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The Dark Art of Happiness

Thought The Ludes had come & gone. That they were a crap garage blues band that never made the first hurdle. In fact they're not. I don't know who they sound like but they're a bit of an odd one. A bit of Strokes or Razorlight in there but quite jerky & schizoid too. Really punchy & surprisingly powerful in It's...view item »

Spank Rock
Rick Rubin

New on Big Dada is 'Rick Rubin' by Spank Rock on CD and 12" and its some serious booty shakin' business. Floor friendly hip-hop in the Diplo kind of mould. Dope beats, razor sharp rappin and an acid tinged remix by President evil. Proper party music....view item »


According to Feinberg, Citay is influenced by Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Queen, and Heart...but wait - don't think this is 70's rock worship. Citay get to the blissed out acoustic moments of the above mentioned bands to create something that sounds so fresh, breezy and full of the right kind of dirt and sunlight. With an onslaught of guitars, ...view item »

Cannonball Jane
Street Vernacular

Something about this album hearkens to those urban musicians in the NYC metropolitan area. Catchy beats, smart production, ill samples; I'm reminiscing of Terminator X, Beastie Boys, but it captures those fun/cynical outlooks that are part of many popular, more contemporary, acts like Lily Allen, Kate Nash, and Robyn. However don't discount the lay...view item »

The Double
Loose In The Air

The Double are influenced by any number of 80's post-punk bands, they usually have a tendency to be moody and are signed to Matador Records. Loose In The Air could have been incredible, the next-best step in the post-punk/new-wave revival that would have pushed the movement beyond mere than nostalgia. It is a nice record for sure, but it's a sha...view item »

Captain Trunk

Intricate have a new 12" (called Captain Trunk) out on Spezial Material. Firstly (as in typical SM style) the cover is tops as it features an enormous beetle type thing destroying your very own surburbia. As ever it's very Intricate with some nice crunchy beats, lots of clicky insect noises in the background and...view item »

East West Blast Test
Popular Music For Unpopular People

Great new CD on Mike Patton's fine Ipecac label. 'Popular Music For Unpopular People' is by East West Blast Test and it sounds like Itchy & Scratchy on Crystal Meth. It's Boredoms, Fantomas type bonkers gear with guitar and drums that are tighter than a gnats arse. Which ain't surprising as the drum...view item »

Lake Trout
Not Them, You

Lake Trout are back with a new album. Can you think of a worse band name? I seem to remember thinking the last album was a bit useful but I only heard it once or twice. Listening to the new album there's already comparisons to Radiohead welling within me. I have to say this band don't really do anything new or anything that hasn't...view item »

The Chemistry Experiment
Interstellar Autumn EP

I haven't heard The Chemistry Experiment in ages. In fact I couldn't remember what they sounded like at all. Anyway It's called 'Interstellar Autumn' and it appears to by an amalgamation of 'Forever Autumn' and 'Interstellar Overdrive' (by The Moody Blues and Pink Floyd respectively). It starts off all Moody Blues and then ends up all Pi...view item »

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