quite nice in a Slint sort of way but mainly it's oddball whining singer songwriter...view item »

Jamie Lidell

Jamie Lidell has a new tune out on Warp on 12" and CD. Never really hear much from this guy so I didn't really know what to expect but it sounds exactly like some 60's black soul ala Otis Redding, Sam Moore, Marvin Gaye etc. Quite like it 'n all. At least it doesn't sound like everything else.... Also there's mixes on ...view item »

We Can Make it Better and Faster than Deuce

Next (again I'm gonna whip through these...we're still short of our Arctic Monkeys words quota for this week) is a crazy record by Deuce. The songs have madcap titles like 'Chinese Boy wants to play in a Reggae Band'. The Music is bonkers computer generated chaos. A mixture of sentimental, cute melodies with cybernoise, punk ener...view item »

David Masson

First up a CD that has impressed all of us here at the towers -it is by David Masson and its a self released thing. It comes in a nice brown card sleeve with a pencil drawing on it. The music is very nice indeed. Masson is some guitar player  - he has nimble fingers. The CD consists of 11 compositions with just voice, guita...view item »

The Queens of Sheba (Devendra Banhart)/Lavender Di

Next a 7" by Jesus (sorry.... sorry I mean Devendra Banhart) under the name of The Queens of Sheba. It's a split xmas 7" with Lavender Diamond. The Queens of Sheba song is probably the worst Christmas song since Gary Glitter's ill advised 'Christmas with the Kiddies' comeback single. The ly...view item »

Locust Toybox
Powdered Brethrens EP

Here is a CD by Locust Toybox. The similarity though is that both artists have undoubtedly been listening to Aphex Twin. This time the chirpy upbeat 'Richard D James' album springs to mind. Lots of skittery beats and  tuneful upbeat electronics. We all enjoyed this one a lot. Its the kind of record that makes everything in ...view item »

The Kull
Tic Tac Toe

Remember Earth The Californian Love Dream? Those bright sparks at Random Records (The label who's fault it was...) have seen fit to launch another 'The' band on us this week. The Kull are here to kull us with their wicked musicianry, songwriting and other such skills involved in being in a band and making records. It's l...view item »

Lucky Pierre & Notes
I Hate T Shirts

Lucky Pierre and Notes 12" picture disc and CD on Melodic. Lucky Pierre has gone a bit disco and it reminds me of the Hart To Hart theme tune jazzed up. Nice strings...... The rapping on the lead track is done by Notes apparently. The packaging is totally inspired as it looks like a CDR to the tee. Even t...view item »

Bauri/ Novel 23

Also on the same label is a Bauri/ Novel 23. Again more quality and this is yr regulation decent electronica you've come to expect from the label and the artists themselves. Bauri winning hands down with a killer track. Lovely....view item »

The Fold
On You

Or if you prefer yr buzzsaw angst you'll plump for The Fold who basically do what the evil Snow White do but drop some intense nu new-wave fretboard dexterity & a bit of a tune into the mix. Therefore a howling hex of foot tapping proportions. Or just emo going for the charts. Whatever, It's a floor filler. Sure that singer mu...view item »

Summer Storm

Pellumair. What a crap name. They sound like a dreamy Aussie indie band, rather wistful & passionate. Sodastream have been barked at me by my two growling rottweiler colleagues so, shaking in my keks as I am, I'll say that shall I? On Rough trade records CD only....view item »

A Place that Glows

There is a new CD's/7" out on Leeds label 48 Crash. Its by Parisman. I'm sure someone has used that name before though I may well be thinking of the Paris Angels. Anyway this is ethereal rock music that hints at  U2,  Hope of the States, Doves and anyone else with anthemic songs and layers of guitar ef...view item »

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